Celtic Eternal wedding band


This Celtic woven wedding band is based on the eternal knot or eternity knot. There is no beginning or end, just a perfect eternal knot that goes on and one. We have this in three styles, 8mm, 6mm and 4mm. These are thick and heavy and designed to last a lifetime. Best suited for the larger sizes as the thickness may be uncomfortable on a small hand that wears a size 4 or 5.

Each is created in the USA of the ancient lost wax casting method. The rings are sized in the wax and then cast to size. They are not cut and soldered after they are made. Again, no beginning or end.

Irish designed and American made. Allow 4-12 weeks for yours depending on the material! Platinum can take the longest, especially during wedding season. These are NOT able to be re-sized once they are made so be 100% of your size. There are no returns or exchanges as each is custom made for you. You can of course cut them and size them later if needed, the pattern just may not line up perfectly.


Celtic eternal knot wedding ring 8mm

Celtic eternal knot wedding band 6mm




8mm Celtic eternal knot wedding band


This ring is 8mm wide, size 13 and weighed 15.2gms. The thickness was 2.75gms and had to be as this was a very physically demanding guy. This was cast in 14kt white gold and then rhodium plated. Finishing was all done by hand and the inside edge was counter beveled for a very smooth comfortable fit. The eternal knots were done in an extra high and heavy patter so they will not wear down quickly. Before polishing they are raised .75mm while most commercially made rings may only be .25mm. The background is softly satin finished.

Celtic eternal knot wedding band

8mm Celtic eternal knot wedding ring

Celtic eternal knot wedding ring

This is 8mm and 6mm wedding set size 13 and 10. Perfect eternal knot union for an eternal marriage.


6mm Celtic eternal knot wedding band


This is the 6mm eternal knot wedding band, 2.25mm thick and this size 10 weighed 9.7gms. Again this was done in 14kt white gold with rhodium plating, same raised eternal knot pattern and satin background. The 6mm is ideal for a man or woman as it is not too wide, yet thick and heavy enough to withstand years and years of wear. This series of ring is not for the masses but for those seeking a Celtic eternal wedding band that will last an eternity without abuse. With abuse, it may only last 100 years! These are twice as thick and heavy as a typical band that is 1-1.5mm thick.

eternal Celtic knot wedding ring

eternal Celtic knot wedding rings


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