Claddagh ring bezel setting


Claddagh ring with bezel setting for 6mm heart

#CR3145 - Claddagh ring with bezel setting for 6x6 heart shaped stone. This would work for a 3/4ct diamond plus/minus or similar sized birthstone/gemstone. This is widely known as the most protective mounting setting for a very valuable diamond or fragile emerald. The girdle/edges of the stone are protected against striking a hard surface and chipping. It can also enhance a shape to be nicer or make one size appear larger.

This model is done in a stock size 9 and can be easily sized up or down by your jeweler. It is a heavier weight ring and comes in at about 8gms. The front of the Claddagh is 13mm tall or 1/2". The thickness at the heart is 5mm or 3/16". Width at the cuffs is 6mm and tapers down to 4.5mm in the very back. Thickness of the smooth band goes from 2mm to 1.5mm in the back. Yes guys, it will work with a black heart diamond!

Irish designed and American made. Allow 2-4 weeks for yours! 14kt, 18kt, white gold, rose gold, green gold, 18kt palladium white gold or platinum are all available. Price shown is for stock size 14kt yellow gold. Any other choices will take 2-4 weeks to be made and priced on request.

#CR3145 ~ $595.00

Claddagh diamond bezel ring

From the bottom of the heart to the top of the crown is 13mm or 1/2"

bezel set Claddagh ring

If you are a store and want to stamp it with your name, let us know to leave it unmarked.


newly cast trinity knot wedding bands

Above Claddagh ring can be seen in this batch of newly cast rings. Just completed 36 hours of extra fine walnut shell tumble and then on to the hand polishing.

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