14kt yellow & white gold chains

These are all high end fine jewelry chains. The same that you will find in the finest jewelry stores in your local mall, not the retail chain department stores. The rest are more on the unusual side that you will not see everywhere else!

Ladies buying for guys, take his shirt neck size and add two inches for each one inch you want it to hang down from his top button. Usually 20 or 22 is fine. 24-26 will go over most guys heads without having to unclasp it. Many divers prefer this. Guys often will have only one chain and wear it 24/7. Don't be hurt if he says something like "I wanted a larger one or different link..." Exchange it with him as he will see it every day.

Guys buying for ladies, stick with 18" unless she needs more. She will have several chains. If your relationship is serious, get used to it! Go for something unusual that others will comment on...

There are even larger links on the mans bracelet page.


Platinum 4mm curb chain

4mm platinum curb chain

Extreme high end 4mm platinum curb chain. Made in Germany, .950 platinum, the highest grade available. This one is 57.5 grams and 24 inches. Upgraded thumbnail clasp. This is a round curb and not flattened or diamond cut. A shorter one would be great for a bracelet as well! There is no e-coating or plating, this is the way it will look forever. One in stock $5,745.00


 Handmade Rope Chain

handmade solid rope chain

These are a premium SOLID rope chain. The wires are solid core and not hollow. The rope pattern is solid and not a hollow center. The wires are round and not flattened. There are no diamond cuts to lower the weight. Jump rings are soldered and premium lobster claw clasps are used. If you want to give a chain to someone they will have the rest of their life, this is it. 1.5mm through 5mm solid rope chain. Limited supply, what is in stock is in the drop down, any other sizes will need to be ordered.

parrisian wheat link chain parrisian wheat link chain
Parrisian wheat chain.
#PW01 - $365.00 - 1.5mm - 4.6gms - 18"
#PW02 - $695.00 - 2mm - 8.7gms - 24"
#PW02.2 - $955.00 - 2.25mm - 12gms - 22"
#PW03 - $1,595.00 - 3mm - 20gms - 22"
This is an elongated wheat link that rolls nicely and is very durable. Lobster claw clasp!
marine link white and yellow gold anchor chain
Anchor link & rigging link chain
ASB21 - 24" - 35-36gms $2,695.00
This is one of the most remarkable nautical chains we have found. It is gorgeous two toned gold. The rigging links (8x4mm) are done in 14kt yellow gold and the marine anchor links (7x5mm) are done in 14kt white gold. They look like ships anchor links but are not hollow. With or without a pendant this looks great. The rigging links looked like swagged rod rigging end fittings and are slightly offset so they interlock and lay flat. Shown with 1214 ships wheel. 14kt two tone
nautical marine rigging chain
#ASBY - $1,585.00
All 14kt yellow gold. 16.25" in 22.9gms They hang very nicely!
14k white gold nautical rigging chain
#ASBW - $2,445.00
All 14k white gold. 24" 34.9gms or can cut to length. Can make endless without clasp
white parrisean wheat 1.00mm chain white parrissean 2.0mm chain
WPW01 - white parrisian 1mm - 18" - 4.4 gms - $345.00
WPW02 - white parrisian 2mm - 18" - 6.8 gms - $395.00
WPW02 - white parrisian 2.5mm - 18" - 10 gms - $695.00

gold bead chain #BEAD - Bead chain. Similar to key chain, rolls on the neck very smoothly, and pendants hang well in between the beads. From light 1.2mm to 2mm and heavier. Other sizes and lengths available as well as 18kt and platinum by custom order. Diamond cut is light and very sparkley!

1.8mm 18" 5.4gms $350
2mm 18" 7.4gms $480
2mm 20" 8.1gms - $525

Marine link anchor chain! Other names, European anchor link, center stud brace link, steamship link

mariner anchor link ring

This is a new mariner anchor link designed for a ring, but will be available for bracelet or neck chain. This first link is 6.5mm wide and 13.5mm long. The links are 2.5mm thick. This is mans man size! This size 13 ring is 21.6gms. For a bracelet or neck chain you are looking at 6.2gms per inch. Two anchor links per inch. A 24" chain will be about 105gms. A 9" bracelet about 56gms. The anchor link has a very slight bend to it to adapt for a ring. It will also make it fit a little closer to the wrist or neck. The joining links are straight and the same weight as the mariner links. This one is $1,595.00 in an approximate size 13.

mariner anchor link ring

Mariner anchor link ring in 6.5mm wide, 11mm long and 2mm thick. Taken off it is just a clump of gold anchor links! This one is approximately size 7.5-8; weighs 12.2gms and is twelve links. Six mariner anchor links and six joining links. Approximately 4.2gms per inch, two anchor links will be about 7/8". A 24" neck chain will be approximately 100gms and a 9" bracelet about 38gms. This ring is $845.00

Due to the nature of the timing of the links, it is impossible to make to an exact size. Links added or subtracted have to be done two at a time.

alternate mariner anchor link chain 4x7mm

AL4x7 - $1,725.00 20" 23gms

AL5x9 - $2,815.00 20" 37.5gms

Alternate anchor link chain in 4x7mm or 5x9mm links with lobster claw clasp. Solid 14kt gold imported from Italy. In stock sized in drop down menu.

alternate anchor link chain

#SEALTEAM - $4,290.00

This is an endless chain. Each 5x9mm link is individual. You may see a scar, tatoo, pinpoint or irregular seam. Each is unique and make up the team. There is no master link, clasp, joining ring or weak link. Each relies on the other to make the team. Each went through the same grueling process, casting at 1,775 degrees plunged into ice cold water, five days of never ending wet and dry tumbling for hardness, durability, shine, weak links were sorted out to end up with the trust in one another to hold up the entire team. This anchor link chain is 25 inches with an inside diameter of 24" to slip over your head, no clasp, 57.2 grams of solid 14kt gold, in stock. Same price for store or end user. This is the smallest chainlink we can do 5mm wide and 9mm long. Each link has been tig welded under a microscope. No solder. Anchor links to scale with objects for size. Always have links in one stage or another trying to get a few ahead. Let me know the length, clasp or no clasp and it will be made. Clasp is welded over an anchor link, no jump ring.

18" 18kt 45.2gms teardrop clasp $4,295.00

20" with teardrop clasp 45.8gms $3,895.00

21" with brommel closure 46.3gms $3,935.00

22" with swivel clasp 51.8gms $4,445.00

24" with teardrop clasp 54gms $4,590.00


palladium white gold sealteam neck chain

#SEALTEAM.PWG - $5,895.00

Very special custom SEALTEAM neck chain. 14kt white palladium gold. There is no nickel added to the gold to turn it white. Instead palladium, which is in the platinum family was added. It increases the weight to closer to an 18kt chain with the wear and durability characteristics of platinum. This one came in at 65.6gms in 25". Casting temperature is closer to 2,400 degrees and labor is 2-3 times. It is a very dense durable anchor chain. This is the color it will always be. No tarnish, no yellow and no rhodium. Each link is roughly 3/8" long on the SEALTEAM. This SEALTEAM was done with a matching propeller with shackle clasp. This is pre-polished after five days of wet and dry tumbling.

Endless link or can add clasp. 23.75-24.5" inside circumference will fit over most average size heads without a clasp. $95 per gram


DeltaTeam anchor marine link chain

#DELTATEAM - $6,160.00

The DeltaTeam is a little heavier, thicker and slightly larger framed at 6x11mm marine link designed for that special person. Inside circumference of 24" looks great with formal wear or work gear. Red tie event or casual gift giving. Precision worked anchor links shown with medium faced watch. As with the SealTeam chain, there are sixteen different links that are hand cast and polished. While each link is the same, each link is uniquely different. The marine anchor link is the strongest of all links with the center bar and makes for an indestructible unit when assembled. Approximately 88 anchor links make up the DeltaTeam chain. This is a fixed chain, no beginning no end. No clasp and no weak link. Each depends on the other. Green source casting grain by Hoover & Strong. Any length available by special order.

22" with clasp 72.5grms $6,160

24" endless links, 74.8ms $6,355

24" with swivel clasp 77.4gms $6,595

24" endless chain 22kt 109.5 grams $12,585

40" 18kt yellow 18kt white 135.6gms $14,915 with gold at $2,300oz


14k 6x12mm marine anchor link chain

#BRAVOCO - $5,025.00

Sometimes finess is just not enough. You need brawn. Call in the BravoCo. This is the same link as SealTeam and DeltaTeam, only bigger. Beefier. Heavier. Same accuracy in the marine anchor links, just capable of the extra mile if you can carry it! This one is carried by a special customer, 24" inside circumference with a 25" length. No master link, just one solid chain. Each link is cast one at a time in the lost wax casting method. An ancient tried and true tactic.

14kt 22.25" swivel teardrop clasp 60.5gms @ $5,140 In stock

14kt 24" endless 67gms @ $5,695

14kt 25" endless 68.8gms @ $5,855

14kt 26" endless 74gms @ $6,290.00

18kt 26" endless 91gms @$85gm. $7,735.00

14kt polished European anchor link bracelet chain

#STUDLINK8838.9 - $2,245.00

14kt hand made stud link mariners anchor chain bracelet. This one was done in 9" and measures about 9 & 1/8" inches stretched out or 23cm. Weight is 34.3gms. 14kt (yellow) gold with premium tear drop lobster claw clasp. The European style anchor link was cast in one solid piece rather than the stud link being added after. Each link is approximately 8mm by 12mm or roughly 5/16" by 1/2" and 2mm thick.

$2,295 - 36.0gms, heavy swivel clasp, 9" with 8.25" inside measurement.


anchor link and shackle chain in two tone gold

#LOCKDOWN - $6,695.00

The strongest anchor link known with the center bar stud and a classic shackle, both known for the strength and holding power gave us the LOCKDOWN! This was done with 14kt white gold anchor links and 14kt yellow gold shackles. This was a custom job, 24" and came in at 78.8 grams $6,695

mariner anchor link bracelet
#BRAC7x12s - $2,265.00
Mariner link anchor bracelet. This one is 9.5 inches long and will fit an average size wrist. There are 24 mariner links plus the clasp. The inside circumference when worn is 8.5". This has a working shackle clasp. The pin has to be completely unscrewed and removed to put the mariner link bracelet on or off. Each link is 7mm wide and 12mm long. Solid links cast by hand. Not hollow wire tube. The weight of this bracelet is 32.5gms. To increase the size, 2.5 links will add approximately 1". A 20 inch chain would be approximately 50 links plus the clasp and approximately $4,995.00 USD
mariner anchor link bracelet
#BRACE7x12s - $2,065.00
Mariner link anchor bracelet that is just over 9 inches long with an inside circumference of 8.25". Same bracelet as above, just a little shorter. Weight is 29.5gms, marine anchor links are 7mm wide and 12mm long. The cross sectional reinforcing link is the same gauge as the link itself. Solid, thick, heavy ships anchor chain links.
mariner studlink anchor link bracelet

#BRACE7x12lc - $1,710.00

Mariner link studlink anchor bracelet with teardrop lobster claw clasp. 8.5" long at 22.8gms. Inside diameter is 7.5" for medium. Each link is approximately 2mm thick (12 gauge wire) 7mm wide and 12mm long. These are NOT machine made with the center studlink inserted. Spare links on hand to adjust size up. 26" chain will be approximately 75gms and $5,625

marine anchor link bracelet

#BRACE8x15LC - $2,995.00

In stock. 8x15mm mariner anchor links. 8.75 inch length with 8.25-8.5 inch inside diameter. 37.7 grams. This image shows the teardrop lobster claw clasp directly attached to the anchor link without a jump ring. Should it ever need replacing there is a solder join at the center of the link (look for the mark) so it can be heated and twisted open without cutting the ends of the link and distorting. Solid not hollow. Links are each cast, assembled and soldered one at a time. In stock


alternated mariner anchor link bracelet

#BRACE8x16 - $3,815.00

Alternate marine anchor link in 8x16mm and just over 2mm thick. Each link is just under 3 grams. This bracelet is 8.75" in length, 47.7gms and will fit 7.75 to 8" average wrist. Additional links $210. Extra large clasp. In stock

14kt puffed anchor link chain in white or yellow gold

#259038 ~ $1,455 - 3,450

4x6mm or 5x7mm

14kt solid puffed anchor link very similar to the famed designer chain link. 14kt yellow gold or 14kt yellow and white gold alternating! Sizes shown in drop down menu are in stock for immediate shipping. This is all that is available. Bracelets and neck chains. Large, heavy, strong secure upgraded lobster claw clasp.


14k gold Hermes anchor chain tribute

Custom 18k gold 10x20mm anchor links with a heavy 6mm T-Bar toggle clasp reminiscent of an antique Hermes Chaine d'Anchre style anchor chain from the 1960's. This one was 20 inches, 174.9 grams and $14,875.00

Everything was heavy duty from the jump ring to the capture ring to the bail on the Toggle.

Each link weighs approximately 4.2 grams and two links is just over an inch, about 1 and 1/8th inches.

The toggle is about 25 grams and the 3mm jump rings about 15 grams.

It started as almost 6 ounces and lost about 7 grams in super polishing and detailing.


heavy 12x22mm anchor link bracelet

#12x22 - $7,745.00

#10x20 - $5,025.00

Anchor link bracelet done in solid heavy 12x22 mm anchor links with shackle clasp. This one is 16 anchor links for 9.75 inch length with just over 8.25 inside diameter. If your wrist is 8.5 inches or larger it will need another link. Clasp is a 3mm thick bow shackle. 103.5gms

10x20 is just slightly smaller and lighter with same heavy bow shackle. 9.25" length yields 8.25" inside diameter at 67gms. In stock


14kt white gold mariner anchor link necklace chain

14kt white gold mariner anchor link 20" 68.3gms Fifty two (52) links 7x14mm plus clasp. Made in Italy $4,780.00

14kt mariner anchor link necklace neck chain

14kt gold mariner anchor link chain 22" 160.5gms Thirty nine (39) links 10.5x19mm plus clasp. Made in Italy $11,235.00

14kt mariner anchor link chain necklace

14kt gold mariner anchor link chain 22.5" 226.6gms Thirty eight (38) links 12x21mm plus clasp. Made in Italy $15,860.00

18kt mariner anchor link bracelet

18kt gold mariner anchor link bracelet 9.25" 111gms Sixteen (16) anchor links 12x21mm plus clasp. Made in Italy $9,435.00

alternate stud link anchor chain
Stud marine links. Custom hand made stud link marine anchor chain 13mm to 21mm links. Custom hand made in Italy. Starting at $70gm 14k and $85gm 18k.

14kt and sterling silver anchor penant massive sterling silver anchor link pendant 14kt and sterling silver anchor link earrings

New ships anchor chain link series, 14kt and silver pendant, sterling silver pendant and 14kt and sterling silver earrings. $85-195.00


silver mariner anchor linik chain

#ASDELTA - $895.00

Mariner anchor links 6x11mm in .935 Argentium silver with .925 silver clasp. This is the same as the DELTATEAM chains above. 22.5 inches long and 58.9gms. Can be made longer, shorter or endless without the clasp. This is eighty links, each cast by hand and takes two 4x6 flasks to get enough links! If you are of the type that takes the stairs two at a time, you will know this is on. Even under a suit and tie! Endless in 26" 56gms. Any length available, with or without clasp. Made to order.


silver alternate mariner anchor link chain

#SAS7x12 - $125 - 420.00

Named after a very special friend who taught me a lot and was an esteemed member of the SAS. These are a liquidation closeout that I cannot make for the prices listed. There is a limited supply. Stocked in 9, 20, 22, 24 and 30 inches. Made in Italy, .925 Sterling Silver, alternate marine link, mariner anchor links, lobster claw clasp. Smooth links all the way around, the edges are NOT beveled or diamond cut. Each link is 7mm wide, 12mm long and 2mm thick, three links per inch. Average weights are 9"-25gms' 20"-56.6gms; 22"-62.2gms; 24"-67.4gms; 30"-84.5gms. Being real sterling silver the links will tarnish and discolor if worn 24/7, bathing, shower, work out etc. The chemicals in your body and the moisture in the air causes real silver to tarnish. These are not lightazz flat or hollow links. Solid and heavy.


alternate marine link chain

#AMLC16x24 - $395.00

Sterling silver alternate marine link chain, large links, somewhat hollow to make them lighter. 18" length with toggle clasp, substantial at 85 grams. Links are 16mm wide, 24mm long and 4mm thick. Equivilant to 6 gauge wire.


sterling silver alternate mariner anchor link chain

#AMLC3x6 - $70-100.00

Sterling silver alternate mariner anchor link chain in everyday average size. These are the full round links and NOT beveled or shaved edges to be lighter. Secure lobster claw clasp as well as welded jump rings. This is genuine .925 sterling silver and will tarnish if worn 24/7 in the shower, pool, hot tub or ocean. It is the nature of real silver. The only way around that is to take it off and clean it. We have these in stock in 20 inch 13.7gms; 22 inch 14.9gms, 24 inch 16.2gms and 30 inch 20.4gms Each anchor link is approximately 3.4mm wide and 6.2mm long.


mariner anchor link necklace chain

#EMAL913 - $2,295.00

Matching mariner anchor link chain. Extremely labor intensive. Not mass produced. Each link is cast and polished. Then cut by hand, opened to attach to the next, closed, soldered and polished again. This necklace took 64 links plus a swivel nautical lobster claw clasp. Can make any length, with or without clasp. Allow 2-4 weeks. This is a European mariner anchor link of 9x13mm. Note the ends are more rounded than the American version. The links are done in 935 Argentium silver while the clasp is standard sterling silver. This one is 125 grams, over four ounces of Argentium silver. 14kt would be about 110gms, palladium silver $2,495. 25" 97.4 grams sold; 26" with shackle clasp 125.9gms

alternate anchor link chain  9x13mm

#EMAL913 - $2,295.00 28" 133gms


stud link anchor link pendant with leather necklace #AL12x21as - $75.00

Argentium silver .935 simple stud link anchor link app 12mm wide, 21mm long and 3mm thick. This is a larger link used for a men's bracelet. Completed with two feet of 2.2mm round natural Greek leather cord. Single link weighs app 4.5gms.

mariners link gold chain
Traditional mariners link. It lays flat. Extreme high quality with lobster claw clasps
Shown is a 2.2mm link 10" anklet app 2.4gms - $140.00
3mm wide link 18" 7.8gms - $665.00
#CH485 one of the most comfortable chains we have found
3.5mm 20" necklace 12.2gms - $1.035.00
puffed mariner link chain
#PG108 Puffed mariner link is larger without the weight
7.3mm link
20" necklace 20.6gms - $1,030.00
turks heady woven chain
Turks head jewelry and necklaces

14kt swivel link chain bracelet or necklace in 3, 5 & 8mm

Large has brommel hooks instead of lobster claw

6x14mm - 8" @ $1,425.00 in stock 21.9gms

7x17mm - 8" @ $2,175.00 in stock 33.4gms

8x21mm - 8.75" @ $3,295 50.6gms





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