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Whales - They hold a fascination to young and old. From story tellers to IMAX documentaries. How can something so large be so graceful and gentle? Did you know that the songs being sung by whales off the African Coast are listened to by other whales that are off coastal New England? Virginia Beach has become a rich feeding wintering ground for the young while the mothers are mating in the Caribbean in the winter months.

Did you know that... Orcas (killer whales) kill sharks by torpedoing up into the shark's stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode. Meagan from Massachusetts also explains the the dorsal on the orca flops over from gravity. In the ocean they spend 10% of their lives at the surface compared to being in captivity they are at the surface all day and the dorsal bends over from the effects of gravity.

In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught!!!! I swear by this saying when it comes to my whales captivity and the horrible effects we have on the environment and how detrimental it is. There is a need for people to to start getting educated on how badly things need to change!!! Meagan, Springfield MA

baby whale dimples

This photo was sent in by Keith from greywhale.com and clearly shows the dimples that are characteristic of the very young whales. The white specs located at the center of the dimples are the actual hairs. After all these are mammals, not big fish. And as we all know, to be a mammal, the animal must have hair. He was lucky enough to watch one being birthed and nursed for hours...

whale tails and flukes jewelry


Cape Cod whale jewelry charm #WHALE3541 - $75.00

Sperm whale synonymous as the hospitality symbol of Cape Cod! Light weight, jump ring bail, scooped out back, 1" across, detailed jaws with whale teeth! App 1.3gms


gold grey whale jewelry pendant #WHALE366 - $180.00

14k half round two dimentional grey whale necklace pendant 33mm across or 1 3/8" with hollowed back side and app 3.6gms


gold gray whale jewelry charm #WHALE366s - $125.00

14k full round three dimensional gray whale jewelry charm 16mm across or 5/8" app 2.5gms highly polished, this is the back side enlarged with hallmark


14kt young humpback whale calf pendant #WHALE1025 - $120.00

Small 14kt humpback whale calf pendant or charm. Finished full round, 3D, polished on all sides, belly is textured and lined. 3/4" across or 20mm and app 2.4gms


humpback whale mother with baby between her flipper fins #WHAL520 - $265.00

Humpback mother and calf under the watchful eye of mom. 1.25 inches across and .75 inches tall. App 4.4gms Note the barnacles on each head!


mighty humpback whale pendant #WHAL480 - $445.00

Papa humpback whale necklace pendant. 1 15/16" across or 48mm Flukes are 9/16" or 15mm tall. App 6.9gms Highly polished, detailed baleen and barnacles on top.


14kt humpback whale pendant. #WHAL1027 - $395.00

14kt humpback whale in 3D finished on all sides just as she is breaking water. You can see the water dripping off her back. 1 3/8" across or 34mm. Remarkable pose with barnacles, textures and detailed flukes. App 7.9gms


3D humpback whale charm in 14kt #WHAL1017 - $195.00

Humpback whale 3D full round for charm bracelet or necklace pendant, 1 1/8" across or 26mm app 3.9gms. Full detail in high polish and texture.


3D full round humpback whale necklace pendant in 14kt gold #WHAL1026 - $390.00

3D full round polished humpback whale, 1 1/4 inches across or 31mm; app 7.8gms High polish with dimples, detailed underjaw.


small 3D 14kt gold humpback whale #WHAL1018 - $195.00

Small 3D humpback whale charm or pendant that is ideal on a light chain or bracelet. One inch across or 25mm and app 3.2gms in weight.


14kt full dimensional 3D gray whale necklace pendant or bracelet charm #WHAL1025 - $330.00

Smiling gray whale finished in high polish on all sides, full round 3D. Just under 1.25" or 30mm across, a little over 1/2" tall or 13mm and the flukes are 3/8" across or 10mm. App 6.6gms


14kt polished 3D full round gray whale necklace charm #WHAL1019 - $170.00

Small smiling gray whale, 3D full round, app 3.4gms and one inch across or 25mm. Very adorable face and perfect for the whalerider in your family!


baby humpback whale pendant#805 - $110.00 - 2.2 gms

Small 14kt humpback that has just sounded and is now flipping his flukes at ya! Polished body with lined underbody. About 1 1/4" across 1/4" tall


humpback whale with diamond eye #SEA2557 - $290.00 - 5.3gms

Custom 14kt humpback whale with brushed satin finish with polished highlights on tail, fins and face with a single .0133 ct diamond eye. Back side is hollowed out 2D. 1 5/16" across or 33mm.


14kt whale pendant with detailed side and barnacles #WHL800 - $180.00

Young whale we've nick named Barnacle Bill! Detailed down to the barnacles! The eye is not in focus, but is there. 1 3/16" across or 30mm App 3.6gms


14kt gold very detailed whale jewelry pendant

#WHL801 - $280.00

Detailed whale jewelry pendant with polished top sides and textured underbody. 1.5" from nose to tail app 5.6gms


14kt gold larger whale pendant that hangs from the tail flukes

#WHL802 - $345.00

Larger whale pendant that hangs from tail flukes, 1 5/8" tall from forward flipper fin to tail fluke. Polished and textured app 6.9gms

14kt gold mother whale and calf pendant

#WHL833 - $355.00

14kt mother and calf humpback whales finished in mirror polish, texture and dimples! 1.5" from nose tip to fluke tip or 36mm app 5.4gms


whale lovers doing an endless dance

#WHL17124 - $215.00

Whale lovers doing an endless dance around and around. Hidden bail under the top set of flukes. 1.25" tall and 3/4" wide or 32x19mm App 3.9gms


18kt whale brooch with diamonds, rubies and sapphire#WHL482 - $895.00


18kt WHITE gold whale brooch with 4.15ctw of gemstones. 1.1cts of diamonds (110); 3.02cts of rubies (45); .03cts of sapphires (1). Heavy at app 8gms so will require thick fabric like a blazer! Or use a brooch adapter to wear it as a whale pendant on a chain. Width is 1 5/8" inches or 41mm. Height is 5/8" or 16mm. Thickness is 5/16" NOT including the pin so that is how far it will be raised from the lapel and appear to be three dimensional. A pin adapter of 1/2 to 3/4 inch will be ideal! Retail was $4,650.00


humpback whale #HUMP270 - $195.00 - 3.3 gms

One of the most noble creatures of all time, the humpback whale. One inch across By Wyland. Retired series


Wyland humpback whale calf charm #HUMP269 - $65.00 - .9gms

Humpback calf charm with split ring for bracelet or neck pendant. 1/2" across 3D Retired Wyland wildlife artist charm


orca killer whale#NAC442 - $225.00 - 3.4gms

Free Willy! Cute as can be 14kt orca killer whale. Smooth polished and textured finish to give dual tone effect. 1 1/8" across

14kt full round 3D orca whale necklace pendant or bracelet charm #WHAL1024 - $395.00

Full dimensional, 3D full round orca whale with high and proud dorsal fin, finished in texture and high polish. Just over 1.25' across or 33mm, 3/4" or 20mm tall, flukes are 11mm across. App 8.1gms


14kt 3D orca whale charm in 3D #WHAL1016 - $195.00

3D full round orca whale charm pendant, app 4gms, one inch across, done in texture and high polish.

gold orca killer whale charm

#ORCA63 - $125.00

Orca killer whale necklace pendant for very small chain. Orca whale has hidden bail in the back. App 2.1gms, 3/4" across The patches that would be white in the wild have been sand blasted for contrast.


Alaska orca killer whale pendant #ORCA62 - $105.00

Orca killer whale pendant for very fine chain. Doing a northwest, Alaska or Yukon theme wedding and these are ideal! Orca whale has hidden bail on the back. App 1.7gms, 3/4" across. Patches are sand blasted for contrast with a high and proud dorsal!


beluga whale pendant #850 - $445.00 - 6.8gms

Beluga whale pendant. With the most beautiful smile! 1 7/8 inches across. Highly polished with a mirror like reflection. Could be satin brushed finished.


gold whale dancing pendant #798 - $595.00 - 10.1gms

Yes, whales can dance! You've heard their music and this is how they glide upward from thousands of feet below dancing to the whalesong. 3D with the top sides highly polished and the undersides textured. Barnacles under chin and wing tips of flippers. 1 5/9 inches tail to nose and 1 3/8 inches fin to fin.


medium sized 3D full round dancing whale coming up from the deep #799 - $450.00

Smaller version of the above whale dancing. Nose to tale 1 3/8" or 35mm and wing to wing 1 1/4" or 30mm. App 7.5gms Barnacles on leading edge of flippers and under chin. Underside is completely textured.


young humpback whale calf #24166 - $195.00 - 4gms

A young humpback whale calf giving you a side look and smirk as he swims by... 1 1/4 inch long and a very deep and detailed 2D piece. The back side is hollowed out.


humpback whale filtering krill through baleen #24168 - $270.00 - 5.5gms

Dinnertime! With her belly full, it's time now to sift krill through the baleen! 1 3/8" across with a larger one available. 2D


mother and baby humpback whale necklace

#WHALE520as - $65.00

Mother and baby humpback whales with mom clearly holding on to the newborn calf. 1 1/4" across and 3/4" tall. App 3.7gms in Argentium 935 Silver. Optional 1.9mm rope chain shown for reference


With chain - $95.00


silver humpback whale necklace jewelry pendant #WHALE197s - $65.00

Humpback whale decending into the deep. Tail mounted swinging bail, app 5gms. 1.5" tall. Back side is hollowed out. 935 Argentium silver


silver humpback whale necklace pendant

#WHALE519s - $50.00

Humpback whale done in Argentium 935 silver. 1.25" across. Simple light humpback whale necklace pendant


silver orca whale jewelry necklace pendant

#ORCA2005ss - $95.00

Orca with hidden bail behind the high and proud dorsal fin. Inspired by our friendly orcaoligist! Full round 3D with hollowed out belly to make it lighter. Nose to tail is 1.5"; 15/16" tall to top of dorsal. Hidden bail is created in the wax and cast to size, will accept up to 3x5mm chain. 8-9gms


orca whale pendant jewelry necklace charm

#ORCA2005s - $95.00

Orca necklace pendant or charm in 3D as shown in the typical pose found on the Pacific Northwest Totems. Orca has always been a sign of strength, nuturing, gentle giant and luck. Nose to tail is 1.25" and belly has been hollowed out. Swinging bailfor 2mm chain, or larger bail for 4mm chain. Let us know which you prefer. Both usually in stock.


whale tails and flukes jewelry


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