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Who doesn't love the beach and jewelry! Is your passion running on packed beach sand? Hunting for sea glass? Power walking on soft sugar sand? Basking in the sun at the beach? Flip flops in a beach thong? Even a bad day at the beach is great! If there is another piece of beach jewelry you've been looking for, let us know...

For those of you wondering, the setting for these shots is sand from Sea Side, Fort Walton and Destin Beach in Florida. Got some favorite beach sand and want to show it off? Send us a baggy and we will use it!

Dr Beach and travel experts have picked the top ten beaches of America! In descending order it is San Padre Island Beach in Texas; Venice Beach California; Cape May New Jersey; Waikiki Hawaii; Provincetown Cape Cod Massachusetts; Santa Barbara California ( most romantic beach); Panama City Beach Florida; Hilton Head South Carolina (top international resort); South Beach Miami Florida (2 mile beach averages 800,000 beach lovers daily!); and Kapalua Bay Beach Hawaii!

Beach thongs, flip flops and sandal jewelry charms are here

14kt gold pail and shovel charm#MSC119 - $75 to $175.00

14kt yellow gold pail and shovel for building sand castles, motes and small resorts. Full round 3D, the shovel is attached to the handle and the bucket will hold whatever! Bucket alone is 3/8" tall (10mm) plus handle plus shovel. Would look great on a neck chain or the small one for a charm bracelet. Small is the same as the earrings 1/4" tall. App 1.5/2.7/3.4gms

14kt emanel frozen drink charms #DRINKS! - $150.00

14kt and enamel of your favorite frozen drink! Margarita! Strawberry daiquiri! Mango rum runner and peppermint passion! Approximately 2.8gms and 3/4" tall. Enamel is only on the front side.

white gold beach pail and shovel #24220 - $135.00

14kt white or yellow gold pail and shovel. This pail has a sailboat on the front. Handle swivels, pail is affixed to the handle. Pail only is 3/8" or 10mm tall. Would look great on a 1mm white gold chain. We have several styles. App 2.5gms

beach cabana chair and umbrella#TCC265 - $235.00

Cape Cod or Carolina vacations anyone! Totally 3D beach cabana chair with rose gold colored umbrella. What a day at the beach it was... about one inch tall app 4.5gms.

beach sand castle with diamond shovel

#BEA114D - $145.00

3D beach sand castle with diamond set sand shovel. .03ct VS diamonds app 2.3gms and 5/8" tall

#MSC114 - $115.00

14kt sand castles finished on both sides, with a shovel and turrets! 5/8" tall and 1/2" wide done in textured beach sand blast finish. App 2.3gms

gold yellow bucket and red shovel for the beach#TCC315 - $170.00

The yellow bucket and red shovel... remember? All solid gold with a rose colored shovel. Same size and weight. Handle pivots up to carry the bucket of sand and water for beach castle drizzles. App 3.3gms

14kt gold beach pail and shovel jewelry charm with VS diamonds #BEA119D - $195.00

Beach pail and shovel with the front of the pail lip encrusted with .06cts of VS diamonds. Handle swivels, pail can slide up and down. Top of handle to bottom of shovel is 3/4" App 3gms

adirondack chair#MSC126 - $70.00

Beach or Adirondack chair in 2D 14kt gold. It is not flat, but raised up. The back side is unfinished. Good for charm bracelet or necklace. About 5/8" across app 1.3gms

treasure chest charm#A9365 - $545.00

Shhh... don't tell a soul but we have uncovered Blackbeard's hidden treasure chest of buried booty!  Solid heavy 7.3gms 14kt gold

beach cabana chair#MSC125 - $165.00

14kt 3D beach chair finished on all sides. Same as above without the umbrella. Looks just like the chairs at the summer cottage... app 3.2gms

footprints in the sand

#R16707 - $95.00

Footprints in the sand lapel pin or tie tack. Solid 14kt gold footprints and push pin with brass clutch back. Direction finding footprints for one that knows where they are going. Footprints measure 7/8" long.

gold umbrella beach drink with VS diamonds #BEAD261 - $125.00

Beach drink with bent straw, fruit and umbrella with diamonds! VS diamonds of .04cts total in the nine panels of the umbrella. 3/4" tall and app 1.6gms

Hawaii palm frond earrings with diamonds

#HAWAII654 - $895.00

14kt Hawaiian palm fronds with micro pave diamonds. Just over 5/8" across or 17mm. The pair weigh 9.2gms. Large and heavy! Fold over omega leverback locks. Ninety-four SI/GH micro pave set diamonds. Retail was $3,880 and we are selling for $895.00

smallest opal beach ball pendant#18067s - $40.00

Smallest created opal beach ball pendant. Ball spins around. Beach ball is 5/16" across or 7mm. App .6gms

created opal beach ball earrings#18066s - $125.00

Matching smallest created opal beach ball lever back earrings. App 2gms per pair. Beach ball is 5/16" across or 7mm and total dangle length is 1" or 26mm

14kt and opal beach pall pendant charm #18067 - $95.00

Incredible created opal and gold beach ball necklace pendant. Impossible to capture the colors and translucence of the way the opal captures and reflects the light. Colored panels just like a beach ball and just under 1/2" across or 11mm. App 1.5ms

created opal leverback beach ball earrings #18066 - $265.00

Matching created opal beach ball earrings! Same size as the pendant, just under 1/2" across or 12mm and these have leverback ear fasteners for pierced ears. App 4.1gms for a pair. Total dangle length is 1 3/6" or 30mm


Palm Tree Jewelry

enamel palm tree

#PALM756 - $90.00

14kt palm tree with green enamel fronds and three coconuts peeking out! 11/16 inch tall and 7/16 inch wide (27mm x 12mm) app 1.5gms

#PALM6804 - 1.4gms - $75.00

14kt gold palm tree with no enhancements. 11/16 inch tall app 1.5gms

14kt white gold palm tree necklace pendant charm #PALM10999 - $95.00

14kt WHITE gold palm tree necklace pendant. 3/4" tall app 1.8gms Detailed and diamond cut.

royal palm tree on the beach

#6802 - $100.00
14kt tropical palm tree charm About 7/8" tall and 7/16" wide app 1.9gms. Nice detailing.

14kt white gold plam tree covered in diamonds! #DIA5384 - $245.00

14kt white gold diamond palm tree pendant. Hidden double bail that would accept up to 2.5mm omega or 2mm chain. Ideal on 1-1.5mm chain. App 3/4" tall or 19mm; .23cts total diamond weight and app 1.5gms total. This and a little black dress is all you need!

14k palm tree slide with diamonds #PALM110Y - $175.00

14k yellow gold palm tree app 1.2gms with .14kts of diamonds! Hidden bail on back side for very light omega, wire or chain. 1-1.5mm Height is 3/4" or 19mm

white gold diamond palm tree pendant slide #PALM110w - $175.00

White gold palm tree necklace pendant with hidden bail for slide, wire, omega or chain. App 1.2gms with .13kts of diamonds. Retail price is $600! 3/4" tall or 19mm

white gold diamond palm tree earrings white gold diamond ball drop dangle palm tree earrings

Matching white gold diamond palm tree earrings. Palm trees are 3/8" or 9mm tall. Ball drop total dangle is almost 3/4" or 17mm. Diamonds app .04cts; gold weight 1.1gms and 1.2gms for ball drops. $125/135

white gold full round polished palm tree #PALMCJWG - $285.00

14kt white gold 3D full round highly polished palm tree pendant. Shown on optional 1.25mm rope chain for reference only. This shows how it hangs. Almost 1.75" tall or 43mm and 1" wide or 36mm. Small hidden bail in back at center of fronds. App 5.7gms.

14k 3d full dimensional pal tree #PALMCJ - $285.00

14k 3D full round palm tree pendant finished on all sides. Nearly 1.75" tall or 43mm and 1" wide or 36mm. Highly polished front and back. Small hidden double bail in the very center of the fronds 1.5x2.5mm so a small strong chain or choker wire of 1.55 is best. It must be strong as this is approximately 5.7gms!

14k palm tree with opal fronds #PALMOP - $145.00

14k detailed, polished and textured palm tree with the addition of man made opal palm fronds added. Large bail in the back would accept 5mm chain or 6mm omega. Just over 1" tall or 27mm and 3/4" wide or 19mm. App 2.9gms

large opal inlaid palm tree slide pendant #PALMOPL - $255.00

Larger 14kt detailed opal palm tree with hidden slide bail that would accept up to 6mm omega chain. Just over 1.5" or 39mm tall and 1" wide or 25mm App 5.6gms

14kt palm tree necklace pendant with diamonds #PALM116Y - $195.00

Yellow gold palm tree app 1.4gms with .14kts of diamonds. Necklace pendant bail. Palm tree is 7/8" tall or 23mm

Ocean Waves talisman jewelry necklace pendant

#OT92150 - $395.00

Ocean Talisman breaking waves necklace pendant. 1" across or 26mm and app 7gms. The waves are carried into a breaking crest with water droplets falling. Raised relief, textured, back side is simply the reverse image.

14kt white gold diamond palm tree pendant #PALM808wg - $395.00

14kt white palm tree slide pendant with 54 diamonds! Sparkles like crazy!! App 3/4" x 5/8" or 20x15mm. App 1.5gms and 54 round diamonds total .19cts!. Hidden double bail for small omega or link chain.

diamond palm  tree slide #PALM808 - $345.00

14kt palm tree slide with 54 diamonds! Sparkles like crazy!! App 3/4" x 5/8" or 20x15mm. App 1.5gms and 54 round diamonds total .19cts!. Hidden double bail for small omega or chain.


Beach Earrings

palm tree post earrings#MSE020 - $55.00

Single palm tree earring, stand almost 1/2" tall. Very detailed and nice. Post is at top of tree so they can hang a bit if you like. App 1gm

pail and shovel gold earrings#NAE120 - $135.00

14kt gold post ball and dangle sand bucket and shovel earrings. 3D and a perfect match! Bucket is 1/4" high (6mm) plus the length of the handle and dangle. App 2.7gms

palm tree earrings#NAE112 - $55.00

14kt double palm tree stud earrings. Detailed and tiny at about 1/4" tall! App 1gm

14kt dangle palm tree earrings

#PT164 - $185.00

14kt yellow ball drop palm tree earrings. Frond canopy bows out like an umbrella on these! Each palm tree is 5/8" tall and the total dangle length is 15/16" App 3.6gms per pair

kokomo palm tree cuff links

#SEACL06 - $45.00

California Dreaming, Cheeseburger in Paradise, or a date at Kokomo's will be perfect with these palm tree cufflinks ! Enamel over 24kt gold plate. If you go formal, don't forget your individuality! With four matching studs $90.00

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