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Aloha Hawaii Honeymoon & Hawaiian Jewelry

Hawaii is known as the honeymoon state, and for good reason! Romance, weather, volcanoes, natives, hawaii beaches, the water, fishing, whales, hawaiian pineapples, flowers, beautiful people and times, it's all there! If you bought something while in Hawaii, lost it and are trying to replace it, we may be able to find it. If you didn't buy something there and you should have, we'll get it!

Black Hawaii coral, pearls, Plumeria blossoms, engraved traditional Hawaiian heirloom enamel (the rage across Europe), leis, aloha, pua, puka, Hawaiian wedding rings, and more by the finest manufacturers in Hawaii. Some of the flowers are difficult to photograph as they have a satin, brushed and polished finish. If you are putting together a Hawaiian charm bracelet, we have the difficult ones to find!

In Hawaii, the Plumeria is most often used in flower lei making. It's beauty and heavenly fragrance represent love and devotion.

14kt Hawaiian tribal warrior dancer charm #MSC179 - $85.00

14kt Hawaiian tribal warrior dancer in 3D. Ideal for charm bracelet or light neckchain. About 1/2" tall and app 1.6gms

moving articulated hula dancer charm#0240 - $125.00

Hula dancer finished in 3D and perfect for a charm bracelet or necklace. White gold or yellow. 15/16" tall app 2.5gms.

tribal Hawaiian dolphin jewelry with enamel highlights #DOL187 - $45.00

For your smallest chain. Very light puffed dolphin charm made in Italy with hand applied dolphin tribal jewelry highlights on one side. No two will be identical. 1/2" tall from tail to dorsal and app 1/2gm Limited supply closeout.

Hawaii palm frond earrings with diamonds

#HAWAII654 - $895.00

14kt Hawaiian palm fronds with micro pave diamonds. Just over 5/8" across or 17mm. The pair weigh 9.2gms. Large and heavy! Fold over omega leverback locks. Ninety-four SI/GH micro pave set diamonds. Retail was $3,880 and we are selling for $895.00

gold cruise line vacation pendant#15430 - 6.0 gms - $295.00

14 kt gold honeymoon pendant! Cruise ship is double sided in 3D and is floating behind the palm tree and island. Did you cruise to Hawaii for your honeymoon?! 1" across.

14kt Hawaii cruise ship pendant #1316 - $215.00

Hawaii cruise ship penant. App 4.3gms, 1.25" across

Dolphin in Hawaii jumping through orchids #507 - $180.00

Solid 14kt yellow gold dolphin jumping through a lei of Hawaiian orchids with two smaller dolphins in the lieu. About 7/8" across app 3.3gms

Hawaiian honu turtle necklace jewelry pendant#HONU436 -$105.00

Honu sea turtle jewelry necklace pendant done in concave turtle shape and not flat. 7/8" nose to tail and 5/8" across front flippers. App 1.8gms

Hawaiian honu sea turtle necklace jewelry pendant

#HONU223 - $595.00

Tribal honu sea turtle as found in a tidal pool at Pu'uhonua o Honaunaua sanctuary on the big island. We were able to sit, watch, photograph and video while she was mere feet away. Just under 1.5" acorss front flippers and 1 3/8" from nose to back feet. App 8gms Thickness varies from 1-2mm

sunrise senset 10mm gold wedding band

#SRSS - $845.00

One side has sunrise and the other sunset. In between is a cloud and sea birds in the sky. The bottom portion is cresting waves. All high polished. 10mm wide app 12.2gms Size 10 and hand carved from a solid wax and then lost wax cast.

14kt gold Hawaiin plum plumeria and pink topaz slide #HAW726P - $295.00

14kt two tone Hawaiian plum plumeria and pink topaz pendant slide. 33mm tall or 1 1/8th inches and 27mm across. App 6gms. Plumeria flowers are sand blasted with diamond cuts. Plum leaves are detailed white and polished. Pink topaz is faceted all the way around. Slide bail will accept standard chain up to 3mm or omega 10-12mm wide and 2-3mm thick.

gold gecko pendant#GEK306 - $345.00

Gold gecko charm with emerald eyes!

#GECKO189 - $1,995.00

14kt gecko that you will swear is alive! Shimmering Belgian cut diamonds of .50cts and 1.5mm emerald eyes that look right at you. From all angles, this guy is ready to go anywhere with you! Weighs 5-6gms and measures 33mm tall and 17mm wide (1 1/4" tall by 5/8" wide)

gold plumeria flower pendant#GM512 - $55.00 - 1.1gms

A single perfect plumeria flower in 14kt yellow gold.

3 blossom Hawaiian tri color earrings #EGP88 - $265.00 - 5.3 gms

Plumeria blossom post earrings hang about 1 1/4" with yellow, white and rose blossoms. App 5.3gms Tanned earlobes, on the beach...


14k Hawaii plumeria earrings #MSE100 - $50.00 - .8gms

Tiny Hawaiian plumeria earrings. Great for small ears or second pair. Barely 1/4 inch across. All 14kt flower, posts and backing.

flower blossom jewelry pendant #FLOWER - $195.00

Flower blossom with textured heart shaped petals and polished pistols. Not sure if it is a fruit tree blossom or tropical. App 3.3gms and 3/4" across.

Hawaiian outrigger canoe necklace pendant or bracelet charm #93623 - $145.00

Hawaiian outrigger canoe necklace pendant or bracelet charm. 7/8" long and 7/16" wide or 20x10mm. Outside of canoe hull is highly polished while inside is hand carved rustic. App 1.8gms

14kt gold polished T handle Hawaiian canoe paddle

#PADDLE - $75/90/165

Hawaian canoe paddle in high polish 14kt gold. Hidden bail at top just below T handle. Small is 1" long and app. .9gms; medium is 1.25" long app 1.2gms; large is 1.4" long and app 2.2gms. Bail openings 4-5mm long and 3mm wide.

turtle town necklace jewelry

#AS154 - $75.00

Turtle Town sea turtle swimming among the coral and grass. If you have dove the crater, you dove Turtle Town! 3/4" across or 20mm and 1 1/8" or 27mm tall for the oval only. App 4.5gms

The Road to Hana jewelry necklace pendant

#AS-HANA - $75.00

The Road to Hana in a medium sized jewelry necklace. 1.25" across or 32mm. Pinned pivoting bail. Front of Maui is done in a hilly fauna texture simulating mountains and valleys. The Road to Hana is carved into the island starting at Kahului extending through the Town of Hana and ending at Seven Pools. We did the big loop but not everyone does. If you prefer the loop we can alter one in a wax for you. This is done in anti-tarnish Argentium Silver .935 which is .010 points higher than sterling silver. This weighs approximately 5.5gms. 14kt gold would be about 8gms. Back side of Maui is perfectly flat and suitable for engraving. The edges are tapered into the ocean, just like the island! If you have ridden the Road to Hana, you know!

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