Gents Celtic Claddagh Ring


gents Claddagh ring with open Celtic knots

Gents Claddagh ring with open Celtic knots. This could be a complimenting gents wedding ring to go with ladies ring CR1196 in your choice of gold or platinum. The ring can be a wedding ring or a very nice simple Claddagh ring. It is thick, heavy and suitable for everyday wear.

The front of the Claddagh ring is 13mm tall from the crown to heart. The cuffs are 7mm tall. The ring tapers to 5mm in the back. Thickness is 3mm in the front and tapers to 1.5mm thick in the back. The crown is of a low profile, has raise beads and open on the sides. We can also supply the raw casting and your jeweler can polish and size for you. The ring shown was a size 11.0 done in 14kt white gold and weighed 10.8gms finished and 11.7gms unfinished. This is a thick and heavy mans Claddagh ring. This gents Claddagh ring is made in the USA in full compliance to labor laws and conflict free gold.

Each is made to order, (allow 2-3 weeks) and is available in

14kt yellow gold
14kt white gold
14kt rose gold
18kt yellow gold
18kt white gold
18kt rose gold

The ring is shown in high polish and could be done in a satin finish. It is available complete as you see, or we can supply a rough casting or completed for your jeweler to size. Will export worldwide unmarked so you can Hallmark locally and add your trademark.

Sizes larger than 12 have a sizing fee. We have done rings up to size 28.5 so it is not a problem.

CR1011 - $995.00 complete as shown

mans Claddagh ring with Celtic knots

high polish, 13mm tall or 1/2" you can see the open spaces in the crown


open Celtic knots

open Celtic knots are 5-6mm tall


sizing bar in Celtic knots

5mm tall sizing bar, back is scooped out to lower weight


top view of Celtic Claddagh ring

thickness of ring overall


Claddagh wedding ring set

Size 5 and 12 wedding set


14kt yellow gold Celtic Claddagh ring

An incredible Claddagh ring or Claddagh wedding ring


14kt rose gold Claddagh ring

14kt rose gold, size 12, 13.7gms!

14kt rose gold Celtic band


open Celtic knots on side of Claddagh ring


rough casting

rough casting just cut off tree


ready for polish

spru needs to be filed, polished, detailed and sized.


white gold celtic claddagh ring

tumbled and cleaned for four hours in ceramic

white gold celtic claddagh ring


white gold celtic claddagh ring

tumbled and cleaned for four hours in porcelain

white gold celtic claddagh ring


white gold celtic claddagh ring

tumbled and dirty after 72 hours in three grits of walnut shell

white gold celtic claddagh ring


white gold celtic claddagh wedding set rings

Ready to ship to Norway to this Viking couple! He opted to NOT have his ring rhodium plated, whiles hers was. He felt his would wear off quickly.

white gold Celtic Claddagh ring

Again, no rhodium. Just polished white gold, three grades of rouge and ren wax.


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