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diamond and shackle bracelet

14kt high polished shackle links with 14kt white gold anchor link sheave links with VS/F-G diamonds. Total diamond carat weight is 2.42cts certified conflict free supplied by Stuller, approximately 118 individual hand set diamonds. Total weight of the shackle bracelet is 85gms. This is a large bracelet at ten inches. $7,995.00

There is also a 165gm 22" necklace with 4 carats of SI diamonds available at $14,995

14kt anchor shackle bracelet
Locking anchor shackle around a block with braided line. The last pin is threaded to secure the bracelet. Available in two size links, all yellow 14kt or 14kt two tone gold. The two tone is spectacular! Medium is 11 shackles and 11 turning blocks, large has 9. Large shackle link bracelet next to medium faced watch. $2,985 - $5,080.00
alternate stud link anchor chain
Stud marine links. Custom hand made stud link marine anchor chain 13mm to 21mm links. Custom hand made in Italy by the same small house that makes the hollow links for the biggest names in the industry. Starting at $60gm 14k and $75gm 18k. 13mm in 22" 22" 26" Can be bracelets in variety of weights, finish and color.
marine link bracelet
Stud marine links 18kt - 22x12mm links 9.25 inches hand polished 107.7 gms $8,080
18kt anchor link bracelet
Stud marine links 18kt - 22x12mm links 9.25 inches hand engraved 106.5gms $7,990
mariner anchor link bracelet
#BRAC7x12 - $2,095.00
Mariner link anchor bracelet. This one is 9.5 inches long and will fit an average to larger size wrist. There are 24 mariner links plus the clasp. The inside circumference when worn is 8 5/8". This has a working shackle clasp. The pin has to be completely unscrewed and removed to put the mariner link bracelet on or off. If you prefer we can use a lobster claw clasp, tear drop clasp or cabachon snap shackler mariner clasp ($500). Each link is 7mm wide and 12mm long. Solid. Not hollow wire tube. The weight of this bracelet is 32.4gms.
mariner anchor link bracelet
#BRACE7x12 - $2,095.00
Mariner link anchor bracelet that is 9.25 inches long with an inside circumference of 8.25". Same bracelet as above, just a little shorter. Weight is 32.3gms, marine anchor links are 7mm wide and 12mm long. The cross sectional reinforcing link is the same gauge as the link itself. Solid, thick, heavy ships anchor chain links
14kt polished European anchor link bracelet

#STUDLINK8838.9 - $2,045.00

14kt hand made stud link mariners anchor chain bracelet. This one was done in 9" and measures about 9 & 1/8" inches stretched out or 23cm. Weight is 34.3gms. 14kt (yellow) gold with premium tear drop lobster claw clasp. The European style anchor link was cast in one solid piece rather than the stud link being added after. Each link is approximately 8mm by 12mm or roughly 5/16" by 1/2" and 2mm thick. One only in stock now.

14kt puffed anchor link in white or yellow gold
#259038 ~ $550- 2,415
4x6mm or 5x7mm
14kt solid puffed anchor link very similar to the famed designer chain link. 14kt yellow gold or 14kt yellow and white gold alternating! 8.25 inches and 20 inches lengths in stock. Other lengths available and take 6-8 weeks to make as they are done one link at a time. Large, heavy, strong secure lobster claw clasp.
swivel link bracelet
SEALINKS198 solid heavy gold fishing swivel bracelet! Note the detail on the swivels and how good it looks on! Once you try this one on you will be leaving it on! This one is is 8.5" and made up of nine swivels. Yes, it could even be done in a necklace but you must be a great swimmer just in case! 8.75" is app 35.5gms! $2,130.00
14kt swivel link chain bracelet or necklace in 3mm, 5mm, 8mm
Custom made to any length, takes 2-3 weeks. Large has brommel hooks instead of lobster claw
3mm - 20" @ $1,755 - 27gms
6x14mm - 8" @ $1,315.00 in stock 21.9gms
7x17mm - 8" @ $1,995.00 in stock 33.4gms
8x21mm - 8.75" @ $3,035 in stock 50.6gms
14k guy beard 8mm swivel link bracelet
#SW8.080 - $2,495.00
14kt large custom 8mm swivel link bracelet. Original Guy Beard TMI design. Eight inch length, 6gms heavier than standard as this one weighs in at 38.6gms!
more snap swivel jewelry
14kt gold shackle link bracelet
#SEALINKS015 ~ $3,230 to $5,095.00
14kt shackle bracelet with locking shackle pin for main clasp. All other pins have been solder locked in place. The block on this style is highly polished and clean. There is not a line on the block giving it a different look.
The links come in two sizes, large and medium. Two colors, all 14kt (yellow) gold and 14kt white and yellow. There are no other choices or options.
Large - shackle is 14x20mm which is just over 1/2" by 3/4" and the block is 10x14mm or 3/8" by 1/2". Weight is app 84.6gms for 9" $5,075.00
Medium - shackle is 11x16mm or just over 3/8" by just over 1/2" and the block is 9x14mm or 3/8" by just over 1/2". Weight is app 53.8 gms for 9" $3,230.00
gold pelican hook bracelet
#SEAPH6 - 21gms - 8" - $1,470.00
Solid 14kt yellow gold pelican hook bracelets.
gold life line link bracelet
#SEALL5 - 12-14gms - 7" - $900.00
14kt lifeline rigging series bracelets. Heavy version for guys at 26-28gms and 8 inches as well as two tone diamond options.
ladies gold shackle bracelet #NAB081 - $370 - 1,240.00

Ladies seven inch shackle bracelet with blocks. Made up of ten shackles and nine turning blocks. Lobster claw for secure fastening. That's what the shackle is all about, secure fastening! The smallest link is 5mm or 3/16" wide at the shackle pins. The medium is 7mm or 1/4". The largest is 8mm wide or 5/16". Large size would work for a guy as well with smaller wrist.

gold propeller link bracelet
#SEA3009 - 7.5 - 7.75" - $765.00
Weights average 17gms for a 7.5" highly polished propeller bracelet with lobster claw clasp.
The following bracelets are one only available. They are liquidated inventory from a jewelry store chain and all assets were sold by the bankruptcy court. If you are a store you know where these came from and these can be marked up to three year old prices or today's price which is much higher. Most of these are 8" and will fit an average man, NOT a large man. These are dress bracelets and will not stand up to every day abuse of hard activity, sports, construction work, eta. Remove them and wear them when you change! Any jewelry will scratch, break or bend when pushed to the limits.

Clearance priced!

stainless steel, onyx and 14kt gold bracelet
#BR933 - $100.00
Stainless steel, onyx and 14kt gold bracelet 8" length by 5/16" or 9mm width. Weight is 34gms with fold over snap. Black onyx is smooth and polished, the 14kt is satin with diamond shapes cut into it. Retail was $260.00 with gold at $800oz
stainless steel, carbon fibre and diamond bracelet
#BR946 - $100.00
Stainless steel, carbon fiber and diamond bracelet. This bracelet is 8.5 inches and will fit a larger guy. It is heavy at 63gms, 1/2 inch wide and the links are 3/16" thick! The center pieces is carbon fiber inlay with a 2.5mm round diamond on each side. Diamond grade is SIB clarity and HI color. Total weight of approximately .12cts. The diamonds are round inlaid into a square recess appearing to be princess cut to a casual observer! Retail was $225.00
Medical ID bracelet in 14kt and stainless steel
#BR949 - $125.00
Stainless and 14kt medical or ID bracelet in 8.25" length, 1/2" width and links are 3/16" thick. Heavy bracelet at 63gms. Easily engraved at a trophy shop, things remembered or a jeweler that can engrave stainless. Not all can. Retail was $350.00
stainless steel and diamond bracelet
#BR467 - $100.00
Brushed and polished stainless steel links with five diamonds, total carat weight approximately .05cts This is 8.25 inches long and 1/2 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick. Weight is 54gms Retail was $260.00

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