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"Moonlight Cruise"

The moonlight cruise ring is inspired by an evening cruise on a moonlit water, as the moon has come up and the sun is long gone, you can see the rose reflection of the sun setting beyond the horizon reflected on the moon. The next time you see a rose colored moon, you are seeing someone else's sunset.

The double braid is a reflection of two sunsets, or two lives. Side by side. Separate paths, yet always there for each other with every turn. Distinct personalities, yet joined to form a unified bond together.

double rose braid on white gold band

Moonlight Cruise - #SEA6945

This is shown in polished 14kt white gold with 14kt satin finished rose braids

8mm wide

2.5-3mm thick

comfort fit

This size 10 weighed 12gms.

rose weave white gold wedding band

The finishes could be high polish, matte, brushed, combination, all white, all yellow, all rose or two tone as you see.

$1,095.00 as shown.

thick rose braid and white gold wedding ring
8mm wide rose and whtie gold wedding band size 10

double braid wedding ring hand woven 

14kt satin braids on 14kt high polished white 8mm wide


14kt white satin braid on 14kt white high polish ring

14kt white satin braid on 14kt high polished ring

14kt high polished double hand braid on 14kt white ring

14kt high polish braid on 14kt white high polish ring



6.5mm hand woven ring

Special order 6.5mm 14kt white satin braid on 14kt white polished ring, no where near as thick or heavy as the others

$895.00 for small 6.5mm version

 rose braid on white gold and 18 gold  
 moon lilght cruise and dawns first light wedding bands  

"Dawns First Light"

Have you ever made a crossing? Awoke out to sea miles from shore? Pulled the watch from 3AM to 6AM? Run full throttle from 4AM for two hours to be at THE place where the fish are? Then you know. There is a color the sunrise takes on, moments after it starts to awaken. The sun of course is yellow, but as it yawns to life there are red streaks that have not made it over the horizon yet. Dawn's First Light. We have tried to capture that moment with an 18kt sunrise yellow with the 14kt rose braid.

18kt yellow ring with rose gold double braid

Dawns First Light - #SEA6947

18kt sunrise yellow gold in high polish comfort fit with 14kt rose gold double unison braids captured in brushed matte finish

9-10mm wide

2.5-3mm thick

This size 11 was 16.4gms

18kt sunrise yellow with rose braid wedding ring

This ring as shown with 18kt yellow and 14kt rose is $1,495.00

18kt yellow and 14kt rose wedding ring
18kt yellow comfort wedding band with 14kt rose gold braid

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