Compass Direction Jewelry

Seawear gold compass jewelry pendant or directional North Star jewelry charm. The perfect gift for someone leaving home, going off to school or on that transatlantic sail! A gold compass to remind them of where they are going and how to get back home, or a north star for navigation, inspiration and direction.


14kt gold compass rose

#SEACR112 - $460.00

A compass rose for the proud and the mighty to find their way back home! Hand made, highly polished, the direction letters are raised and polished on a matte surface. 1 7/8" (28mm) across. Hidden bail for slide or chain. Solid 14kt gold, app 9.2gms


14kt sextant necklace jewelry pendant charm

#SEXTANT - $445.00

14k movable sextant necklace pendant. Sextant index arm and bail swivel. 1 1/16" across the base or 27mm. Total dangle length is 1 3/8" or 36mm. This one weighs 6.7gms. Sextant back side is highly polished. In order to know where you are going, you need to know where you've been...


astrolboe jewelry necklace pendant

#ASTROLABE - $425.00

Simple astrolabe for determining latitude. This is a Valentia Astrolabe inspired by the one in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The arm or alidade pivots 360 degrees. The hinge doubles as the bail for this necklace pendant and is compound articulated. All moving parts are pinned so they as well as the pins move freely. 7/8" or 23mm across and 1 5/8" or 41mm tall. App 6.5gms Astrolabe backside

navigator cross pilot landing cross

#CROSS849 - $995.00

18kt white gold landing zone cross, pilots cross or navigators cross. From Italy by Chimento, with .62ctw of VVS/G diamonds and a single black diamond of .03ct. Very very special cross. You can see two runways converging or plane of sight. Hallmarked 750 for the European market designation of 18kt. Tip to tip on the cross is one inch or 25mm. Total length with bail is 1 3/8" or 34mm. 6gms of pure 18kt gold Retail was $2,190 with gold at $1,200oz


oil lamp lantern necklace charm

#LANTERN - $195.00

In simpler times, all that was needed was an oil lantern to read the water on a late anchorage, left on the end of the boom for anchoring or shined on the main as steaming so the ships could see you first! App 3.2gms 3/4" tall and 3/8" wide. Full round 3D finished on all sides.

14kt gold compass rose jewelry pendant
#15481 - $575.00
14kt compass rose jewelry. The center compass rose pivots to reveal a world globe map on the back side. Totally 3D can be viewed from front or back and is movable. 1" across app 9.8gms
14kt compass rose jewelry charm and earrings

#3544 - $115.00

Small detailed compass rose or sundial in 14kt perfect for necklace, charm bracelet or earrings. Breaks directions to the North by Northeast increments. Only 1/2" across or 12mm. App 1.8gms


14kt gold French wire earrings

#3544FW - $225.00

14kt gold compass rose or sundial earrings with twisted nautical line French wires! We can do them with leverbacks, smooth French wires or hoops. App 4.2gms


14k rose gold compass rose

#3544rg - $125.00

Rose gold compass rose sundial necklace pendant. 1/2" across Total hanging length is 7/8" app 1.8gms Raised polished features against a textured background


rose gold compass rose sunburst earrings

#3544rge - $215.00

14k rose gold compass rose sundial earrings with fish hook French wire by Stuller. Compass rose is 1/2" across, total dangle length is 1 1/8" or 28mm. App 3.3gms for a pair.


14k white gold compass rose sun dial necklace charm jewelry

#3544wg - $125.00

14k premium white gold compass rose sundial necklace pendant charm. Compass dial is 1/2" across or 12mm. App 1.9gms Polished and textured with lightcatching sparkle!


14k white gold compass rose earrings

#3544wge - $215.00

14k premium white gold compass rose sundial earrings with fish hook French wire by Stuller. Compass rose is 1/2" across, total dangle length is 1 1/8" or 28mm. App 3.3gms for a pair.

14kt Mile Marker Zero 0 in Key West charm

#LITMM0 -$155/65

14kt Key West Mile Marker 0 zero charms! Large is 22/x16mm and app3.1gms; small is 14x10mm and app 1.3gms. Background is a bead blast texture finish while letters are raised and polished. If you've been there, now you can prove it!


14kt 90 Miles to Cuba Key West charm

#LITCU90 - $115/50

14kt 90 Miles to Cuba Southern Most Point in the USA Key West charm. Everyone body takes a photograph, now you can wear it! Slighly conical shape to simulate the can. Large is 20x14mm and app 2.3gms; small is 15x10mm app 1gm


footprints in the sand

#R16707 - $115.00

Footprints in the sand lapel pin or tie tack. Solid 14kt gold footprints and push pin with brass clutch back. Direction finding footprints for one that knows where they are going. Footprints measure 7/8" long.


small gold north star charm

#R41311 - $95.00

Small 14k shining north star jewelry charm leading the way home after a long journey out to see or away from family. Stands 3/4" tall and suitable for a young person or a charm bracelet. Finished on both sides.


white gold north star

#R41311WG - $95.00

Small beautiful 14kt white gold shimmering north star to guide you... 3/4" tall. 3D full round finished front and back


14kt north star cross with diamond

#CRS477D - $70.00

14kt North Star cross with a small diamond in the center held by four prongs in a radiating background with triangular design cross.


antique compass rose cufflinks

#SEACL23 - $45.00

Compass rose and done with a swivel back style clasp in silver. Subtle and distinct. New style.


working compass cufflinks and formal studs

#SEACL26 - $50.00

Working floating compass in silver cufflinks! You will either know where you are going or be giving directions all night! Just under 3/4" across


artificial horizon compass cufflinks

#SEACL57 - $40.00

Artificial horizon compass cufflinks. For flying, sailing or powerboating! 12mm across or 11/16". Silver colored base metal


scrimshaw compass rose cufflinks

#SEACL712 - $65.00

Gold tone swivel cufflinks with a faux scrimshaw stone insert with compass rose. These are made to look like an old sailor scrimashawed face. Again, these are NOT real ivory scrimshaw, may be sent into any country legally. 17mm across or just over 5/8".


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