Claddagh Rings

Worn on the right hand, crown turned inwards, your heart is yet unoccupied.

Worn on the right hand, crown turned outwards, shows a special commitment to someone.

Worn on the left hand, crown outwards, let our love and friendship reign forever - never to be separated.

Many of these rings are imported directly from Ireland on a custom order basis from the finest manufacturers in Ireland and Scotland. From the time you place your order it will be 4-6 weeks (allow 8-10 for platinum) before it is delivered. Call, write or email for any questions and we will try to answer promptly. For wide rings, be sure to be sized with an 'extra wide ring sizer'. If you don't ask, they will use a standard ring sizer and may size you for the leading edge and not on center. Ring size conversion table help

These rings are made for you and not taken off a shelf. Be 100% accurate on your size. If you are not, the ring is sent back to Ireland, you wait all over again for 4-6 weeks for a new one, and the return fee is 30%. If you are not sure of your size, you are better to not order until you are sure.

These first three rings all share the Celtic knot shank. This symbolizes braided rope knots to form chains of bond or love.

Claddagh Wedding Rings

mens celtic claddagh ring size

celtic band back of rings

woman's celtic claddagh ring

A1 - Celtic band Claddagh Man's ring $345.00 14kt gold from Ireland size 10 in stock. App 5.7gms No longer available except in 10kt at over $400 - side view

Compare his & hers. Front or sides Both have 4mm celtic bands, his face is 16mm tall and hers is 11mm tall.

This is the "Celtic knot chain" back of the band on these Claddagh rings.

If you see a little color variation or wavy look in an image, it is because of the optimization process in getting an image to load quicker by combining colors...

A2 - Celtic band Claddagh Lady's ring $195.00 14kt gold from Ireland, any size not listed would be over $300.00 to order in 10kt - side view

Sterling Silver versions now at silver claddagh rings

diamond emerald claddagh ring from Ireland

Claddagh wedding set with color changing alexandrite

aquamarine heart and diamonds Claddagh ring


Phenomonal diamond Claddagh ring, clearance priced for stocked selections only. $1,095.00

Enchanted Claddagh wedding set. Diamonds and color changing alexandrite! Total custom. This is THE set they talked about in Dublin! Two sets in stock $2,290.00 Custom order AA quality Aquamarine gemstone heart and diamonds. $1,350. Allow 4-6 weeks Worth the wait as these are incredible!
Celtic knot Claddagh ring

twisted band Claddagh ring

white gold twisted shank claddagh ring
#CR262 - Celtic knot Claddagh ring with open pierced Celtic knot sides. $495.00 CR19 - 14kt Claddagh ring with twisted shank. 10mm tall Hand made in Ireland $395.00
CR19WG - white gold Claddagh ring with Celtic twisted shank. 10mm tall $395.00
Gold Claddagah ring

Claddagh ring with bezel setting for 6mm heart

gold Claddagah band ring
#CR6236 - gold Claddagh ring with fluted channel sides $345.00 #CR3145 - Claddagh ring with bezel setting for 6mm heart shaped stone. 3/4ct #CR6235 - gold Claddagh band with fluted cuffs $385.00

millennium claddagh ring with diamonds and emeralds

white gold millennium claddagh ring size

claddagh ring for the millenium
B6 - Claddagh ring with emerald in the heart, diamonds set arch over crown, Celtic knots along the side. $345.00 B6wg - ladies Claddagh ring with emerald and diamonds done in white gold. $345.00 B7 - Millennium Claddagh in solid 14kt yellow gold with Celtic knots on the side leading into the hands of the Claddagh. Size 7 only remaining. $275.00

Claddagn engagement solitaire

heart shaped emerald claddagh ring
Claddagh solitaire engagement or birthstone ring from $445. Shown with VVS diamond at $1,995. CEB20 - Claddagh eternity band in white gold with four diamonds and four emeralds. Close out from Ireland. $795.00 B8 - Special Claddagh ring for engagement, anniversary or wedding. The hands are more upturned as in an offering of ones heart... heart shaped diamond surround by diamonds. $1,375.00

all diamond claddagh ring from Ireland

diamond emerald claddagh ring

ruby and diamond Claddagh ring
#B9D - All diamonds Claddagh engagement ring. $2,495 B9 - 14kt gold diamonds and emerald Claddagh ring which is very common as an engagement ring. wedding or cocktail ring. Center stone is a single heart shaped emerald surrounded by diamonds. "How could she say 'no' once she sees the ring!" $2,495.00 B9R - We had the above ruby Claddagh ring custom made for a customer with a heart shaped ruby center set! It came out spectacular! Same exquisit detail, with pave finish and diamonds. $2,495.00

cherub angel claddagh ring

diamond cluster and emerald claddagh ring

white gold claddagh
CAC - Extreme high quality Steven Douglas American made Claddagh ring. The Cherub Angels are used instead of the hands. Four weeks $1,655.00 to $2,675.00

#G230 Heart shaped emerald surrounded by diamonds. .25cts in emerald and .125cts in diamonds.

Close Out Prices $395!

#2547 - 14kt white gold

Claddagh ring made in Ireland stamped and Hallmarked. Small style 9mm tall from bottom of heart to top of crown. $375.00


rose gold Celtic love knot Claddagh ring

14k Claddagh ring with blue diamond

14k claddagh ring with white diamond
14kt rose Celtic love knot Claddagh ring #CR381 - 14k gold with .12ct enhanced blue diamond. Sized at 6.75 and easily sized up or down by your jeweler. Weighs 4.38gms with highest quality .585 gold available. Suitable for everyday, engagement or wedding. Claddagh is 3/8" or 9.5mm tall, band is 3mm tall and 1.5mm thick $325.00
#CR395 - 14k gold .125ct diamond rated at SI with color of HI. Sized at 6.75 and easily sized up or down by your jeweler. Weighs 4.38gms with highest quality .585 gold available. Suitable for everyday, engagement or wedding. Claddagh is 3/8" or 9.5mm tall, band is 3mm tall and 1.5mm thick $345.00 SOLD

80943 - Claddagh enhancer to wear with your stone ring or by itself as a wishbone Claddagh. $295.00 81923 - Claddagh with Irish love knot. $395.00 2652 - Claddagh Universal X for the kiss sign in a ring with diamond. $245.00

#2548 - 14kt white gold from $495

Heavy weight style ladies ring, 10mm tall

CR10027 - Big boys Claddagh ring! Massive, huge, heavy, 3/4" tall! Silver, gold or platinum $2,195 to $5,495 CLADWB468 - Matching Claddagh bands with each holding six diamonds or gemstones. $355 - 495.00

two piece claddagh ring

#CPR767 Two piece Claddagh puzzle ring $295.00  White gold Claddagh ring for man, lady and teen

This group of rings are US made solid 14kt gold. Prices are a little less because they are priced strictly on gold weight and there are no duties, customs or tariffs to pay. They come in standard sizes 6.0 - 6.5 woman's and 9.0 - 9.5 mans.

Some are more contemporary and some are the cladagh hearts to match the earrings and bracelets. We are trying to find uniqueness as well, so that you have something extra special to show off. The detail and position of the hands, fingers, crowns, cuffs and depth should all be noted.

These first three are on the wedding ring page. They have a little different look than a traditional Claddagh ring and are very popular for a wedding ring. Very well made by a top U.S. manufacturer. Any size, white or yellow gold or platinum. Allow two weeks and we export.

ladies gold claddagh wedding ring

ladies white gold claddagh wedding band

mens claddagh wedding ring
Ladies Claddagh wedding band with low crown and thick raised profile in yellow 14kt gold. $495.00
Ladies Claddagh wedding band with high crown and low profile in 14kt gold. $295.00
Mans Claddagh wedding band with low crown in white or yellow 14kt gold. $795.00

Euro style Claddagh ring
Mans 14k white gold ring with comfort fit and heavy weight. $695.00
#YG7043 - 14k gold gents ring in high polish, heavy comfort fit ~ $595.00

$175.00 - #TJH913

Size 6.5 14k .585 gold Claddagh ring for European market with small light profile. Not exported to USA. One only. Easily sized app 2.9gms, 1/4" or 7mm tall in the front, 2mm in back. Hallmarked in Dublin Castle Ireland


14ct gold Claddagh toe ring

Townie Claddagh Ring

Southie Claddagh Ring
$55.00 #CLT17 - 14ct gold Claddagh toe ring. Adjustable, smooth crown edges, 8.5mm tall tapers to 2.4mm in back. App 1.3gms

Townie Claddagh Ring


Southie Claddagh Ring


gents gold Claddagh ring

gents gold Claddagh ring with Celtic knots

$895.00 (14kt) #CR114 - gents Claddagh ring in yellow, white, rose or platinum $995.00 (14kt) #CR1011 - gents Claddagh ring with open Celtic knots, 14k, 18kt, platinum, or colors  $1,495.00 (14k) #CR1196 - 14kt, 18kt, white, yellow, rose or platinum. .45cts total

Buffy's Slayer Claddagh Ring

14kt white gold aquamarine Claddaghr ring

14kt three diamond Claddagh ring
$195.00 - Buffy's Slayer Claddagh Ring with color changing alexandrite and 14kt gold. One left

$175.00 - 14kt white gold Claddagh ring with aquamarine heart shaped gemstone

Sold Out

#RF603 - 3gms - $175.00
14kt three diamond or emerald Claddagh ring
Close out prices

Claddagh engagement ring#CLER26957 - $395.00

Claddagh engagement setting ready for your round center diamond and other diamonds on cuffs and sleeves


platinum Claddagh engagement ring setting

.950 platinum Claddagh solitaire engagement ring setting. In stock size 6.25 for sizing by your local jeweler $1,495.00 details


white gold Claddagh setting

14kt premiium white gold Claddagh setting without rhodium. Size 6.75 ready to be sized and your gemstone set by your local jeweler. In stock in 14kt, 14kt white and .950 platinum


 Claddagh ring with heart shaped prongs

#CHR29689 - from $675.00

New by Seawear. Claddagh ring with Claddagh heart shaped prongs. This one is disigned for a 5mm by 5mm heart shaped stone. Shown with lab created emerald.


14kt gold Claddagh wedding set with VS diamonds #CWS14 - from $595.00

These are a new series of Claddagh engagement ring wedding band sets. The Claddagh ring serves as the engagement ring, the matching band joins strategically fitting as one. Offered as the plain polished setting for your jeweler to set your gemstones or we can complete it.


18kt Claddagh diamond wedding set #CWS18 - from $795.00

Elaborate style 14kt Claddagh wedding sets, Claddagh engagement ring and matching wedding band. These are shown unfinished without diamonds or any gemstones set. Your jeweler can set the gemstones of your choice, stores you can buy and finish for your customer!

Claddagh Wedding Rings

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