Alexandrite Claddagh wedding set


Ladies Alexandrite Claddagh wedding ring set that was total custom.

This 14kt white gold set is done in size 8.5 and easily sized by your local jeweler. The Claddagh ring is made in Ireland with diamonds. We chose to have the heart and cuffs done in color changing lab created gem quality Alexandrite. The matching band is made in the USA and we had the same Alexandrite set in the band.

The Alexandrites were custom cut for us by Stuller. They are all matching in quality, size and cut. The heart was cut by Chatham. We sent the stones to Dublin, Ireland for them to modify a ring wax to accept the stones. My sales rep there said everyone wanted to see the ring and was talking about it. Normally they see emeralds!

Alexandrite are rare and extremely magical in their power. If you are a fan of alexandrite, you already know!

RG047alx - $2,290.00 complete as shown

One set in stock, size 6.0, easily sized up or down by your local jeweler


diamond alexandrite Claddagh wedding band set

This is taken under a light box, artificially corrected light, no backgrounds for reflections. You get to see detail but not fire and life.


diamond alexandrite Claddagh wedding ring band set

Here you can see the alexandrites on the side and the fit of the Claddagh set


diamond alexandrite Claddagh ring set

Outdoors in sunlight the alexandrite come alive! The surfaces are allowed to pick up reflections of the sky and leaves. Note the intensity change as only found in high quality alexandrite.



diamond alexandrite Claddagh wedding band set

Indoors under incandescent lights the alexandrites color change and take on a purple hue.

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