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Gold Grand Slam Fishing Bands and Sport Fish Rings

Anyone can catch a fish. It takes a real sportsman to catch and release a trophy! Catch, release and seawear® your trophy on your finger for everyone to see every day!

grand slam ring #GSR - $1,395.00

Grand slam ring. Yellow gold, white gold or a platinum grand slam ring.

triple fish ring #SEATFR - $1,395.00 

14kt triple fish ring. This one happens to be a dorado, tuna and wahoo! We can have them done in any combination of white, yellow, 14kt, 18kt or platinum. You catch the fish, we'll mount them!

#TMR - triple marlin ring - $1,395.00

Spectacular ring! We had this custom made in 18kt yellow gold with 3 platinum marlins. Incredible! Could be done with grand slam (blue marlin, sailfish and white marlin), sailfish, tuna, shark, marlin, tarpon, permit, bonefish, snook, redfish, sea trout, wahoo, porpoise, hogfish, King salmon, striped bass or large mouth bass! 14kt, 18kt whites, yellows or platinum.

FSR - $1,785.00

Gents signet style ring with choice of Bass, Marlin, Striped Bass, or Tuna. Face of ring measures 5/8" or 15mm across. Highly polished heavy ring in 14kt and polished fish in 14kt white on a frosted background for contrast. Ave 12-15gms

triple tuna ring #TTR - $1,395.00

Triple tuna ring in any color combination of 14kt, 18kt or platinum.

freshwater slam ring  #FWGSR - $1,395.00

Fresh water grand slam in your choice of fish and metals! Great Lakes Slam Ring!

sailfish wrap ring #SFWR - $635.00

The sailfish wrap ring done in 14kt gold for the ladies. Diamonds are an option as is 18kt. You caught it now show it off!

grand slam ring  Another customer's custom grand slam ring! His slam was a wahoo, marlin and shark! His wife chose the combinations of platinum on 18kt yellow gold. He loved it! And all his fishing buds in Florida are envious! $2,785.00

#FSTR - Falling Springs triple trout band - $1,395.00

Christened on the limestone ledges of Falling Springs Stream in Chambersburg, PA

blue marlin ring

#BMSR - $1,795.00

Blue Marlin 14kt signet ring with sapphire eye, 13.2gms

14kt snook fish ring with diamond eye

#SNOOK18 - $895.00

This one is 12.5gms for a size 10.5, .02ct diamond eye, thick and heavy snook ring all the way around. Sizing bar on the back is 5mm wide and 1.5mm thick at the thinnest point for sizing by any jeweler. The tail section is 1/2" wide or 13mm and the fin section is 15mm wide or near 5/8" wide.

marlin wrap wedding band

#MWR - $1,175.00

His and hers marlin wrap wedding bands

triple sailfish wedding band

#TSFWB - $995.00

Triple Sailfish Band

14k gold marlin wrap ring with diamonds and sapphire

#MWRDIA - $2,095.00

The ladies marlin wrap wedding band down with a sapphire eye and .30cts of diamonds.

14k gold blue marlin signet ring

Blue marlin ring in 14k yellow and white gold with sapphire eye. On display at the Tuna Club of Avalon on Catalina Island.


All sorts of photos of triple fish bands!

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