Irish Claddagh Jewelry


short cuffed hands holding claddagh heart and crown #7035 - $120-230.00

14kt Claddagh symbol with hands and cuff. The crown is low domed as a King would wear. 1" wide & 7/16" app 2.4gms.
celtic arms cladagh hands jewelry #20316 - 3.0 gms - $165.00
#20317 - 1.7 gms - $95.00
The best and most unique of all worlds! The arms are made of Celtic love knots forming a chain of love with shamrocks leading into the claddagh hands! 14kt gold 1" across or 3/4" across

white gold Celtic loves knots, shamrocks and Claddagh necklace jewelry pendant #20317wg - $95-195

As above, 14 white gold Celtic love knots, shamrocks and Claddagh necklace jewelry pendant. App 1.8 and 3.8gms


14kt Celtic knots and Claddagh with eneamel sharmocks

#1720 - $110.00

Celtic knots forming a Claddagh with green enamel shamrocks. Very detailed high rise crown, high polish. App 2.2gms


14kt white gold diamond Claddagh heart slide #CLAD389 - $395.00

14kt white gold Claddagh heart slide with 1/5ct total weight of diamonds! The heart is 15mm wide and 16mm tall or 9/16" by 5/8". Your chain can be worn under either loop of the heart or both. Each way has a different look. These are a close out, limited supply. Retail was $995.00 with gold at $1,000oz

gold cladah pendant

#7023 - $100.00 - 2 gms

14kt gold cladah symbol with oval shape. A little more than 5/8" across


claddagh hands and shamrock pendant#7028 - $100/70.00

The best of all worlds. Shamrock for luck, hands of friendship, the heart for love and the crown for loyalty. Solid 14kt yellow gold. About 9/16" across and 2gms; small is 3/8" across and 1.4gms. In yellow only!


14kt heart and Claddagh necklace set from Ireland #CH4742 - $255.00

Made in Ireland .585 gold 14kt heart and small 18" cable link chain with rhodium white Claddagh across the heart. Heart is 5/8" across and entire necklace is approximately 3.5gms


hand tied Celtic knots and Claddagh charm #8742 - $155.00

From Ireland one of the finest examples of this necklace pendant design I have found. The Celtic knots appear to have been hand tied joining the gold wires as rope. Fully round on both sides with the Claddagh being flat, polished and engravable on the back. 1/2" or 13mm across. Very nice!


14kt white gold Claddach pendant and chain necklace #WGC4114 - $195.00

From Ireland 14kt white gold Claddagh pendant necklace with 18" white gold small cable link chain. Sold as set only. Claddagh pendant is 1/2" wide and approximately 2.2gms


Claddagh necklace charm #7024 - 1.9gms - $85.00

Simple highly polished Claddagh necklace charm in 14kt white or yellow gold. 3/4" across.


gold cladah pendant #20314 - $70.00 - 1.4 gms

14kt gold small round cladah symbol About 1/2" across.


14k Claddagh necklace pendant and heart #MSC172 - 2.7gms - $135.00

14k Claddagh necklace pendant with the arms formed into a very subtle heart. 3/4" across wit detailed crown of loyalty.


14k Claddagh necklace pendant #MSC171 - 2.7gms - $135.00

14k Claddagh necklace charm with arms in traditional pose, 3/4" across with detailed crown


14k Claddagh necklace pendant with diamond accent #MSC222D - 2.1gms - $145.00

14k Claddagh necklace pendant charm with diamond accent in the center of the heart for love. Limited supply retired design.

Claddagh with twisted knot border

#CLAD043 - 1.3gms - $65.00

White gold $65.00

14kt Claddagh with twisted knot border. 15mm or 5/8" across


friendship loyalty love Claddagh

#NE326 - $175.00 - 3.5gms

Detailed and unique Claddagh with the arms encircling and carved in old style is the Celtic promise, Friendship, Loyalty and Love. 7/8" across (22mm)


14kt shamrocks and Claddagh #28020 - $275.00 - app 4.2gms

14kt gold Claddagh and shamrocks! 1" tall and 1 3/16" across


white gold Celtic heart with .90cts total weight of diamonds

#CELTICHEART - $595.00

14kt white gold Celtic heart with .90cts of diamonds. The side channel is open with various places to wear a chain. Diamonds are channel set throughout the front face of the Celtic heart. 7/8" by 7/8" or 22x22mm and total weight is 4.7gms. Retail was $3,030 and we are selling for $595. One only don't miss this one!


gold opening claddagh locket #LCC-029 - $125.00

Fine gold opening Claddagh locket in a heart shape in rich yellow 14kt gold. Front is hinged to open for safekeeping of your picture... message... needs small delicate chain. Picture on each half. About 5/8" across


#WGLCC029 - $135.00

Limited availability 14kt white gold Claddagh locket. Perfect for bride or bridesmaids, ideal on fine white gold chain, holds picture on each half. 5/8" across or 15mm From the UK.


yellow claddagh with rose heart pendant #TCC-162 - $50.00 - .9gm

The smallest pendant we could find. Suitable for a baby, child or a woman on a delicate chain. Matches earrings below (TCE013) timeless Claddah icon in 14kt gold with the heart done in rose gold. Measures 3/8" across - 10mm
14ct gold Claddagh toe ring $65.00 #CLT17 - 14ct gold Claddagh toe ring. Adjustable, smooth crown edges, 8.5mm tall tapers to 2.4mm in back. App 1.3gms

gold claddagh cufflinksgold claddagah cuff links

#SEA-STUDSCL - $75.00

Claddagh tuxedo studs and cufflinks above. Gold or silver plated.

Claddagh Earrings

claddagh hands earrings

#TCE-013 - $85.00 pr - 1.7 gms

Hard to find 14kt Claddagh jewelry earrings. Two tone gold, the heart is done in rose colored gold and the balance is yellow. Solid 14kt gold posts & backs. About 3/8" across

14kt yellow puffed claddagh earrings #CLADPUFF - $95.00
14kt yellow puffed Claddagh earrings. These have a brushed satin finish on arms and hands while the heart, crown and cuffs are highly polished. 3/4" acrossand highly polished finish.

Claddagh Bracelets 14k


14kt Claddagh bracelet #CLAD12007 - $545.00

Claddagh bracelet in 7 3/4" length, lightweight at 9gms, made up of nine Claddaghs with high crown and app 1/2" wide.


#CLAD001 - $695.00

Claddagh bracelet with eight individual Claddaghs 3/8" tall from crown to heart, 7" long, app 11.8gms


14kt two tone Claddagh bracelet #TCB127 - $495.00

Two tone Claddagh bracelet with each Claddagh framed, the heart is rhodium plated white, 8mm or 5/16" wide, each Claddagh is hinge linked App 8.5gms


14kt Claddagh bracelet #CLB004 - $695.00

7.25" Claddagh bracelet hinge linked top to bottom, each Claddagh is 10mm wide or 3/8" App 12gms


14kt Claddagh bracelet #CLB005 - $525.00

7.25" Claddagh bracelet with each Claddagh hinge linked to the next in a side by side pattern, 10mm wide or 3/8" App 10.5gms


14kt satin and diamond cut Claddagh bracelet #CLAD339 - $345.00

14kt Claddagh bracelet made up of eight framed Claddagh links. Each heart has two diamond cuts and the frame is diamond cut for extra sparkle and contrast with the Claddagh that is done in a satin finish. Total length is 7.5 inches and weigth is app 5.8gms. Each frame is interlinked and secured with a lobster claw clasp.


gold claddagh and irish shamrock clover braclet #18602 - 8.0 gms - $475.00

14kt Kings Claddagh crown and shamrock. 12 links in all for 7" total length. A must on St. Patrick's Day!


claddagh filigree hears bracelet in two tone gold #TCB-001 - 11.5 gms - $745.00

14kt Rose gold Claddagh heart on yellow gold heart bordered in celtic lace yellow gold. 7" long made up of 12 charms.

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