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 If we are not sure where it goes, it's here! Many times we start out with one or two pieces of nautical jewelry requested by someone, and then it grows into it's own catagory...

Stuller white gold pendant with swiss blue topaz and white topaz #1254 - $75.00

Stuller 14kt white gold pendant for 1ct round stone and .05 secondary stone. comes set with 6.5mm Swiss Blue Topaz with incredible color and 2.4mm white topaz as accent stone. Total length of the pendant is 9/16" or 15mm. Weight as shown is 1.1gms Priced below wholesale cost.

14kt bowline knot jewelry charm

#1219 - $110.00

14kt snugged bowline knot in twisted line. Very rich bead blast finish looks like 18kt! Knot is 7/8" or 22mm. Perfect for charm bracelet or necklace. App 2.2gms

14kt gold bowline knot pendant#KNOT-BOW - $100 to 150.00

Common bowline knot in twisted 14kt line with solid secure bail, hand tied and finished on all sides. Also known as the 'king of knots' from the poem The Bowline by Sir Alan. Large is 1.25" without bail (32mm) app 3gms and small is 1 1/8" without 28mm app 2gms. 14kt yellow or white gold.

gold outboard motor charm pendant#NAC546 -  $190.00

Can you believe it?! 3D all gold authentic outboard motor. With a turning 3 bladed prop. Fresh off the designer's drawing board. Even has a gas cap! If you are a trailer boater or service outboards, this is you! About 5/16" W and 9/16" H. Solid yellow 14kt gold app 3.5gms

14kt turning block charm #BLOK1093 - $215.00

14kt heavy solid 3D double turning block with twisted lines. 7/8" long or 23mm without the bail. Great small pendant sure to be noticed. App 4.3gms

guardian keeper of the trident pendant in 14kt gold

#TRID - $855.00

The keeper of the trident in 14kt! Heavy at approximately 17.1gms. Trident is 2 3/16" tall or 56mm and the serpent eel is 1 1/18" wide or 27mm. The thickest point is nearly 3/8" or 9mm thick! The bail is hidden behind the center point of the trident and would accept 5mm omega or 3-5mm round chain. If you are wearing in a 5mm or larger chain you may want to have the bail enlarged. The trident is all high polished, the serpent keeper is satin, textured and polished. Even the back side is polished to a mirror finish. Teeth are bared like a guardian dragon!

Ocean Waves talisman jewelry necklace pendant

#OT92150 - $395.00

Ocean Talisman breaking waves necklace pendant. 1" across or 26mm and app 7gms. The waves are carried into a breaking crest with water droplets falling. Raised relief, textured, back side is simply the reverse image.

 14k tree frog pendant with hugging ability!

#TreeFrog - $475.00

14k Tree Frog Huggie! Solid 3D finished on all sides affectionate tree frog with reallly webbed pads! 7/8" across and 1" tall to the tip of the bail. 22x25mm Weight is app 6.6gms so requires a strong chain up to 3mm WIL93064

frog to prince ring

#FROGR33 - $475.00

Frog to prince ring! This little guy is ready to pounce, onto your unsuspecting prince to be, or the wearer!

 gold gecko pendant

#GEK306 - $345.00

Gold gecko charm with emerald eyes!

14kt polished baby gecko charm

#GEK312 - $225.00

14kt baby gecko in amazing high polish! 3/4" long from tail to cute button nose! Jump ring ready for your bracelet or light necklace chain. App 3gms

14kt gold gecko post earrings

#13093 - $195.00

14kt post gecko or lizard earrings. App 3.5gms and 1" longer. Post is centered between two front gecko feet.

14kt frog to prince necklace pendant #FROG234 - $115.00

A frog just waiting for the chain to become your prince! You know what it takes. Polished belley just waiting for rubs, textured legs. Just over 3/4" tall at 13/16" and app 2.3gms

peace frog, tree frog, budwiser frog #ANC051 - $200.00

Adorable sticky fingered tree frog with a bulging pot belly! He is looking right at you with this little smile that dares you to kiss him and see! About 1" tall, scooped out backside, solid yellow 14kt gold. App 4gms

14kt small tree frog pendant #FROG89 - $75.00

Smaller tree frog with those same cool feet! Just under one inch tall and app 1.5gms Polished, detailed with those big frog eyes!

14kt polished tree frog pendant with great big eyes #FROG88 - $230.00

14kt tree frog has just landed on your chain! 1.5" from left leg to left pads and app 4.6gms. Polished, textured, raised nodes and great big eyes!

#GECKO189 - $1,995.00

14kt gecko that you will swear is alive! Shimmering Belgian cut diamonds of .50cts and 1.5mm emerald eyes that look right at you. From all angles, this guy is ready to go anywhere with you! Weighs 5-6gms and measures 33mm tall and 17mm wide (1 1/4" tall by 5/8" wide) Allow four weeks

tree frig jewelry necklace pendant with diamonds and emerald eyes #FROG187 - $1,195.00

14kt gold tree frog with emerald eyes and diamond body. Hand set flush mounted matching VS cut diamonds of FG color .20cts total, and 1.5mm emerald eyes. 33mm tall and 17mm wide (1 1/4" by 3/4") Weighs 5gms One in stock

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