Gaelic wedding band or friendship rings


Gealltanas Siorai - Eternal Promise

There are a choice of five Gaelic rings. The first (GR1) is the Gaelic Soul mate/friend Claddagh ring. The ring has three Claddaghs, between each Claddagh are the Gaelic words 'mo anam cara' which is 'my soul friend' or turn the ring a quarter of a turn to read 'cara mo anam' which is 'friend of my soul'. Give it to someone special and have it say what you want... (Muh Ann-am Car-a)

The second choice is the 'love loyalty friendship' ring, which in Gaelic is 'Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas'. This ring is available in two versions, with the three Claddaghs (GR2) or with the Claddagh broken into it's three symbols, (GR3) the heart, crown and hands. Between each word will be the symbol or Claddagh. (Graw Deal-shocked Car-dass)

The forth version (GR4) is the 'Love Forever' ring in Gaelic it says 'gra go deo' and in between each word is the Celtic Saint Andrew knot. (Graw Gu Dee-o)

The fifth version (GR5) is the 'Love of My Heart' band, in Gaelic it says 'Gra geal mo chroi' and in between the words is a heart (not Claddagh) and a Nu Grange Spiral.

These are the only five versions and there is no other way to mix or match them up. The Gaelic wedding band has a Florentine finish, raised polished letters and round polished edges. They have been hand carved, to simulate the writing in the book of Kells that the Celts and monks so painstakingly designed. As you can see the Gaelic ring is substantial! It is meant to look like a ring from the old country. Contrasting edge trim may also be added. Allow 3-6 weeks. Made one at a time in Ireland and privately imported. Ladies ring is 5mm and gents 7mm wide. Optional trim adds 2mm

The silver versions are available on the silver page and are NOT available with trim.

$895.00 to $1,895.00


GR1 - Mo Anam Cara

friend of my soul

gaelic wedding band gaelic soul mate rings gaelic claddagh ring

mo anam cara ring optional trim

silver gaelic ring white gold gaelic ring

Gaelic wedding band Mo Anam Cara wedding ring

platinum Mo Anam Cara wedding ring

2014 platinum Mo Anam Cara with extra wide trims. Approximately $4,500 depending on metals market. This was a size 9.0 and weighed 20gms! We use actual photos of the wedding rings and not computer generated images.

platinum Mo Anam Cara wedding ring



GR2 - Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas

love loyalty friendship with three Claddaghs

gra dilseacht cairdeas

gaelic ring with extra wide trim optional trim

his and hers gaelic rings with claddaghs

white gold Gaelic wedding set optional trim

Gaelic wedding ring two tone Gaelic wedding band





GR3 - Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas

love loyalty friendship with one heart, crown and hands

Gra Diseacht Cairdeas wedding ring Gaelic wedding band Gaelic wedding ring Gaelic wedding ring set two tone Gaelic wedding band

Gaelic wedding ring gold Gaelic wedding band Gaelic ring two tone




GR4 - Gra Go Deo

love forever with three Saint Andrews's Celtic knots

Irish Gaelic wedding band Irish Gaelic wedding ring Irish Gaelic wedding band set

Gaelic Gra Go Deo wedding bands in white gold

Irish Gaelic wedding band Irish Gaelic wo tone wedding band


GR5 - Gra geal mo chroi

Love of my heart with a heart with heart and nu grange spiral

Irish Gaelic wedding set

Irish Gaelic wedding rings

Irish Gaelic wedding band Irish Gaelic wedding band Irish Gaelic wedding band


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