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The dive jewelry section has grown into two sections, this page has dive gear such as fins, masks, tanks, hard hats and diver down flags and the other section is comprised of diver figures. Most of the divers usually end up at the shark page too! We hope this helps and makes things a little quicker for you.

Check out the chain page too if you are looking for an anchor chain. We can also get Atocha coins with certificates of authenticity. Special order as they are a little pricey! You are in the Nautical Jewelry section, and if you would like sea creatures, click on teh Marine Sea Life section.

mask snorkel topaz pendant#MNS017 - $895.00

Fantastic mask and snorkel with the face plate done in a custom cut bezel set blue topaz gemstone... same stunning detail as the one next, but with a flair for the ladies. Extreme Steven Douglas high quality custom gold jewelry. About 1 1/4 inch tall from bottom of snorkle to the top.

white and yellow gold mask & snorkle#MNS018 - $832.00

The most incredible mask & snorkel jewelry pendant you will ever see. The glass of the mask is highly polished looking like a Navy SEAL mask coming up out of the water with one way glass. I half expect to see an MP5 along with it! The strap of the mask is twisted to be the bail. Check out he detail on the snorkel mouthpiece and air vent. About 7/8" across.

cave ledge diver charm#15528 - 2.8 gms  - $140.00

Diver's face peering into cave as he/she hangs on with fingertips. 7/8" across

dive mask pendant #15527 - 2.7 gms - $135.00

Awesome low profile mask and regulator! If this is your profession or passion show it off with a bold statement. 11/16" across and 7/16" high without bale. Looks like military or recon setup!

mask, snorkel and rugulator charm #1389 - 2.2 gms - $165.00

High volume dive mask that is open to pick up whatever color you wear it over. Regulator & snorkel or Third Lung type of apparatus. Highest point (snorkel) is almost 3/4" long and 5/8" wide.

3D snorkle charm in 14kt gold#00964 - 1.0 gms - $50.00

And this is the 3D gold snorkel charm that may be worn alone or with the above. Will work well on a bracelet or a necklace. 13/16" long

3D two tone dive mask & snorkle #A9453 - $205.00

14kt two tone gold 3D dive mask and snorkel. Very unusual design. The snorkel and strap are done in white gold. The strap swivels and the bail and mask are yellow gold. Hand made and finished. 5/8 inches across. App 3.2gms Will work equally well as a bracelet charm or necklace pendant.

14kt gold polished dive mask charm #DIV322 - $195.00

14kt polished low profile dive mask ideal for light necklace chain or charm bracelet. Black is lense refection and not enamel. Mask face is 1/2" across. Full round finished on all sides 3D. App3.5gms

14kt polished highly detailed snorkle charm and necklace pendant #DIV321 - $160/320

14kt polished snorkle charm and necklace pendant. So realistic you might be tempted to try... all the details are there. Smaller one for small pendant or bracelet charm, larger is best suited for necklace. Small is 1 1/8" long or 29mm app 2.7gms; larger is nearly 1 3/4" or 42mm long and app 5.3gms.

14kt gold mask and snorkle charm pendant #DIV353 - $495.00

14kt mask and snorkel, app 8.5gms, hidden bail behind snorkel. All high polish. Allow 3-4 weeks, made to order. Finished on all sides, 3D Snorkel is 33mm tall or 1.25"

14k Mark V Diver Hard Hat Jewelry

14kt 3D full round Mark V dive bell helmet #DIV359 - $745/1,495

Full round 3D 14kt plumb gold Mark V diver's bell helmet! No, these are not removed from recovered shrunken head divers from the Amazon. They are hand carved from declassified US Navy photos! Small is 3/4" or 19mm tall; 1/2" or 12mm deep, app. 11gms. Large is 1" tall or 25mm and 7/8" or 21mm deep and app 20.5gms. Both have shackle swivel bales. Exclusive to Seawear™ Allow four weeks

14kt gold Mark V dive helmet jewelry pendants #DIV358 - $395/1,095

Half round 2D Mark V diver bell helmet. We took the full round 3D version and cut it right down the middle (after removing the shrunken heads!). These have the full dimension and depth, without the weight. The size is exactly the same. Small is 3/4" tall and app 6.3gms. The large is 1" tall and app 16.4gms total hanging length is 1 3/8" or 36mm. Highly detailed and polished. Both are exclusive to Seawear™

Small in stock
Large in stock

small divers hard hat jewelry#DIV1386 - $145.00

Small MK V deep diver's hardhat and chest plate. Great for Coast Guard and commercial divers. Almost 1/2" wide and 3/4" long app 2.4gms

Mark V dive helmet charm or pendant #MKV5040 - $395.00

Small Mark V dive hard hat in 14k .585 gold satin finish with polished highlights. 3D full round finished on all sides. Breast plate is just over 1/2" deep or 14mm, height is 5/8" or 17mm, width is 1/2" or 13mm. Great for charm bracelet or necklace pendant App 7gms

large divers hard hat charm#15525 - $225.00

A larger diver's hard hat version of the Mark V! Perfect for commercial, PJ, military or SEAL that use these in real life. 5/8" wide and 1" long not counting bale. App 4.5gms

14kt large divers hard hat helmet#NAC446 - 4.8 gms - $240.00

Hard hat divers Mark V helmet. Very detailed and realistic. Face plate allows you to look into and through. Highly polished. About 1" tall and 7/8" wide and 1/4" depth.

medium sized Mark V diver helmet in 14kt gold #DIV1385L - $195.00

Medium sized diver helmet, 5/8" wide, 7/8" tall, just over 1/8" deep and app 3.9gms.

14kt hard hat dive helmet pendant #DIV1384 - $270.00

14kt hard hat dive helmet with several textures, polished, matte, raise detail. Almost flat, with the comfortable appearance it's been around a while already! 11/16" wide (18mm) and almost 1" tall (27mm) without bail or loop. App 4.5gms

Grand Cayman Islands dive jewelry pendant

#DIVE-SCENE - $795.00

Solid gold dive scene reminiscent of Grand Cayman Island (or New Hampshire!) with cutouts of a scuba diver, dolphin, manta ray and a shark. 2" tall, 1 1/8" across the base, 1/4" across the top and 1mm thick. App 12.2gms. Retro from the 70s! Made to order

14kt gold dive flipper pendant

#NAC286 - 3.2 gms - $160.00 

Single full footed flipper fin for scuba diver or snorkel skin diver. 15/16" long and 3/8" wide. Finished on all sides, 3D.

14k Dive Fin Jewelry

14kt gold dive speed fin jewelry charm#1338 - $225.00 - 4.5gms

14kt high polished dive speed fin jewelry charm. Bottom is flat, solid and highly polished making it ideal for engraving or stamping resort or store name. 1 1/4" or 30mm long Very high quality.


 14kt gold dive fin jewelry charm#1340 - $105.00 - 2gms

14kt small high polished dive fin jewelry charm 3/4" long or 20mm. Ideal for charm bracelet or necklace charm. Full round 3D back is flat and polished

tiny single fin flipper#NAC509 - 1.1 gms - $55.00

A few have asked for a tiny flipper fin, mask and snorkel to wear together as a charm or pendant. We have found the flipper and snorkel and are working on the mask! 5/8" long and 1/4" across

small booted dive fin flipper#NAC478 - $155.00 - 3.1gms

Full round 3D booted dive flipper fin in with an ideal size for a jewelry charm bracelet or neck chain. 7/8" long.

dive fin flipper jewelery charm

#DIV323 - $165.00

Small full dive fin flipper 7/8" tall from toe to heel plus bail and loop. Highly polished, back is polished and suitable for engraving. Would make great earrings with lever back or shepherd hooks. We can put on jump ring instead of bail if you wish. App 2.4gms

14k white gold dive fin jewelry necklace pendant

#DIV323wg - $175.00

Small full dive fin flipper 7/8" from toe to heal plus bail and loop. Highly polished, front and back. The black lines are reflection shadows and not antiqued. Nice small jewelry necklace pendant, charm for bracelet or earrings. App 2.7gms

dive fin flipper jewelry pendant

#DIV325 - $295.00

Larger full speed flipper with strap details. Heel to toe is 1 1/8" plus loop ring and bail. App 4.7gms Fully polished and back side is suitable for engraving.


14k Scuba Dive Tank Jewelry

single tank in white and yellow gold#TCC-225 - $395.00 - 5.0 gms

Single tank in yellow gold with white gold boot. Complete with regulator, hose and turning valves. These are the finest tanks we have been able to obtain. If they look similar to the ones you see in the islands but are half the price... they're the same ones. We ship to the islands too! 1" high

Doubles $895

single 80cf gold dive tank

#TCC-221 - 4.0 gms - $395.00

Single tank in yellow gold with white gold boot. All these tanks are totally 3D and viewable from any angel. To give you an idea of depth look at the side. 1" high

scuba dive tank charm 14k #DIVTC - $265.00

Small single scuba dive tank charm, one piece, all yellow gold with polished hose, reg and back pack. The tank and boot is satin sandblast finish. App 4.4gms and 7/8" not including bail. Tank itself is nearly 1/4" thick. Great size for charm bracelet, necklace or even dangle earrings!


 14k Diver Down Flag Jewelry

14k gold red enamel diver down flag pendant

#DIVE318s - $375.00

14kt enameled dive flag with shackle style bail. 15mm across or 11/16" and a 12mm ir 1.2" tall. Hanging length with bail is 22mm or 7/8". Translucent red flag that still lets the sparkle of the 14kt gold shine through. Bail will accept up to 3mm chain. App 5.7gms

14kt enamel diver down flag pendant

#DIVE318 - $350.00

14kt gold enamel diver down flag. App 5.4gms 11/16" by 1/2" plus bail.

14k gold diver down dive flag charm

#DIVE317 - $165.00

Small 14k gold and translucent red enamel diver down dive flag pendant or charm. 1/2" across and 3/8" tall plus jump ring bail.

ladies diver down flag ring

Ladies scuba diving ring, open sides to let light in and under the carnelian stone, white gold bar, Not simply rhodium plated. Diver down flag is 9/16" by 7/16" or 14x11mm. Gentle taper to 3.5mm wide in the back and 1mm thick. Average 5gms Made to order, allow four weeks. $495.00

rose gold scuba dive ring rose gold diver down ring rose gold ladies scuba diver ring

Custom ladies dive ring in 14kt rose gold. Premium white gold flag bar micro-tig welded with palladium white gold. Carnelian stone cut to fit.

scuba diver down flag ring #SDR1 - $3,495.00

It's back! Bigger, better, more diamonds and more detail! Get your BC calibrated before diving with this one!

shipwreck coins from mel fisher atochaSEA-ATO5 - 2.5gms - $125.00

The smallest of the three. Even suitable for earrings. Just add them to your hoops or hooks. About 5/8" across or 15mm. Back of coin.

medium gold & silver atocha shipwreck coin #SEA-ATO7 - 6.4gms - $195.00

This one is almost as large at 15/16" across or 22mm but without the heavy mass of the silver coin as above. Even the bale is shaped like an old shackle. Back side of coin.

All three coins for comparison to a U.S. dime.


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