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Manatee - to meet one of these gentle creatures up close, is to fall in love. You will want a manatee jewelry charm to remember the instant. If you are lucky, they will come right up and look you in the eye. Not a glance, but a serious look right into you. "You connect." The first few times can be scary up close as they are so big. The young ones are as cute as a new kitten. Whiskers and all as our manatee jewelry shows! They are very playful so please motor slow through their homes . . .

If you ever get a chance to swim with the manatees, do it! Wear a manatee pendant to show you have been there! We encourage all to observe safe speed zones and do your part to save the manatee.

Chessie lost the manatee tracking tag and is thought to be between Virginia and Rhode Island. Keep watching for Chessie and the others to follow! These are endangered species, and may well be extinct in our lifetime. Do anything you can to support and encourage safe boating awareness. Please for the sake of these gentle giants... our friends from Australia refer to them as dudongs and sea cows! And Irish legend has it that manatees have the souls of mermaids...

papa manatee jewelry pendant#NAC503 - $875.00

And now the papa manatee... with open arms to hug you that wears him. About 1 1/2" long, heavy even with the two dimensional image. Back is scooped out app 12.3gms

mother sea cow manatee charm#MAN876 - $425.00

Awesome image of mother manatee sea cow holding calf in her arms. She is looking right at you. Large, heavy vertical piece. About 1 1/2" long, 1/2" wide and 3/8" deep. App 7gms. Face is adorable.

spectacular gold manatee necklace  pendant

#MAN590 - $875.00

Very special manatee that people will look at closely to be sure it is not alive! The sapphire eye just follows anyone that will watch. Very highly polished, 1 7/8" across and just over 3/4" tall, 14.5gms so requires a strong secure chain, cable or omega. Bail will accept up to 4mm chain.

baby manatee calf necklace pendant

#MAN877 - $115.00

Manatee calf with textured body and polished face, flippers and tail. 1" from nose to tail and 3/8" across. App 1.9gms

mother manatee pendant
#NAC504 - $445.00

The big brother or the mama manatee. Cute with a slight smile, dimples and all and just wants to hug you too! About 1 1/4" long app 7.3gms

gold young sea cow jewelry pendant
#NAC681 - $245.00

Small 3D full round baby manatee calf. About 3/4" long and could be a charm or pendant. Cute little whisker dimples! This baby! App 5gms

medium sized 3D full round manatee pendant
#SEAC680 - $615.00

Medium sized 3D manatee finished in full round, all sides. App weight 10.2gms and 1 1/8" tall or 27mm. Whisker pores are more pronounced on this one. This is mama!


14k gold manatee pendant for omega chain
#SEACS026 - $620.00

The papa manatee by himself in an omega slide version. App 12.4gms; 1.5" or 37mm tall. Double bail opening is 10x3mm. The back is scooped. This is the same as the one to the left.

14kt gold manatee pendant with expressive wrinkled face

#MAN966 - $225.00

Sleepy wrinkled manatee that was not happy about being woken for the photo shoot! 1" tall and 1/2" across, app 3.7gms

large 3D full round manatee jewelry pendant
#SEAC557 - $895.00

Large 3D manatee finished in high polish, full round. As they get larger, they have more detailed expressions and take on a personality! The largest in this series of three. Simply incredible. App 15.1gms; nearly 1.5" or 35mm tall. This is papa!

triple manatee jewelry slide pendant
#SEACS008 - $340.00

Triple manatee family slide pendant. Highly polished, app 6.8gms, 1.5" across and 3/4" tall or 38x20mm. Double bail opening is 8x3mm.

small 14kt sea cow manatee pendant
#MAN861 - $75.00

Highly polished manatee calf pendant. Scooped out back to keep the weight light at 1.4gms and 5/8" across or 16mm. Ideal first manatee pendant for that special lover of sea cows!

14kt manatee with bead blast satin body, polished tail and fins and diamond eye #MNTE14D - $695.00

Stunningly realistic manatee necklace pendant, The tail and fins are polished like a mirror. The body has been glass beadblasted to a matte finish, which shows wrinkles and whisker follicle. Handset diamond eye .02ct diamond SI/FG. 1 3/8" across or 33mm. App 6.7 gms

14kt gold manatee with dimples#MAN602 - $295.00

If you are lucky enough to get close enough to almost touch one, you will notice the dimples on the snout of the manatee! This playful one is 2D, finished on the front, but thick so it appears 3D and not flat. The back has been scooped out to keep the weight down. 1.25" or 30mm from snout to tail. App 4.8gms

Florida manatee necklace pendant

#MAN110hp - $995.00

Large very detailed and textured manatee. Tail and parts of flippers are smooth and polished, as is the back side. The body is textured and polished. Each whisker, dimple and freckle is intentional. Thick heavy piece that is suitable for engraving or multi diamond setting, app 16gms. 1 1/4" across and tall. Requires strong chain.

diamond manatee jewelry

#MANA110 - $1,595.00

Amazing 14kt hand made manatee with.50cts of VS/F Canada mined diamonds and a 2mm AA quality emerald eye. Note the detail of each wrinkle, the whiskers, nostrals, raised bead setting of the emerald eye and the way she is looking right at you. This artist obviously had a personal encounter... 32mm wide and 29mm tall (1 1/4" by 1 1/8") Weighs approximately 11gms. For those of you that have to get up close and personal to fall in love with a manatee! This angle focused more on the diamonds

14kt manatee jewelry necklace pendant

#MAN14p - $475.00

Very highly polished manatee necklace pendant. App 7.5gms of 14kt natural yellow gold. Measuring nose to tail is about 1 3/8" or 35mm. Hanging length is 1 1/2" from top of bail to end of tail or 38mm. Back is scooped out but appears 3D with both front flippers.

manatee necklace with diamond

#MAN14Dp - $545.00

High polished manatee with a .02ct diamond eye. Pinned swining bail. This one is the polished body with diamond eye. App 7.2gms

brushed satin manatee necklace #MAN14s - $475.00

Manatee necklace is highly polished, then given a treatment of a medium brushed finish followed by a fine satin finish. This combines in a two tone depth effect of a satin finish on the body making the detail stand out. The tail, flippers and creases have all been super highly polished for contrast. 7gms

manatee calf necklace pendant #MAN146 - $245.00

Small young manatee necklace pendant, the body is in two grits of satin while the tail, toes and end of nose are highly polished. Complete with body dimples, freckles and whiskers. 7/8" tall and just over 3/4" across. App 4.1gms

gold baby manatee jewelry charm #MAN243 - $110.00

Very small manatee baby with jump ring for bracelet or small chain. 5/8" tall and very detailed. App 1.7gms

14kt gold manatee necklace pendant charm

#MANNE10 - $95.00

Small manatee charm pendant 7/8" nose to tail and app 1.6gms

gold mother manatee and baby jewelry necklace charm#MAN542 - $135.00

Tiny mother manatee with her young calf being guided by her side. Manatee and baby are 3D full round, solid app 2.2gms. Mom is 5/8" or 15mm long, together almost 3/8" wide or 7mm. Jump ring can be soldered of left open for bracelet. Ideal for your lightest necklace chain.

baby manatee calf jewelry pendant necklace #MAN106 - $225.00

Baby manatee calf in texture and high polish. Face and body have dimples and freckles, tail is highly polished. Just over 3/4" tall and 3/8" wide. Total hanging length is 1 1/4" app 3.7gms Back is scooped out

manatee with diamond eyes#NAC681D - 5gms - $345.00

The baby manatee with VS diamond eyes! Each eye is .01 points for a total diamond weight of .02cts. Hand set and not cast in place. Manatee is detailed in 3D. Shown with optional TP10 chain which is twisted round wheat link of 1mm. 3/4" or 20mm tall

manatee family of 3
#NAC515 - $175.00

A family of three manatee, mom and 2 calves. 14kt yellow gold. Medium is about 1 3/16" and app 2.9gms;

gold manatee jewelry charms sea cow pendants
890 - $245.00

Large horizontal manatee with matte finish on flippers and tail. 1 1/2" across and 5/8" high. App 4.2gms

gold manatee mother and calf pendant #NAC385 - 3.0 gms - $150.00

Another happy manatee couple! About 1" across and highly polished.

mother and child manatee sea cows #06535 - 2.9 gms - $145.00

Small mother and calf that hangs vertically. Polished about 3/4" tall and 7/16" wide

manatee necklace pendant

#MAN14 - $485.00

Striking manatee in high polish detail, whiskers, wrinkles, toes, whisker pores and eyelashes! Two flippers but is only one sided. App 7.4gms and 1 3/8" across

14k polished manatee looking at you pendant
#MAN885 - $65.00

14kt baby mantee pendant caught in the pose of just starting to turn it's head to look at you! App 1.2gms and 3/4" across

14k polished baby manatee pendant
#MAN884 - $50.00

14k tiny baby manatee app 1gm and 5/8" across! Ideal for very light chain.

adorable manatee jewelry charm
#MAN887 -  $80.00

Adorable vertical manatee with the snooty nose & whiskers! Not including the bale it is about 15/16" long and 3/8" wide. Flippers, tail and head are highly polished with the body having the matte finish. App 1.6gms

argentium silver manatee jewelry necklace  pendant

#AS14MAN - $95.00

Argentium Silver .935 manatee with high polished tail, textured bumps and frown wrinkles! 1 3/8" from nose to tail and app 6.3gms Made in USA at our shop in Pennsylvania

argentium silver manatee jewelry pendant

#AS110MAN - $125.00

Argentium Silver .935 manatee that is extremely detailed with wrinkles, wiskers, pimples, dimples, toe nails and a highly polished tail! Made in USA at our shop here in Pennsylvania with hours of hand finishing. This is normally done in 14kt with diamonds and an emerald eye. We are trying to bring in some very high quality silver at affordable prices. This weighs app 11.9grms, more than a 1/3 of an ounce. Independant secure bail swivels. Roughly 1.5 inches across and up and down. Exclusive design to Seawear. This does not come with any gemstones

14k gold and wrinkled manatee jewelry pendant
#MAN882 - $115.00

Polished and wrinkled manatee pendant! App 2.3gms and 7/8" across 3/8" tall

14k polished manatee necklace pendant
#MAN883 - $90.00

14k polished manatee pendant app 1.8gms and 3/4" or 19mm across.

14kt gold drop ball 3D manatee earrings

#MAN140 - $130.00

Small 3D manatee earrings in full round, high polished gold with drop ball findings. 1/2" across app 2.6gms

manatee post earrings
#MAN141 - $70.00

Simple manatee post earrings. Light at 1.4gms and 12mm across, almost 1/2" so suitable for big girls or little girls!

14kt gold manatee earrings
#NAE115 - $265.00

14kt gold full round 3D manatee earrings. These are absolutely adorable. Dangle from a small gold bead and you will be noticed! About 3/4" from nose to tail and app 4.3gms

14kt manatee calf jewelry pendant charm

#MAN766 - $95.00

Manatee calf pendant charm that is the exact match to the earrings at the side. 3/4" across, finished on all sides in 3D, app 1.9gms

manatee and calf bracelet

#11783 - $895.00

Mother and calf manatee and calf bracelet. Matches pendant and ring above. 7 sets of mother and baby to make up 7 1/2" bracelet 16gms

14kt manatee bracelet

#NAB230 - $695.00

14kt manatee bracelet, high polish, wrinkle face sea cow looking right into your eyes! 7.25 inches app 11.7gms with secure lobster claw clasp.

14kt gold manatee bracelet #NAB183 - $510.00


Highly polished manatee bracelet. Right at 7 3/8" in length and app 8.3 gms in weight, eight manatees with secure lobster claw clasp.

mantee ring mother and child #14222 - $245.00

14kt gold ring of the mother and child manatee above. Comes in stock size approximate 6.24 and 4gms. Easily sized up or down by your local jeweler. Very nice and different.

white gold manatee ring

#MANR36wg - $495.00

Manatee pinky ring in premium 14kt white gold. The ring and tail are done in a high polish while the manatee face and body are done in a brushed soft satin finish to bring out detail. App 6.7gms size 6.25 easily sized up or down by your local jeweler.

Florida manatee ring

#MANR36 - $475.00

Florida manatee ring that matches our pendants above. Stock ring is size 6.25. App 6.8gms The manatee ring face is textured and polished. The tail and rest of the ring is highly polished. Front of ring is just over 1/2" and tapers to 4mm or 3/16" wide in the back.

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