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Blackbeard's pirate jewelry treasure found along with his famed cutlass

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"Pirates! Off the port side."
"Walk the plank ye dogs!"
Growing up in New England, every kid heard tales of all the famous pirates. Blackbeard, Captain Hook, Long John Silver, and all the buccaneers. My father was a fan of Edward Rowe Snow and his pirate books kept me spellbound if not scared. If you are also a lover of pirates and tales, you may just be in luck with piece of 14k gold pirate skull jewelry or our famous pirate sword dagger earrings.
It is said that Blackbeard had 14 wives, wore candles in his beard and drank gunpowder in his rum. The thought of answering to 14 of them is the only one that scares me...
Today, the most feared act of piracy is running out of cheeseburgers in paradise! We'll be looking to see who is flying the Jolly Roger for sunset cocktails. See you in Margaritaville... or the Blackbeard Festival in Hampton or in the Gasparilla Pirate Parade!
The above picture of Blackbeard's booty is just a sampling of the treasures and pirate skull jewelry inside!

diamond pirate skull  jewelry

#DIAPIR056 - $3,995.00

Be afraid. Very afraid. 14kt white gold pirate skull covered in diamonds. Black diamonds in the sunken eyes, yellow diamonds for rotting teeth. Hinged jaw to always have the last laugh. This is heavy Requires a very strong chain up to 5mm or rope to wear it. 18.6gms of white gold. 3.5cts of diamonds total weight. 344 white diamonds 3.1tct - 16 vivid yellow diamonds .12ctw - 14 black diamonds .28ctw Retail is $18,249 with gold under $1,000 and we are selling for $3,995

Same as his brother next door without the bling! 1 5/16" tall; 7/8" wide; 9/16" thick. 32x22x15mm Total dangle length with the bail is 1 7/8" or 46mm. Bail opening is 6mm

white gold pirate skull jewelry with black diamond eyes

#BLACKDIASKULL - $1,495.00

If I were prospecting for Sons of Anarchy, I would want to be wearing this on a Hellcat! Incredible understated flash. Very subtle black diamond eyes. Approximately 16gms of 14kt white gold and .25cts of black opaque diamonds. Retail was $7,459

Jaws are hinged to open. Skull is 1 5/16" tall, 7/8" wide and 9/16" thick. 33mm x 22mm x 15mm. Total dangle length with bale is 1 7/8" or 46mm. Bale opening is 6mm.

14kt gold 3D full round pirate skull jewelry necklace

#PIR12166 - $365.00

Mr Skull sees all and knows all! Sunken captivating eyes that seem to pull you in with a diamond sparkle finish. Thick enough structure that you could set gemstones. Available with medium bail or larger bail. Opening is 3x5mm or 4x7mm. Finished all the way around, the skull is hollow as all matter has been removed. 13/16" tall with bail. 7/16" across the temporal lobes. 9/16" from the oblongata to back of skull.

$365.00 medium bail 6.1gms

$385.00 larger bail 6.5

$345.00 Without any bail

gold skull no bones pirate skull jewelry necklace

#13690 - $1,095.00

Skull-no-bones. The fiercest warrior was left to guard the passageway. In the afterlife, only the skull was needed to keep the others away. 5/8" wide, 3/8" deep, 1 1/8" tall plus loop and bail make it 1 5/8" tall. App 17.1gms!

14k skull and cross bones jewelry necklace pendant

#SKULL158 - $245.00

Small, solid heavy skull and crossbones pendant. The skull is half round while the bones are full round. 1/2" across and tall and 3/16" thick. Total dangle length is 3/4" and approximate weight 3.7gms

14kt skull and crossed bones jewelry bracelet charm

#SKULL158jr - $245.00

Small, solid and heavy skull and crossed bones charm. This one is done with a heavy jump ring that can be cut and used for a bracelet, earring or piercing. The jump ring opening is 5mm or 3/16". App 3.6gms

gold pirate sword necklace pendant

#PIRATESWORD - $335.00

Pirate sword necklace pendant with hidden bail on back side. 3D full dimensional, the blade has four cutting edges and four sides. 2" or 50mm tall and 5/8" or 16mm across the handle. 5.6gms It might work for a larger piercing or earring

pirates skull and crossbones knife#5312 - $365.00

Only the likes of Blackbeard could have carried a knife this bad! 14kt Skull, crossbones, drop point blade and a snake! All in glistening 14kt gold. 'Aye matey walk the plank!' You can almost hear the words of old. 1 3/4" tall w/o bale and more than 1/2" wide. The eyes of the skull are hollow to see right through to what you are wearing. Back side App 6gms

captain kidd hook with skull & crossbones#17250 - $105.00 

14kt Pirate's Jolly Roger! Detailed with a patch over one eye and swashbuckling mustache! Not to fear, this gold is not part of his. 7/8" across and 3/4" tall app 2.1gms.

one eyed pirate#5588 - $185.00

One eyed buccaneer! The patch is highly polished and reflects to look black. It's all yellow gold! 3/4" tall App 3.7gsm

skull & crossbones scull and daggers#5590 - $95.00

The 14kt famed skull and crossbones! No one will question your buccaneer prowess with this one!  5/8" across and 3/4" tall app 1.9gms.

14k gold pirate skull jewelry #5592 - $175.00

There is a reason why so few pirate treasures have been recovered... dead men tell no tales. Legend has it that often the unsuspecting pirate sent ashore to bury the treasure did not return to the ship. 14k gold pirate skull 5/8" wide and 7/8" long. App 3.5gms Would look great on a belly ring!

gold sea monster serpent loch ness#2416 - $160.00

No one knew the tales of sea monsters like the pirates. They faced countless battles with each sea crossing. 14kt gold sea monster in full terrifying detail. 1 1/2" app 3.2gsm

14k gold hangmans noose #4825 - $60-95.00

There was only one thing a pirate feared, and that was the hangmans noose at the yardarm. Many a famed pirate met their end this way, and only the fiercest dared to defy it and adorn themselves with one. Larger is 1.25" long and the other is .75" long. App 1 - 1.9gms Great for earring, charm, pendant or body adornment. Unless you're scared.

3 masted pirate ship #1266 - $270.00

Pirate fighting ship! Low mid-ships for easy boarding and taking treasure! 3D with full sails . About 1" across app 5.4gms.

pirates skull jewelry #1142 - $70.00

If your school or pro team is called the Pirates, this is for you! 3/4 inch across app 1.3gms

Spike the pirate skull impaled with Blackbeards sword #SPIKE - $595.00

After having buried Captain Blackbeard's largest treasure in the Outer Banks, his most trusted pirate Spike was never seen or heard from again. I've often wondered what Blackbeard would say after rowing back to the ship alone...

Short spiked sword through the top of the skulll. Done in the wax so it is all one secure piece. Handle opening is the bail and will accept a chain of up to 5mm round or 12mm flat link. The end is pointed but no longer sharp. The liability pirates would keelhaul me! Total length is 2.25" and weighs app 9.8gms

human skull pierced with a spike sword in 14kt white gold #SPIKE.wg - $645.00

Spiked human skull done in 14kt white gold. Very sharp! If you want it more rounded just say. This came in at 10.1gms, highly polished with the eye sockets have been textured with a diamond coated burr for detail. 2 1/4" long. Handle opening is 5mm by 12mm

Double tap pirate skull 14kt gold

#Double-Tap - $945.00

Once upon a time, there was a giant of a Nordic Viking Pirate known as DT. In a battle he would stand unarmed laughing when someone charged. He would put his hands up high in the air roaring with laughter, then reach behind his head and draw matching spiked swords. It took enormous Celtic strength to then pierce the skull of his pirate enemy with a double tap. This tribute is highly polished with temporal lobes done in sparkle texture. Either the eyes or the lobes bulged, we chose the lobes! App 15gms (This one is 14.7gms) with very sharp spikes. We can round them a bit if you like. Can hang on a chain with one handle or both handles. Finished front and back. Stands just under 2.5" tall and 1" wide at the handles. Depth about 1/2". Your jeweler can add gemstones to the eyes if you choose.

14k winged pirate sword #PIR174 - $225.00

Detailed sword with short spiked handle, upswept wings for the hilt and guarded by a cobra or serpent! 1 1/2" tall plus bail, 7/16" across the wings and app 4gms. Back side is smooth and highly polished.

14k gold pirate battle club with skull and spiked mace #SkullMaceClub - $475.00

Only the mightiest could wield a pirate weapon this this. Solid 3D skull makes up the club handle, at the bottom is a weighted spiked mace head. Certain death slowly follows from a single blow to the body. Skull Club Mace. What more would you need! Small and heavy weapon. 1.25" from bottom of mace to top of skull. Mace ball is scooped out, skull is solid. Heavy at 4.7gms of solid 14k gold. Would make incredible earring as well as jewelry necklace pendant

captain kidd sword jewelry#Captain Kidd - $345.00

Captain William Kidd, the one that made the buccaneer hat, eye-patch and double pistols famous. The son of a minister who was later hung in chains near Tilbury Fort, England. His long sword is solid 14kt gold 3" long with a double convex edged blade. The blade has not been work hardened so if you want to use for a body piercing or earring you will be able to gently curve it once. Then it will become work hardened. Or simply wear it as a pendant with your chain through the detailed handle. App 5.7gms so not for the faint of heart or merely a weekend pirate wannabee. This is for the real thing!

captain hook sword jewelry#Captain Hook - $265.00

You were expecting the hook? Don't be disrespectful to the cap'n! He was a fierce swordsman and could do more with one hand than many could do with two. He relished in administering a slow painful death. His sword is a medium length and is not sharpened on the edges, just a perfectly round rod that could break bones in an instant! Setting you up for the hook... 2 1/4" long and ap 4.4gms. The gold has not been work hardened and for an earring or body piercing can be gentle shaped once. Worn as a pendant the handle will take up to a 5mm chain.

swashbuckling pirate broad sword jewelry #SWORD564 - $275.00

Swashbuckling sword that comes to mind when we think of pirate battles! Broad sword with two false edges that are not sharpened. Engraving with hidden bail in the back for a very small chain or ear wire. Handle can be used as a bail also. Too large for a piercing! 1 3/4" long and app 4.5gms

14kt gold pirate dagger necklace charm

#PIR4839 - $70.00

Short sword or pirate dagger. 3D finished on both sides. One side is high polished and the other is diamond cut. App 1.4gms and 1" long.

read bonney pirate sword jewelry#Read-Bonney - $95.00

Mary Read and Anne Bonney, two of the most ferocious pirates ever. And they were women! It is a little known fact that their swords were a few inches shorter than the men's. Many would think it was because they were the weaker sex... NOT! - it was because they were faster! Most men hacked and stabbed with the sword, these ladies slashed and ran them through... this is the boot knife or bosom sword. While they could feign weakness and let their opponent pin their long sword, they simply reached for their short sword to finish them off! 1 1/2" long with a handle for the bail for a pendant, could be dangle earrings or gently bent for an earring or body piercing. App 2.1gms

pirate sword guarded by snake pendant

#2288 - $895.00

14kt Bugis pirate sword hangs 2.5" with bail. It is said the Bugis pirates were the most fierce and ruthless. Even today! Kidnapping children as pirate slaves until they were old enough to be a Bugis pirate. Fierce 3D sword with a sea monster serpent, skull crusher, bail will accept up to 5mm chain. Yellow and white gold with rhodium highlights. Requires heavy strong chain. Or else the boogie man will get you!! App 16-18gms

14kt gold skeleton pirate charm

#5595 - $170.00

14kt pirate skeleton app 3.1gms and 1 3/8" long. Makes a great earring to complete your pirate look! Diamond cuts on arms and legs for extra sparkle or battle wounds...

solid gold skull and crossbones pirate necklace pendant

#PIR6715 - $235.00

Large skull and crossbones solid gold pendant. Finished on front, back is scooped out to keep light. Across X marks the spot bones is 11/16th (almost 3/4") or 17mm. Top of skull to bottom of bones is 13/16" or 21mm. Thickness is 3/16" or 5mm across eye sockets. App weight is 4.4gms

skull & crossbones pirate pendant for pirate, biker or military #1994 - $145.00

Wicked pirate skull & crossbones! 14kt gold with black enameled eyes and rhodium mouth. Bones are nearly 1" diagonal and head is 5/8' tall. App 2.9gms

14kt gold skull jewelry pendant #PIR5593 - $80.00

Argh! Dead men tell no tales and make the best guard for your pirate treasure! Simple skull pendant or charm. App 1.6gms and 1/2" tall.

double skeleton pirate jewelry ringCaptain Kidd always buried two 'guards' with his treasure... dead men tell no lies pirate ring!


medium gold & silver atocha shipwreck coin #SEA-ATO7 - 6.4gms - $125-245

Replica coins from the shipwreck Atocha treasure. Three sizes of silver shipwreck coin framed in 14kt yellow gold. Even the bale is shaped like an old shackle.

skull and crossbones pirate cufflinks #SEACL524 - $60.00

ARGH!! Once in a while you still have to dress up. But no one says it can't be fun! Pirates! Bikers! Airborne! Skull & Crossbone cufflinks in silver color base metal with red facet stone eyes!

Captain Hook stainless steel hook bracelet #HOOK - $45.00

Captain Hook bracelet! Black rubber and stainless steel 8.5 inches. Two together would make a fine choker necklace for a pirate wench or three together for a pirate guard to the cap'n!

scrimshaw compass rose cufflinks #SEACL712 - $65.00

Gold tone swivel cufflinks with a faux scrimshaw stone insert with compass rose. These are made to look like an old sailor scrimashawed face. Again, these are NOT real ivory scrimshaw, may be sent into any country legally. 17mm across or just over 5/8"

pirate dagger swrod cufflinks #SEACL36 - $35.00

Pirate dagger swords just for fun! You can dress your best but still be a pirate at heart. Simple base metal pirate sword cufflinks made to look old and medieval.

silver skull bead jewelry for bracelet, necklace, knife lanyard #SKULLB1 - $20.00

Sterling silver .925 skull bead that is ideal for necklace, bracelet, knife lanyard, key fob, leather vest, conchos, saddlebags or more! Wholesale on these was $18 each. Pass through hole is horizontal from skull bead side to side. Hole opening is about 3/16" or 4mm. Height is 7/16" or 1mm and width is 5/16 or 8mm. Weight is app 2.3gms

silver skull bead jewelry  for bracelet, necklace, knife lanyard #SKULLB2 - $20.00

Sterling silver .925 skull bead that is ideal for necklace, bracelet, knife lanyard, key fob, leather vest, conchos, saddlebags or more! Wholesale on these was $18 each. Pass through hole is vertical from top of skull bead to bottom. Hole opening is about 3/16" or 4mm. Height is 3/8" or 9mm and width is 5/16 or 8mm. Weight is app 2gms


treasure chest charm #766 - $795.00

Shhh... don't tell a soul but we have uncovered Blackbeard's hidden treasure chest of buried booty!  Solid heavy 14kt gold, 1/2" long and 3/8" wide. App 7.2gms

skull and crossbones pirate biker bracelet.

#SCBB - $695.00

Very heavy skull and crossbones bracelet in Argentium silver. This comes in at 83.3 grams. Three heavy skull and crossbones, two European anchor connecting links and one Argentium silver heavy magnetic link. This will fit an average wrist of 7.5 to 8". To add another skull & crossbones will bring it to ten inches. In between sizes would be adding joiner links. Standard lobster claw clasp is possible as well.

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