shamrock, clover and lucky charm jewelry

Many people do not realize the difference between a 'four leaf clover' and a shamrock. A four leaf clover is a lucky charm or sign of good luck. The shamrock has a strong significance to the Irish because St. Patrick is said to have used its three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity. Wear them proudly and teach the children so all is not forgotten...

The Irish Brigade led by Pat Kelly in the American Civil War carried two flags, one a three leafed clover or shamrock and the other a harp, the symbol of Ireland. The Father that accompanied the brigade, went on to be one of the most famous figures of Notre Dame.


four leaf clover ring #SHAM5509 - $225.00

Four leaf clover ring just for fun! Click for full details and specs


white gold four leaf shamrock clover ring #SHAM5509wg - $230.00

Four leaf clover ring done in white gold. Available in rose, 18kt or platinum


14k four  4 leaf clover jewelry necklace #MSC265 - $155.00

14kt genuine four leaf clover preserved between layers of polished crystal sealed in a coin edge bezel. This is hand picked from a White Clover plant as held by Celts from Wales as a charm against evil spirits. Druids also held them in high esteem and considered them a sign of luck. The four leaves stand for Hope, Faith, Love and Luck. 7/8" or 22mm across and 3/16" or 5mm thick. Requires at least a 1.5mm chain at nearly 6ms! No two are identical. These have a screw pin to seal them, if you open it and let out the protective gas, it will turn brown.


genuine four leaf clover bezel necklace pendant #4LEAFs - $75.00

Sterling silver genuine four leafe clover encased in coin bezel with protective gas. If you open it, it will turn brown. 7/8" across or 22mm

One left


enamel four leaf clover shamrock jewelry#SHAM044 - $65.00

New series of enameled shamrock four leaf clover known as the stained glass series. The enamel is deep and translucent, you can see through it and not merely into it. All 14kt gold and the leaf pattern was open and filled with the enamel. App .7gms; width is 10mm or just over 1/4"; height without bail is 14mm or 9/16" and thickness is just over 1mm. Sure to be a bridal party hit!


four leaf clover shamrock with stained glass enamel jewelry #SHAM027 -$110.00

14k four leaved clover shamrock with stained glass enamel in a translucent Kelley Green! Note the detailed veins on the leaves of the stem. 18mm or 3/4" wide and 25mm or 1" tall without the bail. App 2.2gms.


four leaf clover shamrock jewelry with .35cts of VS diamonds #SHAM228d - $295.00

14kt gold shamrock enrusted with .35cts total diamond weight of VS diamonds along the entire border of the leaves and stem. 7/16" wide and 15/16" tall, nearly 3/4" by 1" and app 2gms total weight. The diamonds are further enhanced with a thick electro coating of pure white rhodium all around the edges.


white gold four leaf clover shamrock jewelry #SHAM547w - $95.00

14kt white gold four leaf clover shamrock with open leaves. 1" tall and 3/4" wide, app 2.1gms


white gold four leaf clover shamrock jewelry #SHAM548w - $145.00

14kt white gold four leaf clover shamrock is 1" tall and 5/8" wide. App 2.2gms


14kt Irish Prayer Book charm

#SHAM810 - $295.00

14kt Irish Prayer Book pendant charm. The book opens, has four pages of prayer, front cover has enameled shamrock and back cover has Celtic cross. Three double sided pages overall. 9/16" tall and 7/16" wide or 15x12mm and app 3gms

irish lucky shamrock charm

#05374 - $75.00 - 1.5gms

14kt four leaf clover jewelry pendant. Sure to bring good luck to the one who wears it and the one who gives a lucky charm! 11/16" across

14k white gold shamrock charm #11207 - 1.5gms - $75.00

14k white gold open design four leaved clover charm 11/16" (18mm) across


14kt white gold four leaf clover charm #11208 - .8gms - $45.00

14kt white gold four leaf clover charm light and small at 5/8" (15mm) tall


celtic shamrock in 14kt gold#5368 - $125.00 - 2.5 gms

14kt shamrock with Celtic knot type designs all around the edge for sparkle. Done in high polish. This is 11/16" across

14k shamrock necklace jewelry pendant #7075 - $125.00

14kt detailed shamrock finished front and back, 3D both sides identical. Just over 1/2" across and app 2.5gms


14kt 3D shamrock charm #MSC212 - $90.00

Small 14kt 3D finished on both sides shamrock. 5/8" tall and wide App 1.8gms


14kt sharmrock necklace pendant #MSC229 - $115.00

Larger 14kt 2D finsihed on front side shamrock, 3/4" tall and almost as wide. App 2.3gms


14kt white gold shamrock with nine diamonds#21965 - $245.00

A spectacular 14kt white gold shamrock necklace jewelry charm done in the trinity theme with diamonds. Three sets of round diamonds in each of the three leaves. Total of nine round diamonds. 3D with filigree edges. Back side shows the diamond settings. 5/8" tall from bottom of stem to top of leaf. Retail is $595.00 at the fancy stores.


14kt gold shamrock ccross #28070 - $310.00

14kt gold shamrock cross. Another Saint Patrick teaching tool variation. 1 3/4" tall and just over 1 1/4" wide. 42x31mm App 6.2gms


white gold shamrock diamond necklace #15321 - $1,495.00

14kt white gold and diamond trinity shamrock necklace is 16 1/2" long and has six diamond shamrocks joined by twisted white gold rope links. The weight is 11.7gms and total diamonds are .62cts. Retail is $3,795.00 at the fancy stores.


14k gold four leaf clover highly polished one inch tall #SHAM228 - $110.00

14kt four leaf clover done in high polish, no ridges or lines. One inch tall, 2D, app 2.2gms


detailed four leaf clover#SEA353 - $100.00 - 2 gms

Very nice and detailed four leaf clover jewelry pendant. A sign of luck... One of the nicest ones we have found. A little more than 5/8" across or 17mm.


14k white gold shamrock four leaf clover jewerly necklace pendant #SEA420wg - $195.00

14k white gold four leaf clover shamrock done in actual natural leaf clover. Petals are not perfectly matched or aligned as in computer generated models. Just over 3/4" across or 21mm and the same for height plus swinging bail. App 3.6gms highly polished


14k four leaf clover jewelry pendant #SEA420 - $190.00

14k natural gold four leaf clover shamrock pendant cast from an actual four leaf clover as mother nature intended. Not perfectly symmetrical as computer generated or one pedal pieced four times. Just over 3/4" across and tall plus bail. App 3.2gms polished front and back. Back is smooth and not textured.


detailed 14k four leave clover pendant#MSC227 - 2.2gms - $110.00

Amazingly detailed four leaf clover. Note the veins in the leaves and the hearts shaped within the clover. 1" tall and 3/4" wide. Beautiful 14kt 4 leaf necklace pendant.


14kt white gold fou leaf clover #2910 - $110.00

14kt white gold four leave clover in highly detail and polished. Each petal is done like a heart with a heart within as well. 1" tall and 3/4" wide, app 2.2gms.


small open four leaf clover #5372 - $40.00

Small open four leaf clover, 3/8" across or 9mm. Very easy to see the hearts inside the clover! These small ones are great for slipping on earring hoops. App 1/2gm


small 14kt four leaf clover #5378 - $40.00

Very small solid 14kt four leaf clover, ideal for your finest chain for child, baby christening, wedding favor or sewn on the halter of your favorite horse. 1/4" or 5mm across App 1/2gm


small 14kt gold shamrock#5369 - $65.00-135.00

14kt shamrock or lucky jewelry charm! Highly polished and stands 5/8" tall not counting the loop or bale. 2D is finished on the front side and 3D is finished on front and back side. Both sides identical in high polish. 2D is app 1.3gms and 3D is app 2.7gms both are about 5/8" across

14k white gold shamrock #7074 - $85.00

14k white gold three leafed clover/shamrock done in high polish 5/8" (15mm) tall app 1.4gms


14kt shamrock with diamond cuts #324 - 1.6gms - $80.00

14kt shamrock with extreme detail of veins and diamond cut edges and stem. 3/4" tall and just under 3/4" wide


14k anklet with shamrock jewelry #SA84 - $85.00

14kt shamrock anklet for perfect ankles! 14kt double link chain and highly polished shamrock. Nine inches approximately 1.5gms


claddagh hands and shamrock pendant #20313 - $100/70

The best of all worlds. Shamrock for luck, hands of friendship, the heart for love and the crown for loyalty. Solid 14kt yellow gold. About 9/16" across and 2gms; small is 3/8" across and 1.4gms.


14kt shamrocks and Claddagh #28020 - $275.00 - app 4.2gms

14kt gold Claddagh and shamrocks! 1" tall and 1 3/16" across


14kt gold irish celtic harp#17033 - $75.00 - 1.5 gms.

14kt jewelry Irish Celtic harp. This will attract attention and comments for sure! It is small at 11/16" in height

sterling silver river dance shoe #IRDAN - $50.00

Irish hard jig dance shoe in full round 3D with the strap forming the bail. Sterling silver made and Hallmarked in Ireland. About 3/4" across and would be great as necklace or bracelet charm.


14k Ireland profile jewelry #8803 - $95.00

From Ireland it is Ireland in 14kt! Nearly 3/4" tall for your charm bracelet or necklace. Highly polished front and back. Approximately 1.3gms. No longer made, retired design. Back is finished as nicely as the front. Suitable for engraving.


Irish wishbone charm

#WISHBONE - $165.00

Long associated with the Irish and their knack for luck, the simple wishbone has found it's way tucked under bridles or braided into manes. Any extra luck is worth it! 1 5/16" tall and 5/8" wide. Perfectly formed, highly polished, two sets of channels on the back side for diamonds should you be so inclined to be that lucky charm! App 3gms


shamrock earrings


emerald shamrock post earrings #ER3905 - $195.00

14kt shamrock earrings with three genuine emeralds set into each earring. Very easy to see how Saint Patrick used the shamrock to reach the trinity of the Holy Spirit. 1/2 inch wide and total dangle length is 13/16" (just over 3/4 inch). These are post earrings for pierced ears. From Solvar in Ireland


Irish coin cuff links #SEACL682 - $50.00

Authentic Irish coin done in silver tone with swivel clasp, a real coin from Ireland. 3/4" across


14kt shamrock bracelet #12004 - $395.00

Light weight detailed thirteen shamrock bracelet in 7 3/4" and app 8gms with secure lobster clasp


gold claddagh and irish shamrock clover braclet #18602 - 8.0 gms - $395.00

14kt Kings Claddagh crown and shamrock. 12 links in all for 7" total length. A must on St. Patrick's Day!

"When I was a child, my great grandmother Irvine had this blessing done in needlepoint and framed on her back door. As you opened the door to leave, it was the last thing you saw. Do you remember when the back door was used by friends and family, and the front door was reserved for salesmen and company!"
 "An Irish Blessing"
May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
The sun shine warm upon your face
The rain fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you
in the hollow of His hand
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