Claddagh heart ring

emerald Claddagh ring with heart shaped prongs


We took the simple Claddagh design and decided to give it a little twist. A hearts twist! The five prongs, including the V-prong have been shaped and cut in the shape of a heart. This is a thick, heavy detailed Claddagh ring meant to last a lifetime. All the rings we design are thick and will not wear through in 6-12 months.

This one is finished in 14kt gold, size 7.5 and weighs 7.8gms. It is designed for a 5x5mm heart shaped stone. Slightly smaller or larger will still work. The band portion of the ring is nearly 4mm wide and 2mm thick. The band would accept diamonds or emeralds if you were so inclined! The face of the Claddagh portion is just over 9mm.

The cuffs are deep and detailed. The hands are very detailed and positioned more in the holding pattern you would see if someone were holding a heart and offering it to you.

This is offered without stone or sizing so that your local jeweler can size it to your finger and you may select the gemstone of your choice and have it set. We can have it all done for you for additional charges.

#CHR29689 - $1,295.00

Claddagh hearts ring with heart shaped prongs


Claddagh heart shaped prongs ring Note the deepness of the Claddagh, total polish finishing inside as well as between the thumb, fingers and heart.


Irish Claddagh heart ring

Claddagh ring with emerald

Claddagh hearts ring

Claddagh hearts ring Note the 3D effect of the hands as the view of the Claddagh ring changes


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