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two tone gold following sea waves ring

The ocean wave ring or whitecap wedding band. The repeating ocean wave pattern can be found in ancient Irish and Celtic designs. The Celts were sailors and the Irish were fishermen so the wave symbol was a sign of their traditions and life. Today the waves appeal to surfers, sailors, fishermen, yachters, boaters, beach walkers and lovers of the sea.

This is a custom made wave ring that is suitable for everyday wear, special occasions or a lifelong commitment to another. (besides the sea)

Each band has five sets of breaking waves or whitecaps. The bands interlock and are laser welded together. Each is cast as an individual wave, just as an individual person is cast. Then, they are joined in union to make one, created from two. Countersunk diamonds are available on the thicker band. As each is made to order in the USA to your specifications, allow three to four weeks. They are NOT sizeable or returnable or exchangeable. Be 150% sure of your size.

14kt Following Seas wedding band set

14kt two tone 7mm Following Seas wedding band

Following Seas

7mm and 5mm ~ $795 and $495

Like two waves making their own path, yet their crests continue to meet. Two distinct wave patterns making their own way, and when they meet, the occasional rogue wave happens!

These are a medium weight at 1.5-1.7mm thick and highly polished, inside and out.

These cannot be sized, stretched or compressed. They will seperate. To have them put back together will be $175.

5mm two tone 14kt Following Seas wedding band

These are more of a refined band, they are joined in four places. They will not hold up to a day of winch grinding at the Cup, take it off! They will not hold up to heavy construction workers. Take it off. They will not hold up to turning wrenchs or loading trucks. Take it off!

5mm - 14kt two tone $495


7mm - 14kt two tone $795


The same ring done in rose gold and yellow gold creating the effects of sunrise and sunset. These are taking a full 4-6 weeks to be made so allow enough time. None of the rings are stocked, all are made to order.


5mm - 14kt rose and yellow gold $495


7mm - 14kt rose and yellow gold $795

 14kt two tone gold ocean waves ring

Ocean Waves Ring - SEA750

Polished waves in contrasting white and yellow gold. 14k or 18k

9mm wide

2mm thick

The waves do not separate. They have been joined as one, with a comfortable fit.

14kt thick ocean wave ring

The finish could be high polish, matte, brushed, combination, all white, all yellow or two tone as you see.

This ring is a size 11 and weighs 11.9gms.

$975-1,245.00 as shown.

Size 5 - 8.0 $975

Size 8.25 to 11.5 $1,095

Size 11.75 to 14.0 $1,245

ocean waves ring

Size 6.0 and 11.5


both waves are brushed

Size 11.5 and 4.5

New custom petite ladies ring is 7mm wide with four waves. $875

Size 4 to 6.0 only $875

shown with white brushed and yellow polished

  14kt (natural yellow) with  one side brushed and one side polished
white gold two finish wave ring 14kt white high polished and satin brushed finish
white gold ocean wave ring 14kt white gold with one wave polished and one wave brushed satin
14kt white gold whitecap wedding band with diamond

Whitecap Band - #SEA5746

14kt white gold in brushed finish and high polish with a .09ct VS1/2 G-H diamond flush set. There are ten whitecaps so a posiblilty of adding ten diamonds!

Diamond VS1-2 clarity and G-H color

9mm wide

2mm thick

Whitecaps are permanently joined

2mm thick whitecap wedding band

The finish can be altered to include high polish, matte, brushed, single color or two tone.

This ring is size 11 and 12.5gms

As shown $975-1,075.00. If you would like a finish other than brushed and polish specify it in the comment box.

Size 5 - 8.0 $1,125

Size 8.25 to 11.5 $1,245

Size 11.75 to 14.0 $1,365

Options -

18kt would add $40%

Platinum quoted for 24 hours

Diamonds are $185 each VS/GH

Size 5.5 with multi diamonds 12.7gms

Rose and white gold with single diamond

His and hers wave ring with diamond. 18kt white gold brushed and polished finish
yellow and white gold wave ring with diamond  Yellow and white gold. All high polished. Single diamond size 6

yellow and white gold wave ring

Yellow and white gold high polished on both waves, single diamonds, size 7 & 5

rose and white gold ocean waves ring with diamonds  rose/white gold and diamonds
rose gold, white gold and diamond wave ring Rose/white gold in high polish
ocean princess wave ring with princees cut diamonds

Ocean Princess

ocean princess diamond ring  
ocean princess diamond band  

Shipstern Band - #SEA57469

There are a few places in the world, where the sunrise meets the sunset, and for a brief moment, they touch. Where waves formed in huge ocean holes attempt to reach the sky. And the sound of quiet fills the air. Hang on to the moment, the Shipstern has found you.

Satin finished brushed rose gold and polished yellow gold.

9mm wide and 2mm thick

 $975 - 1,125.00

Size 5 - 8.0 $975.00

Size 8.25 to 11.5 $1,095.00

Size 11.75 to 14.0 $1,245.00


Petite 7mm wide version $875.00

Size 4 to 7.0

rose gold yellow gold wave ring

 rose gold brushed satin

yellow gold polished

Casualties of not getting the correct size...

I realize you know your ring size. Humor me and try on rings this wide. Each ring has two sides, often one side is different than the other. The center of the ring may be a different size than the leading edge. Some jewelers size on center and some the leading edge. Both are correct. These are sized on calibrated sticks, the leading edges will be the same size as the center.

The couple's jeweler said it was not a big deal and he could easily stretch the ring a half size for them. And the one became two and he said "oops".

No offer to replace, reimburse or repair.

This couple only needed the ring 1/4 size larger. Well, one side is 3/4 size larger and the other side is an entire size larger. The ring is no longer round, you can see thru it. As both sides were white gold it stretched at the same rate and did not separate. He did not charge them and offered to buy it back for scrap (melt) value.

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