Gents Scottish Thistle Ring

Scottish thistle ring

This Scottish Thistle ring is Celtic made in the USA. The old way. Lost wax casting, the way they used to be made when there was no regard for cost. It is heavy. Hand polished. Lots of gold. Lot's of hand labor. Every time you pick up a breakable glass or coffee cup, you will hear that 'clink' and know you have a serious ring on your hand! When you shake hands in business or friendship, the other guy is going to feel it and look. Do not be alarmed if he does not let go right away. He is only wondering if you have to be Scot to wear a ring like this!

The design was kept simple. Just massive. The face of the ring is done in an oval signet style. It 3/4" tall and 5/8" wide or 19x16mm. The thickness of the oval is 3.5mm, the sides 3mm and the very back 2mm. The ring had to be thick in order to carve the design in reverse. The background is carved out leaving the design raised. This is human artist carved and not done by a CAD computer program. While a CAD may create a perfectly symmetrical design, it is against the ancient Celtic code.

They can be easily sized as the back is left highly polished without pattern.

Approximate size 9.5 and approximately 16gms ready for your local jeweler to size up or down

#THSTL01 - $1,195.00

signet Thistle ring

3/4" tall and 5/8" wide


heraldic thistle ring

3.5mm to 3mm thick


Celtic thistle ring

back is 6mm tall or nearly 1/4"


thickness of thistle ring

solid, no voids or hollowed out shoulders and crest


gold Scottish thistle ring

the shank portion is domed for a comfortable fit between fingers


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