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Being lucky enough to see a seahorse in the wild is getting more and more difficult. It is estimated that more than 20 million sea-horses are taken from their habitats around the world each year for medicinal, pet & souvenir trades. Wear a seahorse jewelry charm instead of buying a live one for a pet. Project Seahorse is attempting to set up preserves and educate sea-horse fishers into farming them instead of fishing for the few seahorse left in the wild. Save the seahorses!

The seahorse is known to pair for life. They are not good swimmers and tend to stay where they grow up clinging to piers, grasses and anything to keep them in place. Once in a while one will get caught in the current and swept to a new unknow place and find it's lifelong mate.

medium 14k .585 gold sea horse pendant

#5228 - $445.00

Medium sized 14kt seahorse with hidden double bail for 4-5mm omega slide or 2-3mm chain. App 9gms so strong chain is required. 1.5" or 38mm tall and 1" or 26mm wide. Back side is highly polished, thick and suitable for engraving by you local jeweler or engraver. Satin, engraved details and highly polished raised highlights. This one is more chubby so it may be hubby!

large 14k .585 gold sea horse pendant in full round 3D

#5229 - $975.00

Large 14kt full round, 3D solid sea horse with multi textures of high polish, satin and engraved details. Bail will accommodate 6mm or 1/4" omega or 5mm chain. Large enough for a sea captain and beautiful enough for a mermaid. 1 5/8" or 41mm tall and 1 1/16" or 36mm wide. App 19.6gms

14kt gold 3D full round Seahorse pendant

#SH184 - $1,095.00

Full round, 3D finished on all sides, sea horse done in high polish with an almost faceted texture. It sparkles and shines! Two sapphire eyes, nearly 1.25" tall, 7/8" wide and 3/16" thick across the cheeks! This one weighs 10.8gms so requires a strong chain.

white gold starfish seahorse necklace charm pendant

#STAR563w - $55.00

Small white gold starfish and seahorse necklace charm or pendant. App .9gms or just under 1gm in weight, 7/16" wide and 1/2" tall plus bail. Perfect for very lightweight chain.

14kt gold seahorse pendant

#SH934 - $230.00

14kt seahorse 1.25" tall plus ring and bail, 1/2" across and app 4.6gms Highly polished.

14kt sea horse with .18cts of VS diamonds

#SHRS251d - $295.00

14kt sea horse with .14cts of VS diamonds full round 3D finished on both sides 1" tall or 26mm app 2.9gms

14kt seahorse jewelry charm with gemstone eye#1933 - $175.00 - 3.5gms

Stunning realism on this 14kt sea horse jewelry charm with matte bead blast finish and polished detail ridges. The body is scooped out with hidden bail and gemstone eye. Flat polished tail suitable for resort or store name or engraving. 1 1/2" tall or 37mm

giant gold seahorse pendant#930 - $345.00

14kt gold seahorse pendant in wonderful detail. This one has a large eye opening that would be ideal to have that favorite stone set! Measures 1 5/8" tall without including the bale! This one will be noticed across the room or the across the bay! App 5gms

female mustang seahorse jewelry with pectoral fin

#SEA62a - $275.00

Unusual seahorse jewelry family as the pectoral fins are complete and totally visible, right where one would expect an ear! Possibly a female Mustang seahorse. This is one sided, the back is slightly scooped out, solid 14kt and weighs app 4.5gms. 1 3/8" tall or 35mm and 1/2" wide or 12mm. Bail is 5/16" long. Nose and raised ridges are highly polished while background is satin polished.

Mustang filly seahorse jewelry necklace

#SEA62b - $105/165.00

The daughter Mustang seahorse necklace. A filly! This one comes in full round 3D or one sided, half round 2D. 7/8" tall or 22mm and 5/16" wide or 9mm. Measurements do NOT include bail. Full round is approximately 2.7gms and the half round 1.7gms.

Full round $165.00 -

Half round $ 105.00 -

sea horse with looped tail

#SEA932 -$445.00

Seahorse with looped tail, this is how you find them sometimes on the docks looped around a line or hose! Several textures and finishes with ridges, hammer finsih on face and polish. 1.25" tall and 1" wide or 35x26mm. PLUS bail and loop . App 7.8gms

14kt seahorse diamond and emerald ring

#SHR21 - $495.00

14kt seahorse ring with 2mm emerald, and three .02ct diamonds for a total diamond weight of .06cts. This one is a size 6.5 and weighs 6.2gms as it is nice and thick. The widest portion is 14mm or just over 1/2" from the nose to the tip of the dorsal fin. The ring shank in the back is 3mm wide and 1.5mm thick and is easily resized by your local jeweler.

14k sea dragon jewelry

#1511 - $285.00

14k sea dragon! Unusual specimen with polished fins around tail and head, body finished in matte bead blast. Hidden bail behind the head will accept 3-4mm chain. 1 3/8" tall by 7/8" wide. 35mm x 21mm - 1/4" thick with scooped out polished backside. Easily have your jeweler add a diamond or gemstone eye! App 5.7gms

seahorse jewelry

#17202 - 3.3gms - $165.00

Custom 14kt sea horse highlighted with 24kt yellow gold and white rhodium. 1 inch tall and 3/4 inch wide.

sea horse pendant with flowing mane in 14kt gold

#SEA17036 - $415.00

Large sea horse with flowing mane! This one looks to be the papa! 1.25" tall and 7/8" wide or 30x21mm. Hidden bail in the back behind the ears. App6.9gms Very unusual and will be noticed!

14kt gold sea horse sea dragon necklace

#SEA17204 - $365.00

Medium sea horse with flowing mane! More feminine, polished body rather than textured and must be mama! Hidden fixed chain bale tucked behind the ears. The mane is white rhodium plated to make it stand out more. 1" tall and 7/8" wide or 31x22mm. App 5.7gms

young seahorse with flowing Celtic mane

#SEA17201 - $170.00

Small sea horse with flowing mane, this is the young son as he takes after dad! The mane has a Celtic pattern look to it. 1" tall and 3/4" wide or 25x20mm and aproximately 3.1gms

sea horse lovers pendant

#SEA958 - $175.00

Seahorse lovers joined together forming a heart. Small, solid, 3D finished front and back with the same textured finish. Just under 3/4" tall and wide or 18x18mm and appr 2.7gms

sea horse jewelry necklace pendant or bracelet charm

#SEAH1122 - $195.00

Solid full round 3D sea horse finished on all sides. Wonder for necklace or charm bracelet. 3/4" tall and 7/16" wide. App 3.3gms If you prefer an unsoldered jump ring for your bracelet, let us know in the message section!

sea horse and friends pendant

#SEAH649 - $230.00

Seahorse and his sea friends pendant! Seahorse, starfish and an angelfish. App 3.8gms 7/8" tall and 5/8" wide or 22x16mm.

baby seahorse jewelry necklace pendant #SEAH541 - $150.00

Small sea horse with fixed bail as part of the design. 7/8" tall without the bail, (which is another 1/4") 1/2" wide and app 2.5gms

sea horse necklace jewelry #SEA521 - $275.00

Incredible sea horse! Finely detailed in satin, high polish and bright cuts. 1.25" tall and 5/8" wide. App 4.5gms

14kt sea horse charm#1935 - $215.00 - 4.3gms

14kt sea horse lady. She is too pretty to be a boy! Full round sea horse charm finished on all sides. Perfect for your charm bracelet, necklace or as earrings. Detailed matte bead blast finish with polished ridge details. 3/4" tall or 20mm and nearly 4mm thick!

14kt sea horse jewelry charm#1934 - $210.00 - 4.2gms

14kt extremely detailed seahorse jewelry charm, solid with flat polished back for engraving of a memorable occasion or stamping of your resort or store. One inch tall or 26mm in matte bead blast finish.

seahorse necklace jewelry pendant #SEA179 - $65.00

Charming little sea horse at 3/4 inch tall. Perfect for that light chain. Just about 1gm

seahorse jewelry pendant #937 - $135.00

14kt seahorse in high polished and sand blast textures that looks as if it is ready to swim away! Approximately 30mm tall and 14mm wide or 1.2" all by 1/2" wide. App weight at 2.7gms

14k gold sea horse necklace pendant #SEAH300 - $95.00

Perfectly formed sea horse pendant. 1/2" wide and 3/4" tall plus bail. App 1.8gms

14kt gold small seahorse charm #SH941 - $125.00

14kt seahorse 1 inch tall and 1/2 inch across app 2.3gms. Matte and polished finish

stephen douglas seahorse jewelry #SLP064 - $460.00

14kt small Scottish seahorse with satin finished face and dorsal fin, highly polished body, diamond eye, rhodium plating with Pave' set diamonds total .10cts 11/16" tall or 17mm

steven douglas sea horse jewelry necklace #SLP065 - $1,228.00

14kt large Scottish seahorse with diamond eyes. Satin finished face and dorsal fin with highly polished body. Double hidden bail behind body and head. 1.3" or 33mm

sea horse scene jewelry pendant#960 - 2.4gms - $120.00

14kt Seahorse water scene with an angel fish & reef framed by kelp or sea fans. About 3/4" across.

filigree style seahorse pendant#NAC085 - 3.6gms - $215.00

Adorable filigree sea horse jewelry pendant. A large size without the weight and cost! About 1 1/8" tall 30mm and available as a set with matching earrings.

14kt detailed scallp shell and double sea horse slide pendant

#28085 - $745.00

14kt scallop shell and double sea horse slide pendant. 50mm or 2" across! Duel slide bail hidden in the back with openings of 10-12mm wide and 5-6mm thick. Heavy at app 11.8gms Only mother nature can create detailed sea art like this!

white gold sea horse jewelry#SEA62bwg - $150.00

Full round 3D finished on all sides, complete with pectoral fins that look like ears! 7/8" tall or 22mm and 5/16" wide or 9mm. Measurements do NOT include bail. approximately 2.5gms

male sea horse#15350 - 2.1gms - $125.00

This is the 14kt mate to the above. Nearly identical except this one is fatter and I believe makes him male! The pouch!!! Just about 1" tall and 1/2 across.

sea horse with curley jewelry charm#15351 - 2.5gms - $150.00

14kt Sea horse with curly tail! 1 1/1/8" long without the tail unfolded! and about a 1/2" across.

14kt gold finely detailed starfish and seahorse#NAC360 - $155.00

Fine gold detailing of this starfish and seahorse frolicking together in a unique friendship! You can almost see that little seahorse smiling! About 7/8" tall and 3/4" across. App 2.6gms

filigree style sea horse earrings#NAE108 - 8.7gms - $525.00

Matching 'French Clip On' 14kt filigree seahorse earrings with clip over stud post back. Very secure. About 1 1/8" tall (30mm) and match the pendant NAC085.

14k gold sea horse post earrings

#NAE138 - $65.00

Perfect little light seahorse post earrings. Left and right, post is centered, butterfly earring back. 1/2" tall and 1/4" wide. Works well for primary or secondary. App 1gm

gold endangered sea horse earrings #13085 - 3.2gms - $160.00

Gorgeously detailed little seahorses! Stud post earrings sure to attract attention. About 3/4" long.

dangle sand dollar and seahorse earrings#13125 - 2.7gms - $165.00

14kt Earrings - What a combo! The sand dollar and the seahorse. The red & green glare is reflection from the scanner on the diamond finish. Top post on the sand dollar, solid gold with gold post and backing. Length is 1 1/8" and sand dollar is about 7/16" across.

sea horse bracelet#749 - $415.00

14kt sealife charm bracelet that is 7.5 inches long, has a pivoting seahorse for clasp and two tone enamel coated sea shell as the firs charm! High polish app 6.9gms

dangle starfish and seahorse earrings#13126 - 2.8gms - $175.00

14kt Earrings - Starfish and seahorses! The diamond cut finish refracts the light and causes the red tint. Solid yellow 14kt gold. But they will sparkle like diamonds across the room! Post on top leg of 1/2" starfish total length 1 1/8".

gold curly tailed seahorses

#NAB130 - $395.00

Solid 14kt gold cute little curly tailed seahorses! Twelve in all to make up a beautiful 7.5 inch bracelet. App 6.4gms

14kt sea horse bracelet

#SH315 - $1,095.00

14kt bracelet of sea horses or sea dragons, made up of seven seahorses, finished on both sides, textures of satin, polished and matt. Total length is 7.5", seven sea horses finished on both sides, weighs 14-14.5gm special order

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