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YES! Gold cable jewelry!
These are the same cable pieces you see in the malls for hundreds or thousands of dollars more. There are literally hundreds of combinations to choose from. If you don't see the exact combination you want, just ask. Most are priced with the snap shackle clasp. If you prefer the standard push lock clasp the price may be hundreds less. Just ask. The weights below appear conservative from the orders we've fulfilled...
Limited to actual stock on hand for these prices. No further discounts for wholesale. We can order any bracelet or necklace to be made for you custom to your size. Allow 3-4 weeks and 6-8 weeks after September 15 to January 15. Price is based on daily gold market second London fix.
These images do not come close to the real thing...this is closer.

gold cable braceletsCable bracelets in solid 14kt gold.

The mariner's snap shackle clasp is trademarked and the cost alone is $500 for the small one and $600 for the larger snap shackle. There are all sorts of combinations, singles, doubles triples, diamonds, white gold and more! Thes are the TMI line patented by Guy Beard. Any can be special ordered and allow four weeks. Priced at daily market which is $110-150gm with gold at $1,400-1,600



with snap shackle

Guy Beard TMI double 4mm cable bracelet

Double 4.4mm cable strands with two joiners that keep the cables in alignment. Total width is 9mm and just over 10mm at joiners. Large Mariners snap shackle clasp with an 8" inside diameter and 9.5" outside diameter. Will fit an average guy or larger boned woman that normally wears a 9" length bracelet. Huge guys it will not fit. This is something for special occasions or 24/7. I'm 210lbs and it fits me like a glove with plenty of room to slide. If you are on a desktop computer, feel free to click on the image and try it on. This is 57gms and you will carry it, not wear it! $4,275.00 shipping only to a verified billing address. Western Union is the only method of payment if you are outside the USA.

Guy Beard triple 4.4mm cable bracelet with 1.10cts of VS/G diamonds

Triple strand 4.4mm cables with 1.1ct of VS diamonds and mariner sapphire clasp. 85.8gms with inside circumference of seven inches. All three cables go in the same direction. Mariners shackle clasp with cabochon sapphire. Some had the middle cable going in the opposing direction. 110 points of VS/G-H diamonds in triple 4.4mm joiners. Retail today with gold at $1,600oz is more than $25,000. This is the older version with the heavy cable that is closer to 5mm than the new one that is closer to 4mm.

Free shipping anywhere in the world with Western Union payment. Customs, broker fees, government fees, VAT, GST, PST or LST is your repsonibility. Any authorized store can call the distributor and verify this is well below wholesale.

  • 85.8gms
  • 1.10cts VS/GH
  • seven inches
  • $7,990.00 USD
  • Western Union or bank wire will ship the same day. Credit cards will only ship Registered Mail
  • Western Union only for buyer with non-USA address
  • Available, in stock for serious buyer.
  • Retail in 2003 when gold was $360oz was $8,200 and was only available on a custom basis. This was the only one that would please 'her' when she found out he had bought himself the three ounce 9mm monster rope cable!

    Guy Beard TMI double diamond cable necklace

    Double strand 4.4mm cable necklace with 1.01cts of VS/G-H diamonds in double 4.4mm joiners with mariner snap shackle cabochon sapphire clasp. This is a 16" lenth cable necklace with a total weight of 101.4gms. Original model number C4DMD-160 and later changed to #C5-136.

    One available at $8,990.00

    Retail in 2003 with gold at $360oz was $8,990.00. Retail today is in excess of $25,000 with gold at $1,600oz

  • 101.4gms
  • 1.01cts VS/GH
  • $8,990 USD
  • Western Union or bank wire will ship the same day. Credit cards will only ship Registered Mail
  • Western Union only for buyer with non-USA address
  • Available, in stock for serious buyer.
  • 14kt gold 3mm Guy Beard TMI cable bracelet with mariner clasp

    Single strand 3mm cable bracelet with mariner clasp. 7.5" long at 14.1gms

    $1,595.00 One available.

    Any other size will be four weeks and $1,800ish

    Guy Beard TMI Seawear 4mm 14k gold cable bracelet

    Single strand 4mm cable bracelet with mariner clasp 7" at 29.1gms

    $2,795 one available

    14kt gold 4mm cable bracelet by Guy Beard

    Single strand 4mm cable bracle with mariner clasp. 7.5" long at 27gms.

    $2,495.00 One available

    Any other size will be four weeks and $3,400ish

    Cable bracelets in solid 14kt gold. NOT hollow cable. These are heavy. Seven inch length bracelet or sixteen inch necklaces. Standard finish is with a lobster claw clasp.

    Trademarked TMI also known as Guy Beard. These are not available with the mariner clasp. These prices are for a lobster claw clasp as shown for these pieces in stock only.

    Approximate cable bracelet weights are 6.1gms; 10.9gms and 19.5gms.

    Approximate cable necklace weights are 13.4gms; 23.9gms and 47.2gms.

    As each is hand made they can vary by several tenths of a gram.

    4mm cable necklace in 14kt gold

    Guy Beard TMI 4mm cable necklace in 16" length. 53.7gms

    One in stock $4,895.00

    Guy Beard 14mm braided cable  bracelet

    14mm triple 2mm strand cable bracelet 6.5 to 6.75" wrist weighing 64.9gms, has safety clasp catch that has to slide in and the fold over. Very secure $5,750.00

    gold cable jewelry

    Made to order pieces have other options, white gold, diamonds, etc

    3.2mmX29mm 1 1/8" round retails @ $1,295 (our price $595 app 9.4gms in stock)

    3.2mmX23mm 15/16" retails @ $995 (our price $480 app 7.4gms in stock)

    2.3mmx7mm (1/4") @ $495 ~made to order

    2.3mmX17mm (5/8") retails @ $595 (our price $235.00 app 3.6gms in stock)

    2.3mmX21.5mm (7/8") @ $575 appr 4.4gms made to order


    14k braided twisted hoop earrings #EAR22307 - $215.00

    14k twisted braided hoop earrings with hinged ear post, smooth barrel ends. Limited supply. Very high end brand. Average weight is 3.6gms per pair. 7/8" across or 22mm


    14kt white gold cascade chain #CAS542 - $1,680.00

    14kt Euro white gold 3.25mm cascade soft in a brushed satin finish. This are made for the European market to the EU Nickle Directive, nickle free white gold! Very high end Schofer manufacturer from Germany. Incredible quality, clasp swivels so the chain never kinks, 17" length and approximately 28gms. Retail is $3,995 with gold at $1,400oz, we are selling for $65gm! Well below wholesale. Limited supply and only this size available. Goes great with yellow gold, rose gold or pearls! Just to give you an idea of the suppleness that is a 17" turned three times.

    3mm 14k gold cable necklace

    #CAB408 - $1,195.00

    3mm basket weave cable necklace in 18" length with invisible locking barrel clasp. Silky smooth of fine gauge wires made by Schoffer in Germany. Widest part of clasp is 4mm with simple one hand push to open mechanism. One of the most supple chains you will every see! Total weight is 20.2gms ~ Retail was $2,995.00 with gold at $1,000 we are selling for less than half with gold at $1,200 ~ Stamped 585 gold Germany; 14kt S for Stuller and will pass Customs anywhere in the world including Switzerland One remaining

    2mm cable necklace

    #CAB831 -$545.00

    1.5mm cable necklace in 17" length. Great wear as choker alone or with slide pendant, Hoki ball or your favorite charm. Secure locking barrel clasp, .585 gold 14kt from Schoffer of Germany. These are of the highest quality worldwide. Retail was $995 with gold at $1,000oz and we are selling for $545 with gold at $1,400oz Approximate weight is 8.4gms for the last remaining necklace

    GLB - $2,395.00

    Great Lakes sailing bracelet and five oceans yachting bracelet. Five alexandrites that are sea blue by day and party purple/red by night!

    braided stainless steel and 14kt gold necklace Braided Stainless & 14kt gold

    Silky soft spun threads of stainless steel braided into an indestructible 6mm necklace with 14kt yellow gold swivel German lobster claw closure clasp. This is the same style of braided stainless steel that you would see on high pressure water or hydraulic hoses in the engine room. Average weight is 37gms, these are in 16" lengths only. Very, very distinctive and noticeable. For our auto and motorcycle enthusiast girls, you will love them! Retail at the big names is $495, here they are only $195!

    braided 14kt necklace and pendant Braided 14k gold

    Soft, silky threads of pure 14k gold braided into an intricate necklace or incredible bracelet. Necklace lays on the clavicle rather than roll on the neck. The width is 7mm and the thickness is 3mm, is much like an oval shaped omega. One of the highest quality chain manufacturers in the world found in the higher end boutique jewelry stores. One necklace left. In stock are 7" bracelets and 16" necklaces. Bracelets average 17gms and the necklace 36gms. These are priced at $65gm and retail is $100-145gm. Again, one of the highest quality names known throughout Europe. The clasp is hinged and locks, pure genius in design by Schofer. $1,060-2,195

    18k white gold woven cable necklace with diamonds

    18kt white gold and diamonds made in Italy 16" necklace that is simply stunning. Double locking bayonet clasp. Three evenly spaced diamond rondels with approximately 1/3ct diamonds total. 27.8gms - One only. $2,295.00

    black and silver cable necklace Black Stainless & 14kt

    This is so soft and supple you cannot imagine. 14k swivel tear drop lobster claw clasp and 14k cable ends. Made by Schoffer in Germany, one of the most sought after high end chain manufacturers in the world. One only. 20" four strand twisted cable necklace. One strand of black stainless and three strands of natural silver stainless. Goes with anything! Cable is 2.75mm thick and end is 4mm. Requires bail of 4.5 to 5mm opening for a pendant. Or wear with nothing else. OK, maybe jeans!

    white gold diamond tork cable bracelet #CABTORC226 - $2,995.00

    Incredible white gold diamond cable torc 6mm bracelet. Made by Schofer in Germany to the highest European gold standards, .585 or 14kt with VS diamonds. Eighty (80) VS1 matching diamonds of 1.5mm for a total carat weight of 1.04cts and approximate bracelet weight of 40gms. This is the 6.25mm Chalif style as known in Europe.

    Retail is $9,995 for 1 carat diamond 40 gram 7.5" bracelet with gold at $1,000oz from Stuller one only

    white gold diamond cable necklace by Schofer of Germany #CABNEC541 - $2,995.00

    14kt .585 Euro white gold diamond bracelet by Schofer of Germany. Chalif style cable bracelet is 4.5mm wide with 78 1.5mm diamonds of .013cts each for a total carat weight of 1.014 carats of VS1 diamonds! Total weight is approximately 39gms and 17" necklace. Absolutely stunning as a set. One only from Stuller

    14kt white gold double strand cable necklace #CAB868 - $1,295.00

    14kt European white gold .585 from Italy. Double cable strand of woven gold into a 16.5 inch necklace with double lock barrel clasp. Each cable is 3mm wide and soldered to the other at several intervals to keep them together. Average weight is 24gms, very limited supply on a close out cable necklace. Retail is $2,995 with gold at $1,000oz. Only two remaining

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