Irish Celtic wedding band rings

These Celtic wedding band rings are imported directly from Ireland, Scotland and some new ones from the USA on a custom order basis by the finest Celtic craftspeople available. From the time you place your order it will be 3-6 weeks before it is delivered or 6-10 weeks for platinum. Order early around (October 15 to January 15) holidays and wedding season! These are hand made, engraved one at a time, and then must be tested/cleared through Customs. Call, write or email for any questions and we will try to answer promptly. Please get your size taken professional.

Your Celtic wedding band is custom made for you and not taken off the shelf. If you 'guess' it wrong, it is NOT returnable and in most cases CANNOT be sized. Ireland will no longer take back rings that were ordered incorrectly. Many are made from three rings being melded together. They cannot be resized. 14kt is made for the US market. 9kt and 18kt is available in Ireland and Europe. We will ship 14kt to you in Ireland. Do not rely on 'you think you know your size' as it will be an expensive lesson. Try on rings in the same width you are considering and see what is comfortable. A 3mm wide ring sizer feels much differently than a 7mm wide ring. If you order the wrong size ring, it is NOT returnable. There is no ability to exchange it for the correct size.

A Celtic marriage was seen as the union of two complementary forces - masculine and feminine to create new life and harmony. Unbroken lines of a Celtic knot chain symbolize eternal love and life. These are lifetime tokens of love...

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Celtic Shields Wedding Rings

These are the Celtic Shield wedding band design, with different color combinations of 14kt gold. This design is the heraldic symbols as written by the Celts and Monks found in The Book of Kells.

 gold celtic shields wedding ring

 two tone gold keltic shield wedding band

 rimmed gold celitc shield ring

Celtic scrolls ring
Celtic Scrolls ring, 9mm tapering to 5mm, ladies is 6mm tapering to 4mm $1,195.00
Celtic Shields wedding band with diamond    
In stock. One only. Clearance. Size 7.5 and weighs 5.8gms. One single diamond in the center of one of the two raised shields. 14kt white gold flat fit with 14kt yellow gold rails. Assayed at Dublin Castle with TJH hallmark and European .585 gold cert which is higher than USA 14kt. Cannot be sized. This one only. Well under cost. Clearing old merchandise. $595.00

Celtic Claddagh Wedding Rings

These 14kt rings have three Claddagh symbols engraved onto the ring. Each entwined to the other with a continuous rope chain of celtic knots. No beginning and no end. Like an Irish love... The basic ring is 4mm and 5mm in width. The outer trim will add another 2.5mm.





Celtic knots

There are 28 wedding band molds for these 14kt rings so that they may be cast without any break in the chain... the two toned rings are made of three pieces. The center band is joined between the two outer rings. The inner band follows the rope pattern and is joined at the high points. You will see small spaces where the rope contours inwards. This is normal because the ring is hand made and not cast as one piece.

 RG 733

Mens - $565 ~ Lady - $475

 RG 734

Mens - $565 ~ Lady - $475

Irish Sailors Ring

Celtic importance of 3's is also on our nautical ring section.


Scottish Tayside Celtic wedding band

Celtic knot wedding band
SEA4024 - Scottish Pattern from Tayside $895 Tayside 7mm wide 2.25mm thick. Heavy Celtic wedding band $795-995.00 8mm Celtic interlocking knots in two tone gold. 2mm thick $795-995.00  

Trinity Knot Rings

Trinity knots of various sizes, colors and textures. Simple yellow gold or trinity knots embedded with diamonds and emeralds. Click above for more

 diamond trinity knot ring  two tone trinity knot ring  emerald and diamonds trinity knot ring

Trinity knot diamond eternity ring

Three diamonds per knot, no beginning, no end.


14kt, 18kt, yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and combinations thereof! Trinity knots in channel setting.

 Trinity knot ring with emeralds and diamonds.

14kt two tone Trinity Knot wedding band special

14kt two tone Celtic trinity knot band special

Celtic knot band
14kt or .585 Ladies size 6.5 trinity knot ring with standard rail trim. 6.45gms gold. In stock to ship today 5/16" or 7.5mm wide Made in Ireland $695.00
14kt or .585 Gents/ladies size 8.5 trinity knot ring with standard rail trim. 7.81gms in stock ready to ship. Made in Ireland. 3/8" or 9mm wide $795.00 14kt yellow or white gold with sizing bar to be sized to your finger by your jeweler. Celtic see through knot pattern. $295.00

double trinity knot love knots wedding rings

Celtic sailor wedding rings
Trinity knots or Irish love knots matching wedding set. As show, 6mm, 7mm and 4mm From $395.00 New - 7.5mm Celtic sailor band. X1 forever white gold, rhodium free white gold classic Celtic love knots with twisted yellow gold rope trim rails. Exclusive to ~ 7.5mm or 9mm $695-1,095.00 sizes 6, 8 and 11 in stock

Trinity Knot wedding band

14kt two tone Celtic knot wedding band

#TKWB017 - $745.00

Trinity knot wedding band, very detailed, domed profile, 7mm wide and 1.75mm thick. Repeating pattern of Celtic Trinity knot, evenly spaced to size. The background is carved out of the ring, leaving the Trinity Knots and the band edges in a high polish. Allow four weeks, each is made to order and cannot be sized once it is made. This size 10 weighed 7.8gms European style, very close fitting, subtle design

#CKR444 - $1,295.00

Celtic knot wedding band in two tone gold with heavy, thick build, extremely intricate knot pattern. Comfort dome profile, highly polished. 7mm wide and just over 2mm thick. This size 11 weighs 10.4gms! 18kt size 12 weighed 13.2gms! Custom made to order, allow four weeks.


 Trinity Knot Claddagh wedding band

Celtic knot band

CLAD4722 - $545.00

Trinity and Claddagh wedding band. 6mm wide, 2mm thick, rimmed edge

CKB3536- $695.00

Celtic Knot panels 7mm band in raised Celtic knots. Old fashioned lost wax casting made in USA


Celtic Newgrange spiral wedding band

Celtic binding love chain wedding band
Newgrange spirals wedding band. We've taken the three spirals and used two, then inverted so you still see sets of three. 8mm wide 2mm thick Made in Pennsylvania. This size 10.5 weighed 11.5gms $995.00 Celtic binding love chain! The harder you pull, the tigher the chain becomes! 8mm wide 2mm thick. Made in Pennsylvania. This size 10.5 weighed 11.2gms $995.00

double intertwined Celtic love knots wedding band

celtic woven eternity knot band
Double Celtic love knots. Each row of love knots is on their own plain, but they do intersect. Often! 8mm wide and 2.5mm thick. Made in Pennsylvania. This size 9.5 weighed 13gms! $1,095.00 Celtic woven eternity knot band. 7mm wide, 1.5mm thick. lightweight $395.00

Celtic woven wedding band

Celtic Nordic weave wedding band

#CWB3861 - $495 to 695.00

Celtic woven braid. Old school lost wax casting. Not stamped or rolled. 6mm wide and 2mm thick. Made to order at our studio in Pennsylvania, allow 3-4 weeks.

#CWB3862 - $495 to 595.00

Celtic Nordic weave wedding band. The more you turn and look at the pattern, you can see two themes emerge. The intricate Celtic weave and then the Nordic weave on the other quadrant 6mm wide and 2mm thick. Shown are size 9 at 5.8gms and size 6 at 5.2gms


Celtic eternal knot wedding band

6mm Celtic eternal knot wedding band


8mm wide - 2.75m thick - 15gms!

This size 13 takes a big Irishman or Scot! Thick, heavy, extreme detail with a weight of a small caber!


6mm wide - 2.25m thick - 9.7gms!

This size 10 was done for a ladies matching band. Suitable for a lady that wants a wide thick band or a gent that wants a medium wide rugged band to last a lifetime.


Argentium Silver Celtic love knot ring

Celtic love knot wedding band

#ASLK45 - $95.00

Pierced continuous Celtic love knot ring cast in Argentium 935 Silver in our shop in Pennsylvania, USA. The ring is 2mm thick and 4.5mm wide. Approximate weight is 3.5 gms in US size 4.5 high polish inside and outside. This is higher quality than sterling silver 925, is tarnish resistant and extremely white. More white than rhodium plated gold.

New style Celtic love knot wedding ring hand cast at Seawear Studios. Thick at 2mm and 5mm. 14kt yellow gold high polished starting at $425.00

Celtic Princess wedding band

Viking Princess wedding set

Celtic Princess band! $425.00

Gold ring setting ready for your princess cut diamonds or gemstones.

Viking Princess wedding set! $775.00

White gold wedding set ready for your diamonds!


Nordic Godess diamond ring

Celtic Queen wedding band

Nordic Godess - $375.00

Wedding band setting ready for three .06ct diamonds. Easily sized

Celtic Queen - $395.00

Wedding band ready to be set with five 2.7mm round gemstones



 RG 735

From $395 - $4,200

white band rimmed in yellow

 RG 736

From $395 - $4,200

yellow band rimmed in white

 RG 060

Intricate woven Celtic knot

From $395




Eternal love knots with no beginning and no end... $285-595

RG 061

Single love knot ring from $395

triple trinity knot three piece wedding set  


Custom filigree love knots Celtic love knot wedding bands

Triple trinity knots. Engagement solitaire, 4mm and 6mm bands. American made, Irish designed! From $395.00 Close Out


Semi-custom pretzel/two lovers knot.



The Durrow Celtic knots as found in the border of the Durrow folio 85V in the book of Kells. 7mm width


American made two tone 14kt with carved knots and milgrain edges. $1,495.00 ladies and $1,695 gents

Click for more Celtic designs like this!

Celtic diamond and engagement rings have moved

  #767   #766  #765

Celtic eternity knot wedding set pierced Celtic knot band history of scotland heritage ring
#ETERNITY2 - Celtic eternity knot three ring wedding band set. From $695.00


Pierced Celtic knot rings in 4 or 6mm widths

History of Scotland ring with the Heritage of the bagpipes, map of Scotland, Stag, Scottish Thistle, Lion Rampant, Luckenbooth and Celtic talisman knot of longevity.
mo anam cara ring Gaelic Love Loyalty Friendship band Celtic knots panel band
Anam Cara - My Soul Mate ring Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas - the Gaelic Love Loyalty Friendship band Celtic Knot antiqued wedding band #WED008m - $495.00
Nordic weave wedding band 7mm Celtic endless knot band

#NORDIC447M - $795.00

6mm intricate endless Nordic Viking weave with millgrained edges. 14kt white satin weave with 14kt yellow polished edges. This is a comfortable fit, the inside is rounded from the center out while keeping the profile as thin as possible. This size 10 weighed 6.8gms

CEL002M - $595.00

7mm Celtic endless knot wedding band. Background is carved out to raise up the knots. White or yellow gold. Flat ring, no dome or roundness. This size 10 weighed 8gms


Ogham, Gaelic, History and Legends of Ireland Rings

gold ogham wedding ring


Ogham, is the Celtic ancient system for writing, used especially for carving. This inscription reads: "Gra go deo" which is Gaelic for "Love forever." Solid 14kt gold from Ireland $1,095-1,595.00

 Gaelic Soulmate Ring - #GR1

Florentine finish and raised polished letters, has the Gaelic words 'mo anam cara' which means friend of my soul (soul friend/mate); or 'gra dilseacht cairdeas' which is love loyalty friendship; or 'gra go deo' which is love forever. His - $1,095.00 ~ Hers - $895.00

   Nordic Seas 5mm woven wedding band
Irish endless waves ring Celtic whitecap wave band

Nordic Seas - $425.00

Simple two strand woven band, 2mm thick. Allow four weeks as each is made to order

8mm double braid wedding band  10mm double braid wedding band ladies celtic knot band #CR50370
Viking and Celtic sailors were the masters of braids and knots. Here a modern 8mm version in 14k white gold with rose satin braid 10mm wide Celtic nautical design with Viking double braid in rose gold channel set into 18kt sunrise yellow comfort fit band Ladies 8mm Celtic knot band in whole sizes 5-8 only. Thick, well made heavy band, size 6 averages 10gms! $745 - 1095.00
ladies 8mm celtic weave ring #CR50371 open weave Celtic knot band 8mm #CR50372 7mm Celtic knot wedding band


Ladies 8mm open weave Celtic knot wedding band. Whole size 5-8. $595-895.00
Ladies 8mm open weave Celtic knot band without edges. Whole sizes 5-11. 18kt is incredible! $625-1095.00

7mm Celtic knot band for gents or ladies. $745-845


 symbols of Ireland Celtic history wedding bands#Symbols7

 tungsten carbide Celtic knot band

#CR50756 - $95.00
Celtic history of Ireland symbols in wedding bands and engagement ring. Trinity knot, Newgrand spiral and shamrock.

Tungsten Carbide! Almost as hard as a diamond. Cannot be cut, sized and extremely difficult to scratch. Silvery black, comfort fit, 8mm wide, 2mm thick, this one is size 10.5 and weighed 16.8gms! Perfect for law enforcement, military or any profession tough jewelry. Also very difficult to photograph as it is like a mirror, lines are reflections.

Discontinued. Only sizes shown in stock. We bought all the remaining inventory from the supplier $145.00 marked down from $295! New store prices are $500-800 with new patent

Celtic love knot ring in Argentium silver   argentium silver trinity knot ring 14kt eternal love knot wedding bands

 #LOVEAS - $95.00

Argentium silver 935 Celtic love knot ring. Great thumb ring, friendship or fashion. 5mm wide and 2mm thick. Incredibly bright white! In stock sizes shown

 #TRINAS - $95.00

Argentium silver 935 Celtic Trinity knot ring. Thumb ring or spoil yourself ring! 5mm wide and 2mm thick. Very very bright white.


Eternal love knot bands in 14kt gold starting at $425.--

Claddagh Wedding Rings
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