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scotsman bumper sticker

I saw this at a Celtic festival and could not resist! Clan McBride has the copyright and are very proud of it!

I was able to talk with several clans. One of the most interesting, was a man that knew a lot about the weapons and fighting of the days gone bye. He said the Scots would charge the enemy line holding their huge swords up high in one hand and their thick leather shields in the other. When they were about ten feet away, the shield was dropped to the ground and the massive sword was wielded with both hands. There was no finesse or art to their swordsmanship, they swung at anything in front of them. It was fascinating.

For lovers of Captain Kidd, the famous Scotsman pirate, you may want to visit the pirates page in the nautical section!

scottish clan bagpipes jeweley

#6237 - $195.00

What do we have here? Fully detailed Highland 14kt bagpipes for the Keltie's! Standing about 1 1/2" tall and 7/8" across app 4gms

braveheart scottish warrior gold pendant

#4287 - $90.00 - 1.8 gms

Braveheart Scottish warrior in full armor, kilt, sword and crested shield. A must wear to the next Scottish or medieval festival! 3/4" tall


14k Scottish bagpiper jewelry necklace pendant #91668 - $245.00

Scottish bagpiper jewelry pendant in full dress. Full round 3D necklace pendant or large charm finished on all sides. Solid 14kt made in Pennsylvania at Seawear studio. 7/8" tall without bail, 3/8" wide and just over 1/8" thick. Total hanging length with bail is 1 1/4" Approximate wight is 3.9gms

scotish hylander bagpiper jewelry

#17058 - $160.00 - 3.2 gms

Aye! Can you believe it? We found a Scotsman in full Scottish Highlander clan clothing with his bagpipes! Yes, kilt & cape. About 3/4" high and 3/8" wide. Not counting bale


Celtic Nordic Viking jewelry charm#4821 - $70.00 - 1.4gms

14k gold Celtic Nordic Viking warrior looking to the heavens for inspiration before charging into battle. Celtic knotted design on armor breastplate and twisted mustache! About 5/8" tall


Scotty dog charm #17100 - 5.8gms - $290.00

14k little Scotty dog charm finished on all sides, full round 3D with 24kt gold highlights causing a two tone yellow effect. Just under 1" across or 26mm


nellie loch ness monster gold jewellery #2416 - $160.00 - 3.2 gms

As you can see, Nessie was not happy posing for this! Nessie of Loch Ness as the legend goes. Fire breather? No. Have many seen her? Yes. Do you believe like we do? Export available... 1 1/2" tall

The last sighting of Nessie was February 1999 when she was out of the water on the beach! She was reported to be 10-15 meters in length with a long neck and scurried off to the water...


14k gold scottish thistle celtic cross #28071 - $275.00

14kt Scottish thistle Celtic Cross 1 5/8" tall point to point (41mm) and 1 1/8" across point to point (30mm). Approximate 5.5gms Polished sides and raised design on a matte background. Requires strong chain.


#SLP065 - $1,228.00

14kt large Steven Douglas Scottish seahorse with .015ct diamond eye. Satin finished face and dorsal fin with highly polished body. Hidden double bail behind body and head. 1.3" tall or 33mm Made by an American artist. Seahorses have much history in Scottish folklore. For more seahorses, visit the nautical side of the site.


stephen douglas seahorse jewelry #SLP064 - $460.00

14kt small Scottish seahorse with satin finished face and dorsal fin, highly polished body, diamond eye, rhodium plating with Pave' set diamonds by Steven Douglas. Total diamond carat weight .10cts ~ 11/16" tall or 17mm Custom made to order, allow 3-6 weeks if not in stock


silver Scottish Lauren tie bar clasp #SEATB445 - $30.00

Silvertone Scottish tie bar clasp in Lauren tartan. 2 1/8" across or 55mm silver tone. Gold tone sold out


silver Scottish Thistle charm pendant #ASST - $55.00

Scottish Thistle necklace pendant in .935 Argentium silver. Oval is 9/16x3/4" or 14x17mm. Total hanging length with bail is jusst over 1" or 26mm. 1/8" or 3mm thick. App weight is 5.5gms. Nice solid heavy little thistle charm or pendant. Soft matte textured polish or can be highly polished.

history of scotland heritage ringHistory of Scotland ring with the Heritage of the bagpipes, map of Scotland, Stag, Scottish Thistle, Lion Rampant, Luckenbooth and Celtic talisman knot of longevity.  

Mens Scottish Thistle ring for gents#THSTL01 - $1,195.00

Gents Scottish Thistle Ring

Heavy 3/4" signet ring


ladies Scottish Thistle Ring #THSTL02 - $545.00

Medium sized Scottish Thistle ring for ladies or young men


child's thistle ring #THSTLE03 - $345.00

Small thistle ring for child, young boy or woman

scottish thistle ringScottish Thistle crest ring  
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