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14k gold propeller jewelry, charms, pendants and earrings. Three blade propeller charms, two blade pendants and four blade displacement propeller jewelry for earrings, charms and pendants. Propeller jewelry is admired by boaters, nautical lovers, past, present and future members of Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine and military.

gold diamond propeller jewelry

#PROP75d25 - $595.00

Cleaver prop with 1/4ct (.25cts) diamond in hub. Thick, solid, app 7.4gms with large bail. High polished propeller necklace jewelry charm.

green flash propeller pendant with green diamond

#GF86 - $345.00

Some swear they have seen the green flash. Others swear because the have not. We have captured the spirit and essence of the phenomenon known as the green flash...

racing propeller jewelry pendant

#PROP148 - $215.00

14kt small speed propeller necklace pendant with swinging bail. Highly polished front and back. 7/8" or 22mm across from blade to blade. 3/16" or 5mm thick hub so will easily accept a diamond or gemstone should you desire. App 4.3gms

propeller jewelry necklace with diamond

#PROP75d10 - $495.00

Cleaver prop with 1/10ct (.10cts) fllush set in hub. Same thick propeller, third in this series. App 7.4gms thick full dimensional propeller jewelry charm. Side by side without the shine.

14kt gold chopper propeller pendant with 1/3ct diamond

#PROP1084D - $745.00

14k gold large chopper propeller with 1/3ct diamond in the hub! App 6.7gms with .33ct diamond; 1 1/8th inch across with hidden bail. Will accept large chain or omega.

107 diamond propellor .29ct I - H $725.00
108 diamond propellor .31ct SI - HI $795.00

14kt bad to the bone large chopper prop

#PROP1084 - $395.00

Bad to the bone!

14k large chopper prop ready to fly. App 6.8gms, 1 1/8" across or 28mm and 5/16" thick or 8mm, bail opening 5x8mm

14kt small cleaver propeller with .16ct diamond

#PROP1085D - $345.00

Small chopper prop with .10ct (VS/GH) diamond. App 3.4gms and 7/8" across. Hidden bail in the back will accept large chain or omega.

small 14kt chopper prop pendant

#PROP1085 - $215.00

14k small chopper prop, app 3.6gms, 7/8" across or 22mm. 3/16" thick or 5mm thick, Bail opening 6x8mm

white gold chopper prop propeller with 1/3ct diamond

#PROP1084WGD - $745.00

14kt white gold with 1/3ct diamond. SI/I clarity and GH color. It has to be a good diamond to look this good in white gold! App 6.5gms 1 1/8" across. Each is unique based on the diamond

#105 diamond propeller .33ct SI/GH $895.00 SOLD
#106 diamond propeller .22ct SI/H $695.00


white gold three blade chopper propeller jewelry with VS diamond necklace

#PROP1085WGD - $395.00

Small chopper prop in 14kt white gold with hidden bail, hub has .15ct diamond of approximately VS clarity and GH color. These are nice enough for a ring!

14kt white gold cleaver chopper prop jewelry necklace pendant

#PROP1084wg - $395.00

Large three blade chopper propeller done in highly polished 14kt white gold. 1 1/8th inch across or 28mm. App 6.7gms

14k white gold chopper propeller pendant

#PROP1085wg - $225.00

Small 14kt WHITE gold polished chopper prop with hidden bail on the back. 7/8" across or 22mm and app 3.7gms New heavier series

14kt five blade racing  propeller necklace pendant

#PROP16 - $395.00

For our friends on the European circuit, five blades! These are incredible, even the back side looks sexy and fast! 7/8" across Hub is 1/4" thick Heavy shackle bail pinned and soldered will accept up to 3mm chain. Large shackle is about 1gm heavier and will accept up to 7mm chain. Total dangle length with bail is 1.5" This one weighed 6gms finished on all sides

14kt five blade chopper propeller necklace jewelry charm

#PROP13 - $325.00

Five blade really fast propeller! This is the small one at app 5gms and nearly 3/4" across. You need a wicked amount of power to spin one of these chopper blade props! Finished on all sides and even the back side looks more go than show!

 white gold five blade speed propeller necklace pendant

#PROP16wg - $495.00

Fantastic fives! Five bladed speed prop. About 15/16" across, Just about the size of a USA quarter. Prop tips just touch the edge of a quarter when laid on it. Closed nautical shackle bail will accept up to 3mm chain. Appr 6.4gms. No solder, no rhodium, no cadmium. All welds done with 14kt palladium plumb laser wire.

small five bladed propeller necklace penant in white gold

#PROP13wg - $395.00

Smaller five bladed propeller pendant. Will just cover a USA penny. This was done with a lighter more feminine bail rather than the nautical shackle bail. 5.2-5.5gms

14k four blade chopper propeller necklace pendant

#PROP19 - $495.00

Four blade chopper prop is 7/8" across plus heavy shackle bail pinned and soldered that will accept up to 5-6mm chain. Hub is 5/16" thick and weighs app 8.2gms finished on all sides in high polish

14kt three blade propeller pendant

#PROP11 - $495.00

Three blade displacement propeller 1 1/6" tall plus heavy shackle bail that is pinned and soldered and will accept up to 5-6mm chain. Hub is 3/16" thick and weighs app 8gms highly polished and finished on all sides

14kt four blade fast pitched propeller pendant

#PROP15 - $425.00

Four blade prop that has angled cut blades for a quicker acceleration. 1 1/16" across plus heavy shackle bail that is pinned and soldered will accept up to 5-6mm chain. Hub is just under 1/4" thick (5.5mm) and weighs app 6gms Highly polished and finished on all sides

14kt four blade trawler displacement propeller pendant

#PROP21 - $395.00

Slow turning four blade trawler displacement propeller with full spoon blades that is 1 1/8" across plus heavy pinned shackle bail that will accept up to 5-6mm chain Hub is 3/16" thick and weighs app 6.2gms Highly polished on all sides

small 14kt gold four blade displacement propller jewelry necklace charm

#PROP17 - $235.00

Four blade displacement propeller 3/4" across and app 3gms. Small pinned shackle bail pivots, opening will accept up to 3mm chain. Finished and hand polished propeller on all sides.

four blade chopper propeller in 14kt gold highly polished

#PROP18 - $225.00

Small four bladed chopper prop in high polish 14k gold. Finished on all sides, hub is about 1/4" thick! 3/4" wide, pinned shackle bail will accept up to 3mm chain, app 3.5gms

14k three blade chopper propeller pendant

#PROP12 - $725.00

Large triple chopper blade propeller. 1.25" tall plus heavy shackle bail pinned and soldered that will accept up to 5-6mm chain. Hub is 7/16" thick so you need lots of power to fly this one! App 11.2gms. High polished finished on all sides.

Custom done with 1/3ct black diamond!

14k gold three bladed chopper prop necklace charm

#PROP14 - $225.00

Small three blade chopper prop highly polished and finished on all sides. Near 3/4" across or 18mm. Just over 1/4" thick or 7mm App 3.5gms Open hub should you decide to add a diamond later. Pinned shackle bail for 2-3mm chain.

three blade displacement propeller necklace charm

#PROP10 - $195.00

Small three blade displacement propeller in highly polished 14k gold. Finished on all sides. Hub is 1/8th inch thick, prop is 5/8" wide. App 3gms. Shackle bail is pinned to swivel.

three blade chopper propeller for rooster tails and go fast boats!

#PROP20 - $330.00

Medium sized three blade chopper cleaver propeller that is pitched for rooster tails! 15/16" wide, nearly one inch! Open hub is 5/16" thick, app 5.5gms.

gold propeller jewelry necklace

#PROP338 - $345.00

Spoon blade propeller. Hub is 1/4" thick, easily accommodate any diamond. 1 1/8" or 28mm across and tall. Hidden bail on the back side will accept up to 3mm chain. App 5.9gms

gold three bladed cruising propeller

#PROP339 - $265.00

Small three bladed spoon propeller for cruising! Hub is 3/16" thick or 5mm and 7/8" from tip to tip, up or across. App 4.4gms Independent pinned swinging bail.

two bladed airplane airboat propeller

#4460 - 3.8 gms - $195.00

Large two bladed air plane or airboat prop that looks like it would be just as comfortable on a wind turbine! 1 3/4" long pitched and beveled.

white gold three blade propeller necklace charm

#PROP558w - $115.00

14kt white gold three blade propeller necklace charm pendant with coned hub, 3/4" or 16mm across. App 2.3gms

propeller necklace jewelry

#PROP7049 - $445.00

Large three bladed prop with open hub. 1 1/8" tip to tip and a little over 1/4" thick. App 7.5gms

large propeller jewelry necklace

#PROP7049d - $675.00

Large three blade displacement propeller with 1/4ct (.25cts) diamond flush set within the hub and a shackle bail. 7.9gms

14k gold small four blade racing cleaver propeller necklace pendant charm

#PROP046 $265.00

14k smaller version of our four blade racing cleaver props above. Perfect for necklace pendant or small enough for a charm bracelet. 20mm across or just over 3/4" Average weight about 4.4gms

propeller necklace jewelry

#PROP046d - $355.00

Small four blade racing propeller necklace charm with .10ct diamond flush set in the hub. 20mm across or 3/4" App 4.5gms.

four blade propeller in gold

#SEA5041 - 5.7gms - $345.00

Submarine blade or big ship! Four displacement blades just over one inch across or 26mm.

small 4 blade propeller charm

#SEA858 - 3.3gms - $195.00

Small 14k four blade propeller with torpedo hub. 5/8" across or 20mm with nice heavy bail.

small 14kt high polish three blade displacement propller

#PROP1009 - $100.00

3D fully finished on both sides three bladed displacement propeller. Small at 5/8" across or 16mm app 2gms. Open hub for diamonds

three bladed propeller charm

#SEA5043 - $345.00

Three bladed pitched propeller charm. 22mm or 15/16" across and 1/4" thick! App 5.7gms

four blade racing cleaver propeller

#SEA5061 - $295.00

Rooster tails! This one will throw them! Four bladed steeply pitched cleaver chopper propeller. Just over one inch across 26mm and app 5.1gms

gold propeller jewelry necklace charm

#SEA5061d - $395.00

Steeply pitched four blade speed propeller with 1/10th carat (.10cts) diamond flush set in the hub. Secure pivoting clasp. High polish for show or go!

four blade speed racing propeller#SEAP5065 - $355.00

Some boys tune for show, and some for go. This prop is pitched for GO! 1" inch across or 26mm, thick and heavily built app 6gms. Highly polished.

large gold 3 blade propeller#1212 - $245.00

14kt large propeller with conical hub. Just one inch across and 3/8" deep app 4.7gms

14kt gold three blade propeller charm with splined hub #PROP319 - $215.00

14kt highly detailed three blade propeller necklace pendant or bracelet charm. Splined hub is just under 1/4" thick or 5mm. Finished front and back. Bail swivels. 3/4" or 20mm across App 3.6gms

14kt propeller with .10ct diamond #PROP319D - $245.00

14kt highly detailed three bladed propeller with splined hub and .10ct Belgian cut diamond of at least SI quality.

3 blade speed prop pendant #NAC290 - $125.00

14kt steeply pitched 3 blade speed propeller. Hub is open on each side should you decide to have a stone set later. Tip to tip is about 5/8" app 2.1gms

Seawear 14kt three blade propeller jewelry charm#1222 - 3.4gms - $170.00

14kt highly polished three bladed propeller jewelry charm with open hub. Perfect for adding a stone. 3/4" or 20mm across

14kt three blade propeller jewelry charm#1223 - 3.2gms - $190.00

14kt highly polished three bladed propeller jewelry charm with pointed closed hub. 3/4" or 20mm across

propeller jewelry necklace#200849 - 1.6gms - $95.00

14kt displacement propeller tipped in white on the hub. 9/16 inch (14mm) across.

power boat speed prop charm#1214 - 2.3gms -  $125.00

Speed propeller charm with steeper pitch and pointed blade edges. The front comes to a point on the hub, high polished. About 5/8" across app 2.3gms

4 bladed displacement propeller pendant#NAC288 - $95.00

Serious displacement prop! 4 blades at a slight angle as you would see in a ship or submarine. About 3/4" across app 1.7gms

triple blade propeller jewelry #4458 - $85/185.00

Highly polished 14k triple blade prop each blade being pitched. Large bullet nose hub. Prop tips are 7/8" tip to tip on the small app 1.7gms and 1.25" on the larger app 3.6gms.

3 blade speed prop charm#NAC701 - $85.00

Smaller version of 3 speed speed prop with see thru hub. Great size for earrings or a wire as they are only 1/2" tip to tip. App 1.4gms

3/4" gold propeller charm#SEA831 - $110.00 - 2.2gms

Three bladed propeller with high polish on the front, textured back, 3/4" across with the hub let open in case you add a stone later...

14kt cleaver blade propeller #28077 - $225.00

14kt polished cleaver prop with pivoting bale. Textured back, 7/8" tall and across, app 4gms

#NC291 - 1.7gms - $95.00

14k twin blade propeller. Could be small sailboat prop, twin air boat props! 3D finished on all sides with high polish and see thru hub.3/4" long and would make great dangle earrings. Almost 1/4" thick at hub.

#PROP146 - $465.00

14kt racing propeller with 5mm wide hidden bail in back. Highly polished. Just over 1 1/8" tip to tip. More than 1/4" thick at hub app 8.5gms

propeller cufflinks propellors #SEACL17 - 7.4gms - $1,295.00

Solid 14kt propeller cufflinks! Everything is gold including the fastenings. 3/4" or 20mm across. Will ship to Europe! 7.4gms for the pair of propellers! Set of four tuxedo studs in identical size $1,895.00

14kt propeller stud post earrings #PROP136 - $60.00

14kt stud post propeller earrings. 9mm or 3/8" tip to tip. 3D with steeply pitched blades. App 1.2gms per pair

14kt lever back propeller earrings#PROP1650 - $205.00

14kt dangle propeller earrings with lever back mounts. Total dangle length is 1.25"; props are 9/16" across with a coned hub. App 4.1gms per pair.

propeller keyring in sterling silver

KRPROP - $75.00

Sterling silver thick heavy three bladed propeller and key chain. Prop is 1.5 inches across and 1/2 thick! Shiny white but with a little wear and water it will turn a nice patina!

cleaver pitch propeller cufflinks with diamonds #SEACL25 - $1,295.00

14kt cleaver propeller with a .10ct diamond in the center hub of each for a total diamond weight of .20cts! When you just need to feel extra special!

14kt propeller cufflinks#PROP319CL - $595.00

14kt three bladed propellers with open hub spline. App 8-9gms per pair. 20mm or 3/4" across.

14kt propeller cufflinks #SEACLPROPCL - $1,095.00

14kt solid gold propeller cufflinks with swivel fastener. Each cufflink weighs app 4.9gms or 9-10gms for the pair. Propeller blades are 14mm or 9/16" across and the entire cufflink is highly polished.

14kt diamond propeller cufflinks #SEACLPROPCLD - $1,395.00

14kt solid gold propeller cufflinks with diamonds in the center hub. Diamonds are of SI quality and .11ct total diamond carat weight. Conflict free as set forth in the guidelines by the Jewelers Board of Trade, Jewelers of America and Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America.

14kt propeller cufflinks and tuxedo studs #SEACLST - $1,695.00

14kt solid gold propeller tuxedo studs (4) studs only. Image shows cufflinks and stud set for $2,595. Propellers are 14mm or 9/16" across. Propeller is fixed solidly to the finding and only the fastener swivels. App weight is 9-10gms for cufflinks and 12-13gms for studs

Studs only $1,695.00

Cufflinks/studs set $2,595.00

14kt diamond propellor tuxedo studs #SEACLDS - $1,995.00

14kt diamond propeller tuxedo studs (4) studs only. Propellers are 14mm or 9/16" across. All components are 14kt solid gold. High polished. Diamonds are at least SI quality and .22ct total diamond weight and conflict free as set forth by the Jewelers Board of Trade. Cufflinks and studs for $3,245. App weight is 9-10gms for cufflinks and 12-13gms for studs

Studs only $1,995.00

Cufflinks/studs set $3,245.00

Costume jewelry propeller cufflinks and studs in white, yellow and rose at the cufflink page.

14kt propeller bracelet #BRACE281 - $830.00

14kt propeller bracelet 7.75" app 16.6ms. Secure lobster claw clasp. All high polish

14kt gold propeller diamond bracelet

#PROP281D - $1,095.00

14kt propeller bracelet with hand set matching VS/GH diamonds flush set into the center of each propeller hub. The diamonds add just the right about of bling! Ten propellers, ten diamonds, and this one has been especially hand polished after setting. 15.6gms

gold propellers into a bracelet

#SEA3009 - $850.00

Weights average 17gms for a 7.5 to 7.75" highly polished propeller bracelet with lobster claw clasp.

14kt gold cruising bracelet with sailboats, propellers and life saver rings #BRAC265 - $660.00

The cruising bracelet! Seven inch bracelet made up of 5 life saver rings; 3 propellers and 2 sailboats! App 13.2gms with secure lobster claw clasp.

14kt gold bracelet of three blade propeller and ships wheel #BRAC264 - $755.00

14kt bracelet of five each ships wheels and three blade cruising propellers. App 15.1gms and 7.25-7.35". High polished, each joined with a hinge and secure lobster claw clasp. Each piece is 5/8" across or 17mm.

14kt gold propeller bracelet #BRAC266 - $495.00

14kt gold bracelet of three blade propellers. Twelve propellers at 7/16" across or 10mm. App 10gms in weight. High polish, secure lobster claw clasp, each prop is hinged to the next. 7.25-7.35"

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