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Children of Lir

Legends say that the stepmother of the children of the ancient Irish King Lir were transformed into swans and then banished to spend 300 years on Lake Derravaragh, 300 years on the Sea of Moyle and 300 years on Inis Glora. However, the Queen left them with their human voices. People came from miles around to hear the beautiful singing of the swans.

Lest we forget about the wee ones... the little people, leprechauns, faeries, unicorns, river dancers of the wind and the beloved Irish Setter.


rose colored swan preening on gold heart#TCC026 - $135.00 - 2.9 gms

Swans have always had a place in the hearts of the Irish tales. Many say, because of the legends of the Children of Lir... This rose colored gold swan is preening upon a yellow gold heart with reeds and cattails engraved into the background. About 15/16" tall and 7/8" wide


rose gold swan of lir #TCC038 - 1.6gms - $75.00

Rose gold swan on yellow gold heart. 5/8 by 3/4 inch or 16x20mm. Perfect reminder to the Children of Lir tale.


faery pixie wife of leprechon #5584 - $170.00 - 3.8 gms

Pixie faery detail can be clearly seen. As long as you believe 1 1/16" across and 1 1/2" tall


14kt fairy charm #FCC006 - $205.00

For some reason, some people just do not believe in the little people or fairies. Well, this one agreed to pose so you could see they are REAL! Sure to make a believer out of anyone. Wingtips to toenails is 24mm or 1". App 4.5gms in 14kt only. Also available in a ring. Slightly concaved to give a fluttering look to the wings, back highly polished for engraving, body is done in a bead blast matte finish with the wings polished.


14kt legend unicorn jewelry pendant #1891 - $275.00 - 6.1 gms

An almost extinct species now, the unicorn. Ally McBeal is one of the few who have dared go public with her sightings. What about you? Beautiful short headed 14kt welsh pony with a little goatee and of course, the spiral horn. About 1" tall and 1" wide including the horn. There are more on the horse equestrian page.

#8803 - $95.00

From Ireland it is Ireland in 14kt! Nearly 3/4" tall for your charm bracelet or necklace. Highly polished front and back, approximately 1.3gms. Retired design no longer available. Back is finished as nice as the front and suitable for engraving.


Irish wishbone charm

#WISHBONE - $195.00

Long associated with the Irish and their knack for luck, the simple wishbone has found it's way tucked under bridles or braided into manes. Any extra luck is worth it! 1 5/16" tall and 5/8" wide. Perfectly formed, highly polished, two sets of channels on the back side for diamonds should you be so inclined to be that lucky charm! App 3gms


#K867 - 1.5gms - $70.00

Limited availability 14kt Flag of Ireland with enamel. Back side is very detailed and textured with IRELAND. 11/16" across and 7/16" tall plus bail


#TKC554 - $85.00

5/8" tall and 1 1/16" across 14kt "100% Irish" pendant is 1.9gms and perfect for 1-2mm necklace chain


#TKC636 - $45.00

14kt "100% IRISH" charm for necklace or bracelet with four leaf clover. Light and fun! About 5/8" or 15mm across. Ideal for 1mm chain.


#10414 - $45.00

14kt "Irish Princess" charm with a shamrock over the I connecting the jump ring. Ideal for light chain or bracelet. Diamonds and several textures. 3/4" or 19mm across


#8425 - $95.00

From Ireland 14kt leprechaun with his hat and pot looking for gold! 5/8" tall by 3/16" wide or 16x8mm finished on all sides in high polish.


14kt Irish Setter necklace charm #17086 - 6.3gms - $285.00

14kt gold 3D Irish Setter charm with 24kt gold highlights and white rhodium detailed ears. Finished on all sides, can even stand up! One inch across and 5/8" tall. The gene that makes an Irish Setter red, is the same gene found in Scots & Irish, it is called the ginger gene! It also gives us freckles and red hair! We do not have a wolf hound at this time.


Irish coin cuff links #SEACL682 - $50.00

Authentic Irish coin done in silver tone with swivel clasp, a real coin from Ireland. 3/4" across

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