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Seawear® 14kt gold flip flop beach thong jewelry with diamond sandal toe straps! Plumeria flower sandal slipper charms from Hawaii! Flip flops from the beaches of Cape Cod! White gold. Yellow gold. Diamonds. Enamel toe straps. Sandal earrings, flip flop bracelets and beach thong jewelry charms. Everyone in Hawaii wears these and calls them slippers (slippahs). In the winter, they just add socks!


diamond plumeria Hawaiian flip flop charms DIA.PLUM - $175.00

Incredible Hawaiian plumeria flip flop beach sandal with diamonds in the toe strap. Yellow gold is done in a sandblast finish with the plumeria in raised relief detail. 3/4 inch long with .05cts diamonds. Chain is worn under the toe straop. One left

small 14k white gold flip flop charm with toe grooves #2PETITE - $60.00

14kt white gold size 2 petite! This flip flop jewelry charm is only 17mm or 11/16" long with polished strap, sole and toe grooves. Underside is cross textured. Ideal for bracelet charm, earrings or delicate chain.

two tone beach flip flop pendant #MSC118 - 1gm - $50.00 - all yellow
Single 14kt beach thong jewelry sandal with white gold toe strap and yellow gold sole. Just like the white and yellow ones you had as a kid! Or all yellow gold. Thong alone is about 1/2" plus loop and bail.
sandels and flip flops in gold
#MSC069 - $135.00
Double beach sandals flip flops! If you are a beach walker, Key West'er or live in paradise, you know what thongs are! About 5/8" long and 3/8" wide app 1.2gms 3D so you can wear them as a charm or pendant.

 two tone doulbe beach thong flip flop slippers

#MSC256 - $75.00

Two tone double flip flop beach thong slippers. All 14kt gold with the toe strap done in white rhodium. 5/8" long and app 1.2gms

white gold double beach thong flip flop slipper sandals

#MSC2961 - $75.00

White gold double flip flop beach thong slippers. 5/8" long app 1.2gms

14kt white gold and diamonds flip flop pendant #DIA5222 - $165.00

14kt white gold small double flip flop pendant with diamond toe strap. Total diamond weight .07cts. Each flip flop is 1/2" long or 11mm. Total weight app 1.5gms.

14k double flip flop necklace pendant with .10cts of VS diamonds, 12 in all! #FLIP120d - $295.00

14kt double flip flops with .10cts of VS diamonds. Textured finish on front and back, each heel has six diamonds, 12 total. A real sparkler! Almost 3/4" long or 16mm 2.1gms

satin fihished gold flip flop beach thong with ten diamonds in the toe strap#XLPVYWD - $295.00

14kt Hawaiian slipper beach thong with yellow satin sole, white high polish toe strap with ten .01ct diamonds for app .10ctw Nearly an inch tall at 15/16 or 22mm Chain passes through the toe strap

14k gold flip flop sandal slippah post earings #FFE019 - $75.00

Solid yellow gold flip flop sandal earrings with post under heal. Distinct left and right earrings. Each sandal is 12mm or 1/2 inch long. App 1.3gms per pair

14k gold flip flop sandal slipper earrings #FFE038 - $80.00

14k two tone flip flop earrings with the toe strap rhodium plated. Individual left and right earrings. Each sandal earring is 12mm or 1/2" long. app 1.3gms per pair

14k gold ball drop post flip flop earrings#FFE160 - $115.00

All yellow gold ball drop flip flop post earrings. Total dangle length is 20mm or 3/4 inch. App 1.8gms

14k gold two tone ball drop flip flop sandlal earrings#FFW106 - $120.00

14k gold ball drop flip flop post earrings with the toe strap rhodium plated white. Total dangle length is 20mm or 3/4 inch. App 1.8gms

14k yellow gold flip flop post earrings

#FFE103 - $125.00

14k all yellow gold flip flop sandal post earrings. Post is centered on the heel. 5/8" tall, a left and right, textured sole and highly polshed toe strap. 2.1 grams per pair.

double flip flop sandal bracelet
#NAB146 - $795.00 - 10.9gms
Ten pairs of flip flop thongs make up this 7.25 inch flip flop sandal bracelet.
flip flop sandal bracelet
#NAB184 - $795.00
Eleven flip flops make up this 7 inch 14kt gold flip flop sandal bracelet. All yellow gold app 7.2gms

flip flop beach thong sandal slippah bracelet

#THONG045 -$675.00

14k gold two tone single beach thong slippah sandal bracelet. Twelve single sandals to make a 7.5" bracelet app 7.7gms. Last one, discontinued by manufacturer

beach thong slippah sandal bracelet

#THONG046 - $795.00
14kt two tone beach thong flip flops. Nine pairs of slippah sandal thongs for any occasion totaling 7.5 inch bracelet app 10.4gms
These next beach thong jewelry charms are a new hand made design from Hawaii. They are made very much like the original flip flop beach thongs. The toe strap thong is pulled through the sole and flares out on the underside. They are fully finished on all sides in 3D full round. The bottom of the soles are textured, the tops are satin finish and the edges are polished. They are available with a .02ct four prong hand set diamond as well! The chain goes underneath the polished toe strap and slides along your chain. The gold colors are yellow, white and stunning rose gold! Take a moment to click on the images for high resolution flip flop beach thongs. They measure 3/4" or 19mm tall and average 1.7gms

white white flip flop

#FLIP.WW - $95.00

white gold flip flop with yellow toe strap

#FLIP.WY - $95.00

#FLIP.YW - $95.00

white flip flop with yellow diamond thong

#FLIP.WYD - $135.00

yellow yellow beach thong sandal

#FLIP.YY - $95.00

pink beach thong with yellow strap

#FLIP.RY - $95.00

14kt white gold beach thong flip flop sandal #FLIP.WWk - $80.00

sandblast frosted sold and high polish toe strap, all in 14kt white gold. 3/4" long and 1.8-1.9gms

rose gold beach thong sandal with white gold strap

#FLIP.RW - $95.00

yellow gold flip flop and yellow toe strap

#FLIP.YYk - $80.00

sandblasted sole and high polished toe strap, 3/4" long and 1.8-1.9gms

yellow gold flip flop with white gold strap

#FLIP.YWk - $80.00

sandblasted sole and high polished white gold toe strap, 3/4" long and 1.8-1.9gms

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