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Sand dollar jewelry Collection of charms, pendants, earrings bracelets in 14kt gold sanddollar themes of our little friends found on the sand shores...


The Legend of the Sanddollar...

One of Nature's most unusual shells. The five slits in the sand dollar shell represent the five wounds in the body of Christ.

The Easter Lily design has in it's center a five point star. The Star of Bethlehem. On the back, is the outline of the Poinsettia, The Christmas Flower.

When you shake the sanddollar, you can hear something inside. Upon breaking the shell open, five perfect replicas of a dove are found. These are the Doves of Peace.

Because of this religious legend, this creature of the sea is often referred to as the Holy Ghost Shell.


large sand dollar slide in 14kt #SAND329 - $875.00

Beautiful detailed sand dollar slide pendant. App 14.5gms Raised lip edges, soft sandblast finish, polished angel star, hidden bail in the back that will accept 12mm omega up to 3mm thick. Bail is at the top so it will hand down and lean forward. Exclusive design to Seawear™ 33mm across or 1 5/16" Nature made, artisan improved!

gold sand dollar necklace pendant #SAND331 - $575.00

Mother nature at her best! Quarter sized sand dollar at nearly one inch across. 15/16" across and up and down or 24mm. With the bail it is 1 5/16" or 33mm hanging length. Weight is approximately 9.5gms. The finish is a very soft satin polish, with high polish on the star portion front and back, and very highly polished on the raised lip around the sanddollar edges. This is a small, 2mm thick, heavy sand dollar, just the way nature made it. Exclusive to Seawear. Bail is pinned and will accommodate 1-3mm chain.

keyhole sanddollar jewelry necklace #SAND331p - $395.00

Keyhole sand dollar with lipped edge in a polished finish rather than matte above. App 6.7gms with pinned swivel bail. 15/16 inches across.

sparkling Keyhole sand dollar necklace pendant #SAND75a - $295.00

Sparkling sand finish keyhole sand dollar left just the way nature created with a light polish to keep crevassed details intact. 15/16 inches across or 23mm. This series has incredible detail with veins and channels. App 4.9gms

sparkling gold sand dollar necklace pendant #SAND75b - $175.00

Medium sized sparkling Keyhole sand dollar in natural polished finish. 9/16 inch or 15mm across. App 2.9gms

sand dollar charm for necklace, bracelet or earrings #SAND75c - 145.00

Small sparkling Keyhole sand dollar that is perfect for necklace, bracelet charm or earrings. 1/2 inch or 12mm across and app 2.3gms

nautical sanddollar necklace pendant charm #SAND75bjr - $145.00

Medium sized sparkling Keyhole Sanddollar in natural polished finish. This is done with a jump ring to keep it light. 9/16" or 15mm across. App 2.5gms.


smooth sand dollar jewelry #SAND76a - $145.00

Medium sized smooth polished sand dollar with detailed star shape. 9/16 inches across or 15mm and app 2.3gms

smooth sand dollar jewelry charm #SAND76b - $110.00

Small sized smooth polished sand dollar great for pendant, charm or earrings. 7/16 inches across or 11mm and app 1.8gms

medium sized 14kt sand dollar#NAC146 - 3.4 gms - $170.00

Beautifully detailed jewelry on both sides in solid 14kt gold. Mid weight and size at 3/4" across, picture shows optional 1.8mm chain for reference.

perfect 14kt gold sand dollar

#154  - 2.6 gms - $130.00

Perfectly formed small, solid flat sanddollar jewelry pendant with distinct star pattern on spotted textured sand dollar base 3/4" across.

14kt sand dollar ring #SAND34 - $85.00

14kt small sand dollar ring. Lightweight at app 1.3gms, sand dollar is about 5/16ths inch tall. Makes a great toe ring too! Side of ring is textured like sand and then goes to a smooth finish. App size 6 and easily sized by your local jeweler

#SANS0133 - 8gms - $395.00

14kt sanddollar with details of texture, satin finish, diamond cuts and scalloping. Larger at 1.5" across but only 8gms.

#SAN134 - 2.9gms - $145.00

14kt sand dollar with satin finish and diamond cut star in the center. One inch across

#SAN163 - 7.2gms - $360.00

14kt highly polished sanddollar that is 1 1/8" across

14kt sand dollar necklace pendant

#SAN131 - $225.00

14kt sand dollar necklace pendant at nearly 1" across or 24mm. Detailed, defined diamond cut edges, open holes and app 4.5gms


laser cut sand dollar family pendants and earrings

#LZRSND - $90.00 to 180.00

Laser cut sand dollar pendants and earrings. Three sizes of pendants and the earrings are the small pendant size. This sand dollar family sparkles! Back ground is bead blasted and refracts and reflects light while the center has laser cut facets that will catch any glimmer of light. Approximate weights and dimensions Retired design

Small 9/16" 14mm 1.5gms $90
Medium 13/16" 20mm 2.5gms $145
Large 15/16" 24mm 3.6gms $180

14kt white gold sand blast finish sand dollars

#SNDLRWG - $60-315.00

Same sand blasted finish sand dollars, only in white gold. The finish is just like beach sand! Approximate dimensions and weights, see the family

Tiny 7/16" 10mm .95gms $60
Small 1/2" 14mm 1.6gms $95
Medium 11/16" 18mm 2.5gms $150
Large 13/16" 21mm 3.4gms $205
Xlarge 1" 25mm 5.1gms $315
Slide 1" 25mm 5.2gms $315
Post earrings 1/2" 14mm 3gms $180
Leverback earrings 1/2" 14mm 3.5gms $210

sandblasted sand dollar family of pendants and earrings in 14kt yellow gold

#SNBLTSND - $60 to 330.00

Sandblasted family of sand dollars. Pendants in four sizes, earrings with posts towards the top or leverbacks. Close up looks like grains of beach sand! Approximate dimensions and weights


Tiny 7/16" 10mm .95gms $60
Small 1/2" 14mm 1.6gms $95
Medium 11/16" 18mm 2.6gms $155
Large 13/16" 21mm 3.6gms $215
Xlarge 1" 25mm 5.5gms $330
Slide 1" 25mm 5.2gms $315
Post earrings 1/2" 14mm 3gms $180
Leverback earrings 1/2" 14mm 3.5mm $210

tiny sand blast sand dollar earrings white gold#SAND1974w - $115.00

Tiny sandblasted white gold starfish earrings. Identical to pendant below, matches series above. App 1.9gms and 7/16" across

tiny 14kt sand blasted sanddollar earrings#SAND1974y - $115.00

Tiny sandblasted 14kt gold starfish earrings. Identical to pendant below, matches series above. App 1.9gms and 10mm across

tiny 14kt white gold sand dollar pendant #SNDLWTNY - $60.00

Tiny 14kt white gold sand blasted sand dollar pendant. About 7/16" or 10mm across, .9gms and the smallest one we have found. Sand blasted finish, small bail for 1mm or smaller chain. Matches the sandblasted series above.

tiny sandblasted sanddollar pendant #SNDLYTNY - $60.00

Tiny 14kt gold sand blasted sand dollar pendant. About 7/16" or 10mm across, .95gms and the smallest one we have found. Sand blasted finish, small bail for 1mm or smaller chain. Matches the sandblasted series above and identical to above earrings

14kt gold sanddollar with sand blast and rhodium finish #SAND1933sbtt - $140.00

Sand blasted sanddollar with rhodium plated star in the center. 3/4" across or 18mm. App 2.5gms

14kt sand blasted sanddollar with rhodium star #SAND1934sbtt - $85.00

Sand blasted sanddolarr with rhodium plated center. 9/16" across or 15mm. App 1.5gms

tiny 14kt sanddollar with rhodium and sand blasted finish #SAND1973sbtt - $55.00

14kt sanddollar with sand blast and rhodium finish. These are teh smallest ones available at 7/16" across App .9gms

14kt gold sand dollar pendant #SAN032 - $135.00

Very detailed small sand dollar. The back ground is covered with rivers of details while the star pattern remains centered and of a different pattern. Polished highlight ridges while the background is matte from the sands of the beach. App 2.7gms and 3/4" across. Slightly oblong and not perfectly round.

14kt white gold sparkly sand dollar #11041 - $115.00

14kt white gold sand dollar with detail and diamond cuts in the star shape. App 2.3gms and 3/4" across. Very shiny and sparkly white gold sand dollar!

#11048 - $65.00

14kt white gold small baby sand dollar app 1.3gms and 1/2" across. Perfect for child or petite woman and light chain.

silver sand dollar jewelry with opal inlay #SIL032 - $95.00 - 8.0gms

Stunning .925 sterling silver sand dollar jewelry with synthetic opal inlay. 35mm or 1 3/8" across with raised textured relief design. Large bail to accept your omega, rope or link chain. The only piece we have in silver.

white gold sand dollar#11032 - 5.1gms - $255.00

14kt white gold sand dollar. Very detailed and realistic looking. Slight concave upwards just like the real ones... The yellow tint is my face reflecting taking the picture! 1 1/8" across or 28mm

#SAND516 - $90.00

Small 14k sand dollar with rhodium center star design that is diamond cut for sparkle. 5/8" across or 16mm. Same size as earrings. Average weight is 1.8gms

medium white gold sand dollar jewelry #SAND825w - $165.00

Medium sized sand dollar in 14kt white gold. Just over 3/4" across at 13/16" and app 3.2gms. High polished.

small 14kt gold sanddollar

#NAC197 - 2.0 gms - $100.00

Another species of the sand dollar that you have most likely seen at the beach. Finely detailed for one so small. 11/16" across

sea biscuit sand dollar charm

#141 - 2.1 gms - $105.00 

14kt Nicely rounded sea biscuit! Four holes in base and one between two arms to pick up blouse color 5/8" across

sand dollar ring #SAND32 - $495.00

14k yellow gold Sand dollar ring with .15cts of diamonds. App weight 5.5gms in size 6.5 USA as shown. Equates to M in Euro size. Sand dollar is 1/2" tall or 13mm. Band is 3mm tall and 1.5mm thick. Nice heavy well made ring that is custom made for Seawear™. Ring portion is high polish while the sand dollar face is a sparkly satin finish. Photos taken under a dome to show contrast and detail but remove all reflection. Diamonds are sparklers!

sand dollar and scallop shell earrings#NAE010 - 4.8 gms - $240.00

Simply wonderful sand dollar earrings with detailed scallop shell posts to dangle from! All solid 14kt plumb gold. Sand dollars are 5/8" across.

sand dollar sear horse earrings#13125 - 2.7 gms - $165.00 pr

14kt sand dollar earrings - What a combo! The sanddollar and the seahorse. Top post on the sand dollar, solid gold with gold post and backing. Smaller sand dollar from above with total width almost 1/2" and length 1 1/8"

large gold sand dollar earrings

#NAE094 - $275.00 - 5.5gms

These are 3/4" across and post is centered towards the top. Very nice and detailed sand dollar earrings. Matches pendant NAC146

medium sized sand dollar earrings

#NAE013 - $175.00 - 3.5gms Medium sized sand dollar earrings at 5/8" across. Post is centered towards the top.

small sanddollar earring posts#NAE037 - $125.00 - 2.5gms

Tiny sand dollar post earrings. Pendant and bracelet to match this style. 1/2" across

small sand dollar earrings #18857 $55-175.00

Perfect family sand dollar earrings in three sizes. Solid 14kt gold including posts and backing. Choice of 1/4";7/16" or 9/16" across. Light & detailed. App weights 1gm; 1.7gms; 3.3gms Five pointed star & holes. Post at center.

small sand dollar earrings#NAE063 - $55.00 - 1.1gms

Tiny baby sand dollar post earrings at 3/8" across. Detailed down to the keyhole slot! Ideal for multi pierced ears or young girl.

14kt ball drop sand dollar earrings #13132 - $275.00

Thick, heavy sand dollar ball drop earrings. Width is 9/16" and dangle length is 7/8" or 15x22mm App 5.5gms

14k polished sand dollar and starfish post earrings#SAND533 - $155.00

Polished sand dollars with starfish earrings. Post is 3/4s of the way up the sand dollar and not centered. Total dangle length is 3/4" and weight is 2.gms

14kt polished post sand dollar earrings#SAND532 - $95.00

Polished baby sand dollar post earrings 3/8" across and 1.7gms Post is set 3/4ths of the way up and not on center. Nice sturdy weight and thickness

10 large sand dollars in bracelet #SEAS162 - 16.3 gms - $815.00

These sand dollar bracelets are a little heavier than others. Ten sand dollars making up a 7" bracelet. Sand dollars are 5/8" across.

14kt gold baby sand dollars bracelet

#BRAC159 - $280.00

14kt gold baby sand dollars bracelet! 7.25" long, made up of 18 small 5/16" baby sand dollars. App 5.6gms with textured finish and secure lobster claw clasp.

14 baby sand dollars in gold bracelet #SEAS149 - 7.1gms - $355.00

Fourteen adorable little sand dollars forming a petite bracelet of seven inches. Would make a perfect ankle bracelet at ten inches! Sand dollars are 1/4" across.

12 sand dollars in gold bracelet #SEAS165 - 10.5gms - $525.00

Twelve sand dollars joined in a seven inch bracelet Sand dollars are 3/8" across. To view all three in comparison (162,165 & 149) together click sand dollar bracelets!

gold sand dollar bracelet

#SDB298 - $1,495.00

Stunning 14kt gold sand dollar bracelet made up of eight identical 3/4" sand dollars hinged together with lobster claw clasp. App 24.9gms and 7.5" long. Polished, textured and detailed on both sides just as it was found on the beach.

14kt gold sand dollar bracelet

#SDB5 - $1,395.00

Exquisite keyhole sanddollar bracelet comprising nine 1/2" or 14mm sand dollars. The length is just at 8" and one less sand dollar would bring it to 7.25" Fancy teardrop clasp, sparkle polished finish. Exclusive made by Seawear matches the 75 series at top of the page. App 23.6gms

14kt small sand dollars bracelet

#BRAC11850 - $445.00

14kt natural yellow gold sand dollar bracelet made up of twelve textured and diamond cut sand dollars. Each sand dollar is 3/8" across or 10mm, the total length is 7 1/2" and held secure by a lobster claw clasp. Weight is app 9gms.

14kt nine sand dollar bracelet

#BRAC11846 - $575.00

14kt sand dollar bracelet made with nine sand dollars. Each is 9/16" across or 14mm. Very flexible and app 10.4gms Natural sanddollar texture is polished while the star is diamond cut for sparkle. Lobster claw clasp. 7.25 inches

 Silver sand dollar jewelry

Argentium Silver .935 sand dollar jewelry made in the USA at our shop in Pennsylvania. This has .935 silver, rather than .925 of sterling silver. Each of these sand dollars was molded from a found sand dollar fossil. No living sand dollar was harmed in the process. Excellent tarnish resistance and superior hardness. There is no coating, just pure Argentium 935 silver. These are Seawear trademarked designs under #VA0001330803 and #VA0001233947 handmade under the lost wax casting method.

sand dollars and sea glass

Sanddollar family outing on seaglass

  argentium sand dollar ring

#SANDR19 - $95.00

Triple sand dollar ring made up in standard size 7 and easily sized by your local jeweler. The center sanddollar is 9/16" across or 14mm. The two smaller ones are 7/16" or 11mm across. The smooth ring shank portion in the back is 3mm wide and 1.5mm thick. The sand dollars are 3mm thick and scooped out in the back. Approximate weight is 7gms.

small argentium silver sand dollar pendant

#SAND75b - $45.00

Small textured sand dollar with swivel post bail. Textured and polished, would also work as dangle earrings. 9/16" across or 15mm App 2.3gms

very small argentium sand dollar charm

#SAND75c - $35.00

Smallest textured sand dollar with jump ring bail, works as necklace pendant, charm for bracelet or earrings. Just under 1/2" across or 12mm App 1.6gms

argentium polished sand dollar pendant

#SAND76a - $40.00

Small polished sanddollar with swivel post bail. 9/16" across or 15mm. App 1.7gms

argentium silver polished small sand dollar

#SAND76b - $30.00

Smallest polished sanddollar with jump ring bail for necklace pendant on light chain, charm bracelet or earrings. 7/17" across or 11mm App 1.1gms

argentium silver sand dollar jewelry

#SAND75a - $65.00

Exquisitely detailed sand dollar with swinging bail. Just under 1" across or 24mm. This is the natural texture pattern of the sand dollar and has not been polished smooth. It is polished but retained the grainy finish as found. Back side is just as detailed. Approximate weight is 4gms.

argentium silver sand dollar jewelry pendant

#SAND331 - $85.00

Get your tan on! This is made to be showcased on sunned skin, a little salt and spray! Cast just as nature made it. Raised edge all around and raised star in center have been highly polished. The textured background is a satin polish. Approximate weight is 5.8grms. This finish is just the way it will be. No rhodium or chrome plating to wear off. Solid 935 Argentium Silver all the way through. About 15/16" across or 24mm and 1.5-2mm thick. Destined to become one of your favorites. Exclusive to Seawear.

Legend of the Sand Dollar

Upon this odd shaped seashell
A legend grand is told
About the life of Jesus
the most wondrous tale of old

It's center markings plainly show
the storied guiding star
Which led to tiny Bethlehem
Three wise men from afar

Five wounds suffered by our Lord
from nails and Roman spear
When He died upon the Cross
are wounds shown plainly here

Within the shell, when opened
Five doves of Peace are found
They celebrate the Legend, so may
Peace and Love abound.


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