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14kt gold Everglades air boat jewelry and swamp boat jewelry charm pendants! Necklaces not included. Some people just love being on on the water or over the water no matter how they have to do it! Recreation, hunting or fishing, airboats sometimes are the only way to get there. 

large 14kt gold diamond cut airboat pendant

#1352 - $295.00

Large gold airboat necklace pendant with diamond cuts for extra sparkle. App 4.3gms and 2" across. Sparkle and detail!

small 14kt airboat pendant
#1351 - $175.00

Whoa! Some of the guys 'n gals down in the 'glades have felt slighted because we didn't include them! Small 14kt diamond cut airboat jewely pendant - 1.5" across app 2.6gms

14k airboat jewelry necklace pendant

#AIR3102 - $155.00

Detailed airboat silhouette jewelry necklace pendant in solid 14k gold. Highly polished app 2.3gms, 1 3/8" across or 35mm.

#SEA294 - $995.00

14kt two tone 3D air boat with open bow, double V hull, cage, three bucket seats, V-8 and ready to fly! Highly polished and finished at every angle. 1 1/8" across; 1/2" tall; a little over 1/4" wide. 27x13x12mm App 9.3gms. Large bail for strong chain! Special order will take 6-8 weeks

14k yellow 3D large airboat necklace charm pendant

#SEA294y - $645.00

14k all one tone 3D air boat pendant or charm. Same as above, only one color. 9gms, $645.00

 three bladed airplane propeller

#4458 - $85/185.00

Highly polished 14k triple blade prop each blade being pitched. Large bullet nose hub. Prop tips are 7/8" tip to tip on the small 1.7gms and 1.25" on the larger 3.6gms. Small ones could also be made into dangle earrings.



airboat prop

#NC291 - $95.00

14k twin blade propeller. Could be small sailboat prop, twin air boat props! 3D finished on all sides with high polish and see thru hub.3/4" long and would make great dangle earrings. Almost 1/4" thick at hub app 1.7gms.

 two bladed airboat propeller

#4460 - $195.00

Large 14k two bladed air plane or airboat prop jewelry charm for necklace or keychain!

1 3/4" long pitched and beveled. app 3.8gms


Florida 'gators, Alligators and Almigators

Don't be ascared, these cannot harm you! My first airboat ride would not have been complete with out a few alligator sightings. I did learn they are a LOT faster than folks give them credit for! If you get the opportunity to walk or bike Shark Valley, do it. These alligator pendant charms are artist created. If you look closely at the depth, realism and detail you will see these were carved by a person who studied the actual beast and not merely a picture. Note the nuances in the shapes of the belly, tails and head. You might recognize someone!

aligator charm

#AL202 - $445.00

14kt finely detailed alligator looking and waiting. 1.25" across 7.5gms

 aligator pendant

#AL200 - $585.00

14kt detailed to the max allmigator! 1.5" long and nearly an inch wide. Unique pose and I have to wonder who is inside... Back side is smooth and polished. App 9gms.

Florida aligataor necklace

#AL201 - $295.00

Don't let the little ones fool you. They are quick and fast! 14kt just over 1.25" long or 33mm. App 5gms

 gold baby aligator

#AL199 - $195.00

14kt baby with wonderful detail, polish and heavy bail. Right at one inch long and app 3.4gms

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