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Many of our emails responses to free email hosts are not being delivered. If you do not get a response send a second request email and I will reply from a different server.

There is no telephone customer service support. Everything is email based.

If you are on a mobile and cannot email, you can try texting to 757-342-1000. Response time will be slow and specific questions cannot be answered as most likely we are not near a computer or inventory.

If you are trying to order from a mobile and there are too many selections, email us with your choices and we will set up a private secure shopping cart for you.

As we have grown, we have had to place emphasis on getting out the orders placed each day. This meant cutting out 3-5 hours a day of telephone time.

I am sorry. This is still a one person business. Email your questions and they will be answered within minutes to hours depending on what time zone or what country you are in. It is not possible to take telephone queries. When I am running equipment in the shop, melting, casting, soldering or polishing I cannot answer or cannot stop what I am doing to answer a phone if I could hear it.

The easiest and most accurate way to contact us is by email which is This is not a hot or hyper link to cut down on spam, simply open a new email and type in the address. Email is checked frequently and responded to promptly. If you do not hear back, it may be because your email account is full or not accepting email from our ISP or your spam filter does not like us!

The slowest way to order or get an answer to a question is to telephone. Please understand, there is no one sitting by the phone to take your call. The business is based 100% around the internet. If you do get through on the phone, it requires me being in a position to log on to the internet to see what you are calling about. Orders, customer records and credit card information ARE NOT databased. There is no way to get an instant answer to your question by telephone.

If you are calling regarding an item you saw in a catalog, show, magazine, other website, store, Yahoo, Amazon or eBay, please call the number in the ad and not Seawear. They are selling and advertising the item and can answer your questions. That seller paid for the ad and deserves your purchase. Seawear does not advertise the telephone number in print, only the web address.

If you are calling about your shipment, please try the tracking number sent to you first. I cannot give you an instant answer. I will have to log on to the internet and track your tracking number. I am not able to do it the instant you call. It can take several minutes to several hours to locate a missing package if it is possible. Ground packages are impossible to locate in real time.

Your email goes through two automatic spam filters before being sent to me. The third filter I review at the server before they are downloaded. Of the emails that get through daily, I do answer all of them. If you do not hear back, it is because your provider or work email has a restriction. Blank subject lines, typing in ALL CAPS, attached files, jpegs larger than 1 meg, pdf files, html codes are a few of the things that trigger detection filters and if you are using one, it may be deleted before I see it or your filter may delete it on the return.

If you feel you need to telephone and leave a voice mail to see if we are real, that is fine. The shopping cart is now owned by Captiol One and I have limited control over what I can adjust. I can make any custom shopping cart for your one time need if required. If this is law enforcement or credit card security, NOVA has an alternate number. Our time zone is Eastern Standard USA. That puts us -

  • three hours ahead of California
  • four hours ahead of Alaska
  • five to six ahead of Hawaii
  • five-six hours behind Ireland
  • six-eight hours behind Denmark, France and Italy
  • fourteen hours behind Japan
  • It is impossible to tell you if an item is in stock or give an answer that requires actually holding the piece. We are not always at the shipping facility or have access to the vault. It may be in stock in the morning and sold out in the afternoon when you call back to order. By email I can tell you if it is in stock at that instant. It can change in 15 minutes. Orders pending are checked up to the minute before saying "yes it is in stock".

    Orders placed by 11AM EST (New York time) ship the same day if it is in stock. You will get an email advising shipment date if not in stock.

    Rings take 3-4 weeks. During wedding season and Christmas season a ring can take 4-12 weeks, depending on material, color and if it is coming from USA, UK or Ireland. No, every ring in every size is not ready made on a shelf for delivery. It would require millions of rings just for the USA market. We also size to UK/Ireland market, French market, Italian market, Asian market, South American market and Swedish market. Each region has their own sizing table.

    By mail/post
    PO Box 153
    Fayetteville, PA 17222-0153

    Western Union transfer information - email for details.

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