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Stingrays - Family Dasyatidae

'Rays, Skates, Manta, Butterfly, Eagles, Spotted, Bat, Cownose; they have all sorts of nicknames and species. The largest growing to twenty two feet across. I read of a very large one in the Caribbean that was supposedly over forty feet across with two large horns. When he would hunt along the ocean floor sometimes he would hook an anchor and take the boat with him for a ride. As reported by Cruising World! I would prefer to wear a stingray jewelry charm than go on that ride thank you! Sometimes you can see them basking on the surface or leaping out of the water into the air. I have always compared their gracefulness to that of a ballerina.


Steven Douglas stingray necklace charm #SLP007 - $825.00

A stingray just startled up from the sands and is taking off before you step on him! Very detailed front and back. Tail is curved back on itself serving as the bail. Matte refkectuve finish both sides. Charm or pendant. A Stephan Douglas orginal. 1 1/8" tall and 7/8" across app 5.6gms. Retired design could be made special order


14kt gold manta jewelry sting ray necklace pendant #RAY190 - $445.00

Medium sized manta ray with tail curled under to form the bail, opening is 2.5-3mm. Highly polished front and back. 1 1/8" across or 27mm. Tail to nose is just over 1" or 26mm. App 6.8gms


14kt sting ray family slide #1005SB - $495.00

Meet the Ray family! Papa Sting Ray is sandblasted with a hidden bail at the top, mama ray is stunningly polished as is daughter ray! Approximate weight is 6gms, 1 1/2" across and 1 1/8" tall. 38x30mm Slide bail will accept up to a 7mm omega or chain App 6-7gms


high polished sting ray family slide #1005 - $495.00

The Ray Family cousins! Everyone is all high polish! Identical to above. App 6-7gms


14kt sand blast and polish sting ray necklace pendant

#STING439 - $175.00

Small 14kt stingray skate charm with sand blast finished wings and high polish body and tail. 1" tall and 11/16" wide or 25x12mm. App 2.4gms


14kt horned manta ray necklace pendant charm

#1006 - $495.00

Highly polished horned manta ray with hidden bail under outstretched wing. Wingtip to wingtip is 1 5/8" or 42mm and tail to horns is 1 1/2" or 36mm Approximate weight is 7.3gms


great horned manta ray jewelry necklace pendant

#1006b - $495.00

Same great horned manta ray with swinging bail attached between the horns. Highly polished 14kt solid gold. Wing tip to wing tip is about 1 5/8" or 42mm. Approximate weight is 7.3gms


14kt medium sized sting ray pendant charm

#1007 - $255.00

Stingray pendant with outstretched wing. Medium sized at 1 1/8" tall (wing tip to tip) 28mm and 1 3/16" wide or 30mm Approximately 4.2gms of highly polished 14kt natural yellow gold


14kt white gold spotted eagle ray jewelry necklace pendant charm #STING91 - $165.00

White gold spotted eagle ray jewelry pendant or charm. Wingtip to wingtip is 7/8" or 22mm; nose to tail is 9/16" or 15mm. App 2.5gms The black in the image is just the angle of light reflected back from the lense.


large 14kt spotted eagle ray pendant

#NAC102 - $275.00 - 5.5gms

These come in three sizes, this is the medium sized 14kt textured spotted or eagle ray and is about 1" from wing tip to wing tip as they are poised in flight. The large about 1 1/4"


manta ray#NAC637 - $595.00 - 6gms

With wings uplifted to take off. Sand flying off his back and that startled look on the divers faces! Here's looking at you kid! 1 1/4" across and tall

sting ray

#NAC638 - $375.00 - 6.4gms

Another great ray with full detailing. Edges of wings are very defined. 1 1/4" across and tall


small 14kt spotted eagle ray pendant charm #STING342 - $135.00

Small sized sting ray necklace jewelry pendant or charm for bracelet at 3/4" or 19mm across and tall and app 2.7gms Raised spots are more pronounced, perhaps an eagle ray.


medium sized 14kt spotted eagle ray stingay necklace jewelry pendant #STING199 - $210.00

Medium sized spotted or eagle ray 1" or 25mm across and app 4.2gms in weight. Very detailed and raised spots in the pattern.


small round skate ray necklace pendant in 14k gold charm #STING116 - $125.00

Small sized skate ray for necklace pendant, polished, textured with raised bump pattern, wings cupped at edges, just taking off or just settling in! Just over 1/2" across or 15mm and 15/16" long or 24mm. App 2.5gms ideal for charm or pendant


leopard ray 14kt gold charm#NAC119 - $295.00

Appears to be a leopard manta ray or spotted eagle ray! The spots are actually holes that will pick up the color of whatever you are wearing. Wings are set in swimming motion. 1 3/8" across and 1" tall app 4.2gms


14kt gold small spotted leopard ray  jewelry charm #RAY120 - $105.00

Smaller spotted eagle ray that is 1" across wingtip to wingtip and 3/4" tall app 2.1gms  Great for charm or pendant


costello studios great horned manta bat ray in solid 14kt gold#SEAG152 - $595.00

Another Costello Studios exclusive! A great horned manta ray in full accurate detail. There are even slight serrations for the gills. Finished and polished on both sides in 3D with fancy heavy pinned bail. Right about 1 and 3/4" across from wing to wing. Amazing eyes! This one in weighs 7.4gms

14k gold Peter Costello small horned manta stingray pendant charm #SEAG223 - $215.00

Perfect Manta Ray by Costello Studios, 15/16" wingtip to wingtip. Solid underbelly. This one weighed 3.3gms and is small enough to be a charm and detailed enough to be a pendant.


horned manta ray jewelry pendant#06547 - $195.00 - 3.6gms

Great horned manta ray jewelry charm, with two horns and the body finished in matte with the tail and face in a polished finish. 1 5/16" across and 13/16" tall


guardian keeper of the trident pendant in 14kt gold #TRID - $855.00

The keeper of the trident in 14kt! Heavy at approximately 17.1gms. Trident is 2 3/16" tall or 56mm and the serpent eel is 1 1/18" wide or 27mm. The thickest point is nearly 3/8" or 9mm thick! The bail is hidden behind the center point of the trident and would accept 5mm omega or 3-5mm round chain. If you are wearing in a 5mm or larger chain you may want to have the bail enlarged. The trident is all high polished, the serpent keeper is satin, textured and polished. Even the back side is polished to a mirror finish. Teeth are bared like a guardian dragon!


stingray earrings


Costello horned manta ray earrings #STING153 - $425.00

Matching horned manta ray earrings on rope ball post dangles. Finished and polished on all sides. Wingspan is 7/8" and dangle length is 7/8". App weight is 6.6gms per pair


great horned manta ray earrings

#MANTA153 - $395.00

Manta ray earrings done with short shepherd hook. Can do with lever back, longer hooks, drop ball, hoop, etc. Each is priced differently based on the earring mount cost. Wingspan is 15/16" and app 6.1gms per pair.


14kt gold matte finish stingray earrings#13081 - $115/135/195 pair

14kt stingray earrings! Three sizes for any occasion. Small is 10mm or 3/8 inch wingtip to wingtip, the larger is 14mm or 9/16 inch across. Large pair 3/4 inch across. Looks like they are hiding in the sand. Waiting... app weight per pair 1.8; 2.7 and 3.9gms


14k gold stingray post  earrings #1585 - $140.00

Sting ray earrings with the post just under the mouth. Wingtip to wingtip is 3/4" and tail to nose is 3/4" Approximate weight is 2.8gms for the pair.


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