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Mo Anam Cara

'My soul mate' or 'friend of my soul' ring.

Every once in a while, during a lifetime if one is lucky, you meet someone. Someone that a part of you recognizes. After a short time, it is as if you have known them your entire life. Or during another. This, is what the Celtics referred to as your soul mate. One who you can do anything with. Say anything to. And love uncondtionaly. You will never understand it if it doesn't happen to you. But if it does, and your soul is touched, awakened and opened, you will never be the same. For you, is this ring.

Mo anam cara is my soul mate, with a turn of the ring it is cara mo anam and becomes friend of my soul. Better known in Europe as a 'posie ring'.

The mo anam cara ring shown is 18kt yellow gold. It is available in 14kt, 18kt, white gold or platinum bands. It is also available with a counter sunk diamond between each word. The anam cara band is a comfort fit band, 6mm wide and 2mm thick. The mo anam cara expression is carved in Gaelic into the band so there is depth and walls to each letter. This anam cara has had the letters antiqued for contrast. Please have your size professionally taken as there is a 40% return fee. Also shown is counter set diamonds. Notice the bevel on the face of the ring for the diamonds. The three diamonds add $325 to the ring.

Should you have opened your soul to another, allow 3-4 weeks for your anam cara band to show your friendship or exchange your vows.

#ANAMCARA - $795-1,095

seawear friend of my soul ring

mo anam cara soulmate ring

friend of my soul ring

anam cara wedding band

gold mo anam cara wedding band with diamonds

diamond closeup

mo anam cara gold posey ring
His 11 and hers 7
anam cara posie ring mo anam cara posie ring
Note the edge and angle of the comfort fit. 18kt mo anam cara posie ring to United Kingdom
white gold mo anam cara ring
White gold set to Japan


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