irish claddagh baby jewelry

A baby's first christening or baptism is quite an event. As is the first baby birthday. Whatever the event, the child must learn of it's heritage.

Now, more than ever...

A baby Claddagh ring in infant size or toddler size or perhaps a Claddagh jewelry pin to be worn now and later on a chain.

Baby rings, pendants, crosses and pin

The color of gold will vary by monitor, settings, video card and PC or MAC. They appear darker due to increase contrast for your viewing or printing. They appear as 'gold' gold!


childs claddagh ring with rose heart #TLR031 - 14kt gold - 1.3gms - $70.00

Small child's two tone yellow gold w/rose heart size 1 (made in US)


infant baby Claddagh ring #BABYBR5 - $90.00

14kt infant baby Claddagh ring in size 2 Very high end fine quality. Approximately 1.3gms These are to be used for Christening, events and pictures. NOT to be left on while unattended.


baby Claddagh pin for Christening #FDBP3 - $85.00

14kt gold baby pin for Christening or baptism. Manufactured in US by high end religious jewelry manufacturer. Extremely detailed, highly polished on back side as well. A child will grow into this and wear as a pendant as they get older. Claddagh shown on US dime. Nameplate is ready for engraving and just over 5/8" wide or 16mm Claddagh is 7/16" wide or 11mm.


yellow claddagh with rose heart pendant #TCC162 - $55.00

The smallest pendant we could find. Suitable for a baby, child or a woman to be worn on a delicate chain. Chain not shown and not included. Matches earrings (TCE013) timeless Claddah icon in 14kt gold with the heart done in rose gold. Measures 3/8" across or 10mm and weight is .9gm

infant claddagh cross

#R4067 - $45.00

Tiny 14kt infant cross with the Claddagh heart in the center. 13mmx10mm (1/2" x 3/8") Can be used on a pin or with a very light chain.

14kt small Claddagh cross for baby

#REC469 - $55.00

14kt small Claddagh cross. 3/4" tall and half inch wide. Ideal for light chain, baby or wedding cross for bridal party. App 1gm


small detailed Claddagh cross #CLC8418 - $75.00

Small detailed 14k .585 gold Claddagh cross made in Dublin Ireland. 5/8" or 15mm tall.


14kt child Celtic Cross in three sizes with raised Cletic knot pattern

#CC33 - $95.00

Extreme fine quality, highly polished back side like glass. Suitable for your engraving. Hallmark is on bail so the back has not been marked at all. Small is 13/16" tall by 7/16" wide 1.2gms


14kt child Celtic Cross with raised pattern of celtic knots

#CC6 - $75.00

Extreme fine quality, highly polished back side like glass. Suitable for your engraving. Hallmark is on bail so the back has not been marked at all. Weights and measurements are approximate. Small is 13/16" tall by 7/16" wide .9gms


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