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"There is no second place." Many do not know the story of how the U.S. became involved with the America's Cup sailing race. How it was a challenge made in arrogance... "If anyone from the New York yacht club happened to be in the area (England) they were welcome to participate in the contest."

The rest is history!

masthead sloop sailboat necklace pendant #SAIL008 - $365.00

14kt satin finished jib on a full masthead rig with fin keel and a 180 flying! Hull, lines and mainsail are polished and the jib is satin finish. Extremely eye catching. 1 3/8" tall and 7/8" wide. Hand made app 5.6gms. Specify polished or satin jib

14k white gold sailboat jewelry pendant #SAIL008WG - $375.00

14k white gold sailboat jewelry pendant with polished hull & mainsail and satin finished spinnaker. Or all polished or you decide the combination you want. Finely finished like a mirror! 1 3/8" tall Hand made with premium Class 1 white gold without rhodium plating. Bail is welded with palladium white gold, no solder App 5.5gms

fractional rig sailboat necklace pendant #SAIL009 - $245.00

14kt polished mainsail with a satin finished 130 flying from a fractional ring with modified fin keel and full rudder. If you look close you'll see the line separating the keel and rudder! Polished hull and back side. 1 inch tall and 3/4 inch wide app 4gms

14k white gold sailboat jewelry pendant #SAIL009WG - $245.00

14k white gold sailboat jewelry pendant with spinnaker or very full jib flying! Hull and main are polished while the spinnaker is satin finished or can be left polished. Let us know in the comment section. One inch tall and app 4gm. Back side is highly polished.

rose gold sailboat jewelry necklace pendant #SAIL009RG - $245.00

Rose gold sailboat necklace pendant with yellow, rose or white gold bail to match your chain. Completely polished, if you would like part satin finished just let us know in the comment section of the shopping cart.

14k two tone gold sailing sloop boat necklace pendant #SAIL009TT - $245.00

14k sailing sloop pendant in two tone gold. White gold polished mainsail with satin finished head sail and polished hull. Wear it with your white or yellow chain!

sailboat necklace pendant with diamonds #DSAIL188 - $995.00

14kt sleek sailboat with .6ct of diamonds pave set throughout the mainsail and genny. All diamonds are at least SI quality from Belgium. Bail opening is 3x5mm. Approximate weight of 3gms. Highly polished, stunning

14k yawl sailboat necklace pendant #1229 - $185.00

14k polished yawl sailboat pendant done in the old style with sheers, overhangs, mizzen and full sails! Just under one inch across and one inch tall. Ave 3.3gms

sailing sloop with tanbark mainsail #TANBARK - $175.00

Sailing sloop with tanbark mainsail and highly polished full Genoa sail. Hidden bail bail at 7/8ths mast rig. 1" tall and 5/8" across. Hull is 3D and sails are textured on backside. App 3gms.

full keel dory sloop sailboat necklace pendant #DORY-SLOOP - $90.00

Small dory style sailing sloop. Hull is 1/2" across, 1/2" to top of mainsail. Total hanging length is 13/16". Full round 3D, app 1.5gms.

sailboat charm 14k gold #SAIL111 - $75.00

Sailboat charm for necklace pendant, bracelet charm or earrings. Full dimensional sailboat in full round, 3D, full keel, spilling sails with jump ring bail. Length on deck is 1/2" or 12mm; draft from top of mast is 9/16" or 15mm. App 1.3gms

sailing sloop with spade rudder necklace #GM217 - $175.00 - 1.6gms

14kt 3D sloop sailboat. Perfect for small pendant or charm for bracelet. This sleek hulled beauty has about a 170 genny pulled in tight and the main is full. Spade rudder is barely visible and it could be a shallow draft wing keel! 3/4" tall

Viking sailing ship necklace pendant #VIK5446 - $225.00

Detailed three dimensional Viking Ship with full sails, rigging and shields. 7/8" long, 1/2" wide at sail top. App 3.7gms

norwegian viking dragon ship jewelry pendant#VIK1278 - $340.00

Norwegian Viking sailing ship! Dragon style with warrior shields on each side and sails are full. 3D 7/8" across app 6.2gms

14kt Viking sailing ship necklace pendant #VIK1277 - $200.00

14kt 3D full round Viking sailing ship. 3/4" tall or 18mm and 17mm across. App 4gms

Norge Viking sailboat jewelry necklace#VIK1279 - $250.00

Norge Viking ship in detail with waves and dragon figurehead. One inch tall app 5gms

14k norse viking ship #1317 - $355.00

14k Norse Viking ship with six long oars guarded by six large warrior shields. Full billowy sail is polished while the hull is satin finish. 27mm wide and 31mm tall without bail. 1 1/8th inch by 1 1/4th inch. Weighs app 7.1gms Viking ship port side is scooped out, textured and polished.

14kt white gold fin keeled fractional rig sloop pendant #SAIL10991 - $155.00

14kt white gold fin keeled fractional rigged cutter. Top of mast is looped to form bale. 1" tall and 3/4" wide She looks fast! App 2.2gms

two tone gold sailing boat necklace pendant #SAIL9TT - $195.00

14kt two tone gold full genny sailing necklace pendant. 1" tall or 35mm without the bail. Hull, main and bail are all 14kt natural yellow polished gold, the genny is a separate piece cast in white gold, softly sandblasted and joined as one. App 3gms

full spinaker racing sailboat necklace #SAIL188 - $195.00

Two tone 14kt sailboat with full spinnaker. Hull, main and bail are polished 14kt while the spinnaker is sandblasted white gold for a soft matte finish. Cast as separate pieces and then joined as one. 3/4" tall without bail, app 3.2gms. Exclusive Seawear™ design.

14k gold sailing sloop necklace pendant with satin jib #SAIL411s - $165.00

14k yellow sailboat with flying spinnaker or genny, jib is diamond satin finished while the main and hull are high polish. 3/4" tall plus bail, app 2.7gms

sailing sloop with full genny necklace pendant #SAIL411 - $165.00

14k all high polished sailboat sloop with full genny. 3/4" tall plus bail. App 2.7gms

white gold sailboat jewelry necklace pendant #SAIL411wg - $165.00

Flying sailboat with closely hauled spinnaker or gennaker. Highly polished and extremely reflective. Like looking into a mirror. 3/4" tall without bail and 3/4" across. App 2.7gms

14k rose gold sailboat sloop necklace pendant jewelry#SAIL411rg - $165.00

14k rose gold close hauled sloop with tight sheets. High polished, could easily satin one of the sails or hull. 3/4" tall plus bail. App 2.7gms

yellow gold sailing dorry necklace pendant #DORYyg - $60.00

Small light yellow gold dory sailboat pendant. 3/4" tall and 3/8" across with built in bail for 1-2mm chain. App 1gm

14kt rose gold dory sailboat necklace pendant jewelry #DORYlrg - $145.00

14kt rose gold large dory sailboat in all high polish. Bail is built into the masthead. 1 3/16" tall, 3/4" across and app 2.5gms

14k white gold samll sailboat dory necklace  pendant #DORYwg - $60.00

White gold dory sailboat necklace pendant, very small at 3/8" or 10mm across and 3/4" or 17mm tall with built in bail. App .8gms high polish with battened mainsail.

14k rose gold sailboat necklace jewelry#DORYrg - $60.00

Rose gold dory sailboat jewelry, necklace pendant, very small at 3/8" or 10mm across and 3/4" or 17mm tall with built in bail. App .8gms high polish with battened mainsail.

white gold sailboat jewelry necklace pendant #SAIL412wg - $375.00

White gold highly polished sailboat necklace pendant with tightly pulled sails and sheets! Hidden bail on back side. 1 1/2" tall and 7/8" wide, app 6.2gms

close hauled sailing sloop jewelry pendant #SAIL412 - $425.00

14kt yellow gold polished closely hauled upwind sailing sloop pendant. Hidden bail on the back, 1.5" tall and 7/8" wide. App 7gms

sailing dory sailboat necklace pendant #DORYXL - $455.00

Dory sailboat with JOANN on the topside. 1 7/8" and 1 1/8" wide. Built in 3x6mm bail or could be rounded for 5mm. App 6.5gms

sailboat cutter necklace pendant #SAIL106 - $135.00

Sailboat cutter rigged necklace pendant, very old design. Built in bail at the mast top 3mm, 1" tall, 5/8" wide and app 2.2gms for small light chain

14kt sailboat with set topaz for waves #SAIL375 - $115.00

Sailing sloop dancing over waves of topaz. Four natural topaz prong set. 11/16" tall and 9/16" wide or 17x14mm and app 1.7gms

3 masted pirate ship necklace #1266 - 5.4gms - $270.00

Pirate fighting ship! Low mid-ships for easy boarding and taking treasure! 3D with full sails. About 1" across.

Key West sailboat pendant #KWS981 - $105.00

Key West Sailboat sailing pendant 3/4" or 19mm across. App 2.1gms

Newport Rhode Island sailing pendant #NRIS1100 - $105.00

Newport Rhode Island sailing pendant. 3/4" across or 19mm. App 2.1gms

gold canoe sterned sloop charm westsail valiant#NAC285 - 4.9 gms - $245.00

3-D Double ender, modified fin keeled sloop with aft cockpit wheel. Bimini or raised house. Reminds me a lot of the Westsail 43 or Valiant. About 1 1/8" high and 1" wide. Maybe 3/16" thick. Hull is highly polished and the sails have a thread texture finish. Aft side

fin keeled racer pendant#1240 - $195.00

Sailboat pendant, modern flush deck modified fin keeled yawl or ketch with full sails and reverse transom. 1 1/8" tall and 1" across. App 3.2gms

14kt sailboat sloop necklace pendant or charm bracelet #SAIL320 - $105.00

Small 14kt sailing sloop with reverse transom. Ideal for necklace pendant or charm bracelet. 5/8" tall, highly polished, back side is flat. App 1.7 to 1.9gms

14k high polish sloop sailboat pendant

#SAILC1088 - $175.00

14kt small high polish sailboat sloop app 2.4gms and just over 1 inch all and 3/4 inch wide. 27x20mm

Hobie Cat 14 16 18 jewelry charm#15434 - $175.00

Catamaran looks like Hobie Cat with two hiking for the ride of their life! Three dimensional can be viewed from any angle. . 1" tall 1/2" wide 3/8" deep and app 3.2gms

14kt 3D catamaran pendant or charm #SAIL943 - $295.00

14kt 3D catamaran with retracted daggerboards. Just over 1" tall or 1.25" hanging length with bail. 11/16" across and 5/16" deep. Old revived piece from the 70s and heavier than the new styles App 5gms with heavy pinned pivoting bail.

polished gold sailboat sloop necklace pendant #1241 - $75.00

Small highly polished sloop sailboat with long running traditional keel. 7/8" tall without bail. 9/16" waterline! App 1.4gms

I'd Rather be sailing jewelry #TRC323 - $50.00

14kt I'd Rather Be Sailing charm. Small and light at about 1gm 1/2" tall and just over 1/2" wide.

14kt tall ship pendant#SAIL1264 - $395.00

14kt tall ship pendant, just over 1.25" across or 32mm and just over 1" tall or 27mm. App 8gms

small 14kt tall ship necklace pendant

#SAIL1270 - $50.00

Small and light tall ship profile, just over 1gm and 3/4" tall. For your lightest chains

14k gold schooner pendant #SAIL1117 - $245.00

14k gold two masted schooner pendant. Sails are done in a satin finish, hull and spars in high polish. Bail opening 4mm, almost 1" tall and 1 1/8" wide, hanging length with bail is 1.25 inches. App 4.2gms


tall cutty ship sailboat  jewelry pendant#SAIL1269 - $195.00 

Tall ship under full sail plowing through the waves!  1 3/16" tall and 3/4" wide. App 4gms

spade rudder sloop gold pendant#SEAD740 - 3.3 gms - $165.00

Small 3D sloop with a spade rudder and modified fin keel. Charm bracelet collection or on a fine chain. Either way it's perfect! 3/4" across and 1" tall. Add $55 to convert to earrings!

small sailboat pendant#NAC586 - $110.00

Small 2D double ender pendant. Nice lines, full sales and bowsprit. Great for Americans Cup watching! About 7/8" tall app 2.2gms

fractional rigged sailboat charm #15482 - 2.1 gms - $105.00

Fin keeled fractional rigged cutter. Top of mast is looped to form bale. 1" tall and 3/4" wide She looks fast!

full keel cutter sailboat charm#SEAD743 - 2.0gms - $100.00

Small 3D cutter with full keel. Great size for a charm bracelet or small pendant. Great detail be sure to click on her! 5/8" wide and 3/4" tall. Convert a pair into earrings! $255.00

americas cup j-boat charm in 14kt gold#SEAD739 - 1.8gms - $90.00

The lines of an old J Boat from the America's Cup races... full 3D detail in an amazing small size for your charm bracelet or pendant. 1/2" wide and 7/8" tall. Built for fast running and close hauling!

small sailboat pendant

#NAC587 - 1.6 gms - $80.00

Smaller modern happy looking sailboat that is perfect for a light chain. About 3/4" tall

small sail boat jewelry charm#1242 - $85.00

So many have asked for a small detailed sailing ship. This is the smallest that looks real! The rail has the diamond cuts and refracts the light. Full keeled sloop is 9/16" across and 13/16" tall app 1.6gms

club racer sailboat jewelry #NAC745 - 1.5gms - $75.00

14kt small 3D club racer pendant charm with a P logo on the mainsail. 5/8" high and 1/2" wide. High polish

white gold sailboat jewelry charm #10992 - 1gm - $50.00

14kt white gold tiny sailboat pendant or charm. Ideal for very light white gold chain in .75 to 1mm thickness. 3/4" tall and 1/2" wide

gold fin keel with full genny#1248 - 1.8 gms - $90.00

Fin keeled sloop with full genny. Top of mast is looped to form loop for chain. 1" tall and 5/8" across.

down wind spinnaker flying#1137 - 1.5 gms - $75.00

Spinnaker flying 14 sailboat jewelry! Coming straight at you. Light and simple. 7/8" tall and 1/2" across. You can even see the planks in the hull.

contermporary sailing sloop necklace pendant#01224 - 5.0 gms - $275.00

Large 14 modern sailing sloop jewelry heading upwind with hard trimmed sails. Hidden loop for chain at top of mast. Perfect for omega chain. Polished hull and genny, textured mainsail! - 1 1/2" tall and 1 1/16" across.

sailing cross #1138 - 2.7gms - $150.00

14k sailing cross in detail showing the anchor, the cross and the sailing vessel. One inch tall.

large argentium silver sailboat sloop pendant

#AS8SAIL - $95.00

Argentium silver .935 larger sailboat sloop with full genny racing along. Jib is satin finished, the rest is polished. 1 3/8" tall plus bail. App 5gms. Made at our shop in Pennsylvania USA.

small argentium silver sailboat sloop charm pendant

#AS9SAIL - $65.00

Argentium silver .935 small sailboat sloop with full genny and more traditional keel Jib is satin finished, the rest is polished. Just over 1" tall plus jump-ring. App 3gms. Made at our shop in Pennsylvania USA.

sailboat at anchor earrings #13138 - 3.2gms - $160.00

Whimsical nautical sailboat earrings! One inch tall from the ball drop to where the anchor is set.

 14kt gold sloop sailboat earrings #NAE067 - 1.0 gms - $50.00

Perfect 14k sailboat post earrings that match the bracelet below. The only sailboats we have been able to find. About 7/16" tall

sailing wedding ring #LITRING - $995.00

14kt gold lighthouse keepers ring. Hand carved showing a sailboat safely sailing by the lighthouse and rocky shore cliffs.

sailboat cufflinks #SEACL22 - $54.00

Barbell clasp cufflinks with old time sailing scene. 20mm across or near 3/4"

sailboat cufflinks #SEACL34 - $40.00

A perfect coming about circle done in blue or red enamel with a sloop under full sail. 24kt gold plated cufflinks imported from England. Red Sold Out

sailing ring Irish Sailors Ring

Celtic importance of 3's is also on our nautical ring section.

gold tone sailboat cufflinks #SEACL635g - $45.00

Gold tone sailboat yacht cufflinks with high polish finish. 13/16" tall and 3/8" wide or 20x 15mm.

silver sailboat cufflinks #SEACL635s - $45.00

Silver tone sailboat yacht cufflinks with high polish finish. 13/16" tall and 3/8" wide or 20x 15mm

wave ringOcean Waves Ring

Two tone gold ocean waves forever joined

whitecap bandWhitecap Diamond Wedding Band

Ten high cresting whitecaps and a single diamond

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