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cable braceletsCable bracelets - single, double or triple strands available in various weights and thickness. For a full selection of cable strand bracelets and jewelry go to cable jewelry
turks head bracelet turks head bracelets
Turks head bracelets in various weights, thicknesses and lengths. Custom made for you.
For a full selection go to Turks head jewelry.

braided 14kt necklace and pendant Braided 14k gold

Soft, silky threads of pure 14k gold braided into an intricate necklace or incredible bracelet. The width is 7mm and the thickness is 3mm, is much like an oval shaped omega. One of the highest quality chain manufacturers in the world found in the higher end boutique jewelry stores. One necklace left. In stock are 7" bracelets and 16" necklaces. Bracelets average 17gms and the necklace 36gms. These are priced at $65gm and retail is $100-145gm. Again, one of the highest quality names known throughout Europe. The clasp is hinged and locks, pure genius in design by Schofer. $1,060-2,465

white gold diamond tork cable bracelet #CABTORC226 - $3,995.00

Incredible white gold diamond cable torc 6mm bracelet. Made by Schofer in Germany to the highest European gold standards, .585 or 14kt with VS diamonds. Eighty (80) VS1 matching diamonds of 1.5mm for a total carat weight of 1.04cts and approximate bracelet weight of 40gms. This is the 6.25mm Chalif style as known in Europe.

Retail is $9,995 for 1 carat 40 gram diamond 7.5" bracelet.

Matching necklace on the cable page.

gold pelican hook bracelet #SEAPH6 - 10gms - 7" - $745.00

Solid 14kt yellow gold pelican hook bracelets. Also comes in heavy 8" version for guys at 24gms and diamond options.

gold life line link bracelet #SEALL5 - 12-14gms - 7" - $925.00

14kt lifeline rigging series bracelets. Heavy version for guys at 26-28gms and 8 inches as well as two tone diamond options.

#453 - $495.00

14kt Celtic braid as seen on the ring shanks, borders of scrolls and how they actually made rope. 7.25 inch bracelet with lobster clasp. The width is 3/16 inch or 4mm. There are actually 16 pinned and hinged links to make up this bracelet. Approximately 10gms

GLB - $2,295.00

Great Lakes sailing bracelet and five oceans yachting bracelet. Five alexandrites that are sea blue by day and party purple/red by night!

#749 - $345.00

14kt sealife charm bracelet that is 7.5 inches long, has a pivoting seahorse for clasp and two tone enamel coated sea shell as the first charm! High polish app 6.9gms

14kt gold manatee bracelet#NAB-183 - $510.00

Stunning highly polished manatee bracelet. Right at 7 3/8" in length and 8.3 gms in weight.

gold curly tailed seahorses#NAB130 - $345.00

Solid 14kt gold cute little curly tailed seahorses! Twelve in all to make up a beautiful 7.5 inch bracelet app 6.8gms

14kt small sand dollars bracelet #BRAC11850 - $495.00

14kt natural yellow gold sand dollar bracelet made up of twelve textured and diamond cut sand dollars. Each sand dollar is 3/8" across or 10mm, the total length is 7 1/2" and held secure by a lobster claw clasp. Weight is app 8.5gms.

10 large sand dollars in bracelet#SEAS162 - $815.00

These sand dollar bracelets are a little heavier than others. Ten sand dollars making up a 7" braclet. Sand dollars are 5/8" across app 16.3gms.

12 sand dollars in gold bracelet#SEAS165 - $525.00

Twelve sand dollars joined in a seven inch braclet Sand dollars are 3/8" across app 10.5gms

14 baby sand dollars in gold bracelet#SEAS149 - $340.00

Fourteen adorable little sand dollars forming a petite bracelet of seven inches. Would make a perfect ankle bracelt at ten inches! Sand dollars are 1/4" across app 6.8gms. To view all three bracelets in comparison together click sand dollar bracelets!

dancing starfish bracelet#NAB045 - $535.00

Ten individual dancing starfish make up this seven inch bracelet app 10.6gms!

#BRAC98 - $575.00

Shell bracelet with five ridged scallop shells, four ridged oyster shells and four textured oyster shells. Lobster claw clasp. 7.25 inches long 185mm app 11.4gms

gold scallop shell bracelet #11834 - $745.00

Scallop shell bracelet. 7.75" long with 11 scallop shells. Each shell is about 7/16" long. Secure lobster claw all solid 14kt gold app 12.7gms

14kt gold scallop shell bracelet#NAB112 - $695.00

Detailed scallop shells with tiny ridged backs, 12 in a row each about 7/16" long app 11.8gms.

14k gold oyster shell bracelet#BRAC250 - $995.00

7.5" oyster shell bracelet in detailed polished finish. Inside of each oyster shell is suitable for engraving. Outside has all the textures of one found. Nine shells interlocked by links and locked with lobster claw clasp. App 16gms

14kt gold lighthouse bracelet #NAB178 - $355.00

14 lighthouses linked to make a 7" bracelet app 7gms. Matches lighthouse earrings.

14kt gold nantucket lighthouse lightship basket bracelet #NAB142 - $445.00

3D Nantucket light ship baskets or fish baskets joined together. 12 baskets in all, flat on one side so as not to roll app 9gms. Baskets do not have lids and you can look into them. Earrings and pendant to match.

ladies gold shackle bracelet #NAB081 - $370 - 1,240.00

Ladies seven inch shackle bracelet with blocks. Made up of ten shackles and nine turning blocks. Lobster claw for secure fastening. That's what the shackle is all about, secure fastening.

14kt gold cruising bracelet with sailboats, propellers and life saver rings #BRAC265 - $660.00

The cruising bracelet! Seven inch bracelet made up of 5 life saver rings; 3 propellers and 2 sailboats! App 13.2gms with secure lobster claw clasp.

14kt gold sailboat bracelet for americas cup
#NAB-179 - $345.00

7" sailing sloop bracelet sure to make her smile! 15 sloops secured with lobster claw and stout bale. Each sailboat is about 1/4" across, app 5.2gms. You won't see another sailboat bracelet like this. Earrings to match. Be ready for the America's Cup!

double flip flop sandal bracelet #NAB146 - $645.00

Ten pairs of flip flop thongs make up this 7.25 inch flip flop sandal bracelet app 10.9gms

flip flop sandal bracelet #NAB184 - $495.00

Twelve flip flops make up this 7.5 inch 14kt gold flip flop sandal bracelet app 7.5gms

large enamel conch shell bracelet

#BRAC5948 - $2,795.00

Enamel conch bracelet with larger heavy conch shells, 7.5 inch length and 38.8gms! Each shell is nearly one inch long and 3/4 inch wide and full round finished front and back. Photo is the actual item, heavy links, larger lobster claw clasp, all solid 14kt gold with ceramic style enamel, edges have ocean wave edges so you can hear the sea wherever you travel. For that very special event of her life.

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