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Make you smile' 14kt gold dolphin earrings, bracelets, pendants, charms, jewelry just for fun rings and serious dolphin wedding bands! Porpoises from the Atlantic, dolphins from the Amazon and bottlenose from the Pacific! Dolphins with diamond eyes, sapphires and pearls. All dolphin jewelry is 14kt yellow (gold) gold unless stated otherwise like 14k white gold. White gold is scarce during holidays so order early.

I was lucky enough to be anchored off Boca Grande when young mother dolphins were giving birth to babies. The next morning I was greeted with hundreds of newborn dolphin calves!

dolphin flipper with toothy smile necklace pendant charm #DOL16 - $195.00

The one that started it all... the magical dolphin flipper in that leaping pose with a smile that showed off all the teeth! 3/4" or 11mm across. 7/8" or 12mm tall plus bail. Total dangling length will be 1.25" or 32mm App 3.3gms

14kt dolphin leaping thru a diamond hoop

#DOL4614 - $1,495.00

14kt .585 dolphin leaping thru a hoop set with CZs (diamond simulants). Any jeweler could easily replace them with real diamonds for you. Dolphin is 2.25" long or 54mm! 3D full round finished on all sides. The hoop is 1 1/4" tall or 28mm. This is a large and heavy piece and will require a very strong chain, cable or omega. Completely high polished on all sides Approximately 25.2gms this is a large heavy piece

#Splash - $295.00

14kt white gold dolphin curled over a 8.5mm AAA quality Akoya pearl with .015ct diamond eye. Simply adorable! Satin finish, 5/8" tall. High end line by Stephen and Helena of Beverly Hills. Hidden clasp behind dorsal for fine chain.

14kt dolphin with diamonds in eye, tail and all fins #DOL685d - $245.00

.11cts of VS diamonds highlighted in rhodium hand set in 14kt swimming porpoise dolphin! Eye, tail and all three fins are set in sparkling diamonds. 1 1/8" across and app 2.7gms

Belle the 14kt leaping dolphin

#Belle - $295.00

14kt satin finished leaping dolphin with .015ct diamond eye. Hidden bail is built into the back side for a fine chain. Approximately 7/8" tall and 3/4" wide App 4gms

Echo the 14kt white gold leaping dolphin

#Echo - $295.00

14kt white gold satin finished leaping dolphin with .015ct diamond eye. Hidden bail is built into the back side for a fine chain. Approximately 7/8" tall and 3/4" wide App 4gms

14k gold full round heavy dolphin charm

#DOL64 - $395.00

Full round solid small dolphin necklace pendant, app 6.4gms, 3/4" tall plus bail, and 1 1/16" wide from nose to tail. Small solid heavy dolphin for charm bracelet or necklace penant.

14k gold half round dolphin necklace pendant

#DOL63 - $345.00

Half round dolphin necklace pendant, the back is scopped out to keep it lighter and lower priced. App 5.6gms, 1 1/16" tall from dorsal fin to tail and 1 3/8" wide from nose to tail.

gold dolphin with diamond eye#DM18 - $245.00 - 4.6gms

This little guy is extra special... with an approximately .05ct diamond for his eye! He will surely be gleaming at everyone whenever you wear it! Stands about 1 1/8" tall not including the bail. Just the flukes are a bit over 1/2" wide! Highly polished. Very, very nice.

mother and baby dolphin #DOL227 - $675.00

Mother and baby dolphin necklace pendant. Gold or platinum. Shown in 14kt white gold

14kt dolphin leaping thru diamond hoop #DOL171 - $495.00

14kt bead blast finish dolphin jumping thru 14kt white gold hoop of diamonds. Total .30ct diamonds! Hoop is 1" tall and dolphin is 1" across.

dolphin leaping thru diamond hoop #DOL15 - $245.00

14kt bead blast finish dolphin leaping thru white gold diamond hoop. .12ct total diamonds. 3/4" tall and 3/4" across Also available in earrings.

Splish Splash dolphin leaping from water necklace jewelry pendant


Splish! she comes up through the surface and Splash! she goes back down at the same spot! Each splish of water drop caught in the splash! App 8.8 gms requires a solid heavy chain. 1.25" tall and 1" wide or 34x27mm. Small indention for blowhole and the entire piece is extremely high polished. Dolphin image as captured at Captiva Island FL

Argentium 935 silver

argentium 935 silver twin dolphin pendant #AS172 - $55.00

Argentium silver 935 twin dolphins. 1 3/8" long and just over 3/4" across. High polish hand finished at the Seawear studio in Pennsylvania, USA. Approximately 4.4gms with amazing wear properties compared to standard sterling silver .925

14kt gold dolphin princess jewelry necklace pendant #DOL161 - $465.00

Dolphin princess with luscious eyelashes! Double bail strategically placed over blowhole. 1 3/16" across and 3/4" to top of head. App 7.6gms

tribal Hawaiian dolphin jewelry with enamel highlights #DOL187 - $45.00

For your smallest chain. Very light puffed dolphin charm made in Italy with hand applied dolphin tribal jewelry highlights on one side. No two will be identical. 1/2" tall from tail to dorsal and app 1/2gm Limited supply closeout.

dolphin in bubbles

#DOL501 - $265.00

Dolphin in a bubble of bubbles! 1" across or 24mm app 4.8gms

14kt dolphin wave heart pendant

#DOL502 - $295.00

Dolphin with a wave forming a heart. 1.25" across and 1 tall or 32x26mm App 5.2gms

14kt mermaid and dolphins necklace jewelry pendant

#MER226 - $475.00

1 15/16" tall or 49mm with hidden bail that will accept chain or omega up to 10mm wide or 5mm round. App 7.6gms backside mermaid jewelry

14kt gold mermaid riding dolphin jewelry necklace pendant

#MER1040 - $355.00

1 5/8" tall or 42mm without the bail. App 5.9gms Mermaid holding dolphin dorsal fin for ride mermaid jewelry

14kt white and yellow gold entwined dolphins with diamond eyes #DOL172 - $375.00

14kt white gold dolphin and 14kt yellow gold dolphin entwined as one with diamond eyes. White gold is satin finish and yellow gold is high polish. App 4.9gms and diamonds are .02ct. Total length is 35mm or 1 3/8" The tail of the yellow dolphin is looped to form the bail.

14kt mother and child dolphin in high polish #DOL71 - $435.00

Highly polished mother and child dolphin necklace pendant. Hand made, hand polished to a mirror finish. App 6.7gms and 1.5" from tail to nose or 38mm. Part of the new wild life series exclusive to Seawear

dolphin lovers pendant with diamond eyes #DOL172 - $375.00

All yellow gold dolphin lovers entwined and smiling with flashing diamond eyes. .02ct diamonds total. Weight is app 5.6gms, 1 3/8" tall, satin finish with polished fins and tail, back side is highly polished. Limited supply, the last from this artist.

14kt gold dolphins with sapphires#SEAS303 - $165.00 - 2.5gms

14kt dolphin lovers with sapphires on a pave body sitting. A very rich look with out the expense! Hidden bail on the back will accept a small omega chain as well. 1" tall.

18kt white gold diamond and ruby dolphin porpoise jewelry brooch

#DIADOL418wg - $795.00

18kt white gold dolphin brooch, pin, pendant with diamond and ruby body and sapphire eye. Total carat weight of 1.72cts for all gemstones. Sixty diamonds, sixty-two rubies and one sapphire! Total weight of 7.5gms for the entire piece. 1 3/8" across and 11/16" tall or 35x13mm. Very unique and special dolphin. Retail was $3,780 and we are selling for $795.

18kt dolphin with diamonds, rubies and sapphire

#DIADOL418 - $795.00

18kt stunning dolphin brooch or pendant with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Approximately 7.5gms 3.27 total carat weight of all gems. Diamonds 67 at .71cts; ruby 47 at 2.54cts; sapphires 1 .02cts eye. Nose to tail is 1.25 inches or 32mm. Back fin to belly fin is just over 3/4" or 21mm For most special occasions! Retail is $3,830 and we are selling for $795!

#DOL013 - $1,095.00

Steven Douglas porpoise dolphin with .06ctw diamonds, each eyes is a .03ct diamond. Satin finish takes on a different glow with each light source. Full round 3D with hidden bail behind the dorsal fin. Just over 1 1/4" across with hollowed out underbelly. Allow 3-4 weeks made to order

#DOL013d - $1,275.00

Steven Douglas porpoise dolphin with .12ctw diamonds. Satin finish body with polished fins and flippers. Tail is done in pave set diamonds. Full round 3D with hidden bail behind the dorsal fin. Just over 1 1/4" across with hollowed out underbelly.

14kt bottlenosed dolphin with diamond eye necklace

#DOL7d - $295.00

14kt highly polished spinner dolphin necklace pendant with .01ct VVS diamond eye. Very detailed with long bottlenose, pectoral fins, slight twist to the tail and mischevious grin! 1.5" across or 38mm and app 4.3gms

gold spinner bottle nose dolphin necklace pendant

#DOL7 - $255.00

14kt highly polished spinner dolphin necklace pendant. Very detailed with long bottlenose, pectoral fins, slight twist to the tail and mischevious grin! 1.5" across or 38mm and app 4.3gms

#DOL175 - $595.00

Most unusual! This grinning dolphin is facing you and just waiting to play! Wait until you see the detail of the .02ct diamond eyes and the mischievous grin! Measures 1 1/8" across and just over 9gms in weight, plus stands out more than 1/2"! Handcrafted by an artist in matte finish with polished highlights.

#DOL176 - $3,975.00

Sometimes a dolphin just has to get all dolled up! Smiling dolphin to the max with 2.0cts of Belgian cut diamonds and two 1.5mm emeralds for eyes! Image without reflection reduction. Allow four weeks.

dolphin pendant with hidden bail slide #DOL06SL - $595.00

DOL06 modified to accept an omega chain with a hidden slide bail in the back. This was made for a 1/4" domed Omega. This was custom made in 22kt with an emerald eye to match a large 22kt chain Special order

#DOL006 - $425.00

Wonderful 14k handcrafted dolphin all high polish with a .02ct diamond eye of approximate VS/GH. A little over 1.5 inches across and 5.5gms

#DOL065 - $2,750.00

Spectacular! 14kt brushed satin finished dolphin with .80cts of diamonds individually hand set of Belgian cut and quality and 2mm emerald eye. Total weight 16.7gms! 2.5" or 60mm from nose to tail. Heavy hidden bail behind dorsal fin will accept up to 5mm chain. Artisan creation and not commercially made. Sparkle! Very thick and heavy even with the back hollowed out.

#DOL93 - $2,950.00

Well, if momma is getting dressed up so is dad! With 1.0ct of VVS/IF cut diamonds with DE color and one AAA facet cut 1.5mm emerald eye. Light rhodium coating to offsett the contrast. Back side has hidden bail that will accommodate a 5-6mm omega chain. Allow four weeks.

14kt gold dolphin pendant with .08cts diamond tail DOL158 - $275.00

Highly polished gold dolphin with four .02ct diamonds set into the tail flukes with rhodium highlights. App 3.5gms and .08cts total diamond weight. 1 1/8" or 28mm nose to tail!

dolphin pendant with emerald eyes and .25cts of diamonds #DOL167 - $995.00

Custom 14kt dolphin with .25cts total weight of diamonds and 1.5mm emerald eye. Finish is a very fine satin done with glass beads, back side is highly polished. Thick heavy pieces in your choice of white or yellow gold.

full round 3D 14kt dolphin necklace pendant #DOL410 - $445.00

Full round 3D high polished dolphin in the perfect pose with just a slight smile! 1.5" across or 37mm and app 7.6gms

14kt polished dolphin pendant #DOL390 - $345.00

Now this dolphin is happy! 1 5/8" across or 42mm app 5.9gms back side scooped

14kt dolphin pendant with 'heres looking at you" eyes! #DOL397 - $395.00

Look at that eye! She is looking right at you. What child will not see you wearing this and be able to resist smiling! Almost 1.5" tall or 36mm and app 6.9gms

14kt dolphin pendant with hooped tail #DOL415 - $185.00

Interesting dolphin pendant that has a looped tail forming the bail. Would accept up to 4-5mm chain. 1 1/8" or 28mm long. App 3.6gms

gold dolphin slide with garnet eye #2S200 - $395.00 - 7.9gms

Dolphin slide with garnet eye! Large fixed bail behind the eye and the tail loops around the chain. Highly polished with that mischievous dolphin grin! 2.25 inches across

two dolphins leaping over waves#NAC348 - $50-140.00

Dolphin mates leaping and body surfing over waves together... three sizes. 7/16:, 5/8" or 1/2". 20, 15 or 10mm. Quarter, nickle dime size! App 1-2.8gms.

14kt diving dolphin necklace pendant with tail mounted bail #DOL389 - $450.00

Large diving dolphin pendant, 1 7/8" long from tail to nose app 9gms. High polish and looks alive!

14kt small dolphin endless dance of love #DOL357 - $125.00

Small dolphin endless dance of love at 3/4" or 20mm across app 2.5gms Polished 14kt gold

14kt dolphin lovers joined in an embrace to form a heart #DOL350 - $255.00

Dolphin lovers joined in a kiss and embracing tails to form a heart. 1" across and 3/4" tall. App 4.3gms

gold dolphin pendant with detailed flukes, fins and smile #NAC054 - $285.00

A most handsome dolphin with detailed flukes & fins, a slight smile and a gleam in his eye! A little more than 1 1/4" across app 4.7gms

dolphin lovers gold pendant #DOL354 - 5.3gms - $265.00

Dolphin lovers joined in an embrace of intertwined tails and a gentle eye-locked kiss. 1 inch across (25mm)

Dolphin in Hawaii jumping through orchids #507 - $215.00

Solid 14kt yellow gold dolphin jumping through a hoop of Hawaiian orchids with two smaller dolphins in the lieu. About 7/8" across app 3.7gms

mother dolphin and twin baby dolphins#DOL961 - $695.00

Mother dolphin and twin baby dolphins! Hidden bail behind the topmost twin dolphin. Almost 1.5" tall and 1.25" across. 37x30mm and app 5.8gms Will accept up to 7mm omega or 5mm chain. Special order

mother and baby dolphin#DOL227 - $675.00

Mother and baby dolphin necklace pendant.

14kt white gold dolphin #11069 - $105.00 - 1.9gms

Small white gold dolphin that will be perfect on a fine white gold chain. 1" acoss

white gold dolphin jewelry necklace pendant#DOL2.5wg - $115.00

White gold small dolphin necklace pendant with swinging bail, polished scooped out back, very light at 1.8gms. Just over 3/4" from nose to tail.

14kt white gold dolphin jewelry necklace pendant #11010 - 110.00

14kt white gold dolphin with mischieveous grin! Almost 1" across or 24mm. App 2gms

#11006 - $125.00

14kt white gold dolphin pendant approx 2.2gms in weight and one inch tall.

mother and baby dolphin swimming#TCC-033 - $75.00 - 1.5 gms

Mother and baby dolphin raised up over yellow gold heart. Mother in rose gold pink dolphin and baby in white gold. Very unusual. 5/8" high and 5/8" wide. Yellow, rose and white gold.

leaping pink dolphin#TCC-028 -  $145.00 - 2.8 gms

Yellow gold heart and ocean scene with rose gold leaping pink dolphin and white gold sailboat and seabird. Heart is bowed outward about 3/16". Heart is 3/4" high and across.

heart with dolphin lovers #TCC330 - $165,00

Dolphin lovers leaping over waves of the oceans. 3/4" wide or 21mm app 3gms

dolphin dance circle of love #355 - $305.00 - 6.1 gms

Two dolphin porpoise lovers making an endless circle of love with each other. Highly polished with the look of love in their eyes. A little over an inch wide and one and a quarter inches high from dolphin fin to fin and dolphin tail to tail.

silver tone dolphin porpoise cufflinks

#CL110 - $40.00

Silver tone porpoise dolphin cufflinks in high polish. Fixed position without swivel. Only available as cufflinks

gold tone porpoise dolphin cufflinks and stud set

#CLST110 - $65.00

Gold tone dolphin porpoise cufflink and four stud set. Only available as the set.

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