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Charlie you are the best and a true and prompt business man (we wish there were a million more like you). We promise we are done bothering you this year.

Dianna & Alan


Hi Charlie!

I received the tracking # and will be watching for it! I get a few days away from the hospital (wooo hooo) but will be home, where the delivery is headed to. Thank you for such great service!

Happy New Year!

:) PJ


Thanks for the awesome white gold shark pendant! I can't wait to give it to my wife! It arrived a lot quicker than I ever could imagine. Thank you soo soo much for all of your help! I will highly recommend your business and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. You are good people. Thanks again!
Sincerely, Andrew L



Merry Christmas Charles, ??Thank you so much for my ring, it's perfect, now Kristie and I both have your beautiful wedding bands,



I retired in 2009 after 21 years in the Navy and I'm now a Department of Defense civil service employee. That said, a beer and Jack Daniels in no particular order would have worked in any negotiation with me.

Thanks for your gratitude and I hope you have a Merry Christmas as well.



Hi Charlie. Received the bracelet today - great work! Thank you sir!!



Just recieved the most amazing bracelet ever!! Thank you so much!! It's size is perfect and the weight is astonishing! It's amazing!

(massive anchor link bracelet)


Hello Charlie,

I received the seashell yesterday and it is fantastic. The detail is amazing.
Thank you very much for the quick turnaround.

Best Wishes to you and yours for the Holidays and the New Year.

Yves Van de


Hey Charlie

Yep sure did receive it today! I took it to the jewellers as soon as I got it.
They're working on it now with the diamond and will have it ready for me asap!
Thanks so much again for all your attention here I really appreciate it!


Love it, thanks!


Sure you can use the image! Just loving the bracelet bro. Thanks so much!


Dear Charlie

I just received the $345 hatchling today. Here are my unsolicited comments:

Good things:
It was well packed, protected but "thin" enough to fit through my locked maibox slot.
The detail on the turtle's scales, especially head and fins, is exquisite.
The "tinkle" sound it makes is unusual andf pleasant.

Need improvement (if possible):
"Gold stamp" on its bail was iIlegible, needs "quality control" before shipping. This is important because where I live (Honolulu, with a lot of gold being sold to tourists) muddied stamps are a "red flag" indicating gold fraud. Also, I wish the shell was stamped "14k" etc. on ts rear side because althoug it is necessary for the artist to make the shell dull, lke peweter, or tarnished sterling, a "14K" stamp would inidicate quality and add to the "bragging rights" of the overall piece

Overall,. I intend to be a repeat customer,
Thank you very much!!!
Mike Shir


It's PERFECT - absolutely perfect. I am bawling like a baby. It's exactly what was looking for. The 1P was very sweet of you too. :
Charlie I don't know how I can ever thank you for being so patient with me. But you can put a comment on your site if you like. "I highly recommend Charlie went far above and beyond to get my perfect ring to me - lovely to deal with and great communications."

Just in case you want to know, they didn't charge me anything, but they may send me a customs bill later. That's usually how they do it. I also have planned, if the original does show up, I will go to Calais, Maine ( my girlfriends and I go down there often to shop) and mail it to your home address from their PO. That way, no duty for you and you can put it back in your stock and hopefully get back some money on this deal. I have not given up on it coming. I ordered a ring from Italy once and it took over 3 months!

I can't stop looking at it. Thank you "other Irishman in my life".


Hey Charlie, I had someone that was there for delivery but did not hear door. She ended up picking it up, said it is amazing and photos don't do it justice. We are hunting ducks and geese, weather has been very unstable making things difficult. Thank you so much for the ring, I am looking forward to seeing it!


Hello Charlie,

I purchased the Nautical Life Mates braided wedding band a month or so ago. I am so pleased with it and I wanted to share some pictures of our wedding that took place on 10/13. We live on Lake Hopatcong, NJ and were married right in front of our lakefront home, on our boat. This is why the style of the ring was so important to me. Thank you very much.
Tom Sellxxx


He absolutely loves it. He was speechless.

He hasn't worn it yet so if it's ok with you I'll try to see what he wants to do in the next day or so with the old chain.

Thank you again. Very happy to have found your site!
(massive shark tooth and chain)



I received my bracelet yesterday. I absolutely love it.
Thanks for all your help. I am really looking forward to my wife's mermaid and chain.

Received it today. I love it. Thank you.


It is not sentimental and the one that you sent me is very pretty and will work fine, but I thank you kindly for asking. We are actually on our way to the first leg of our trip which is stay overnight in Salt Lake City and then depart for Seattle in the morning. We are so happy to be wearing our rings!


Received the ring today. It's fantastic and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for providing such good customer service and a beautiful product.



My ring arrived and it's just beautiful! Thank you so much!


Oh thank you for that fascinating explanation! I trust you and him obviously because he did such an awesome job with everything else. Please go ahead and use our card and please charge me to expedite mailing as our anniversary trip is on Thursday night and I would love to get the ring by then.



Thank you so much for your patience and kindness and professionalism. If there's a place on your site that I can leave a review, I certainly want to.


The price was a pleasant surprise!. We were planning to re-engrave the rings, but it sounds as if, for mine, it might not be feasible to do that. Is there any danger in weakening the ring if he polishes it and then I try to re-engrave it? I'll go with whatever you recommend.


Hi Charlie, thank you so much. The bracelet came today, I can't believe how quickly!

And, I haven't had to pay customs. How fantastic is that?

If you ever need anyone to recommended you, or a testimonial etc. I would be happy to do it.

Love from a very happy customer

Janet x


Rings are here! They are really nice thank you.


Good afternoon, Charlie. I just received the ring I ordered on August 16th. The price tag does not do the craftsmanship and quality of this piece justice. I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you for your assistance in getting it to me so quickly.

I will definitely recommend Seawear, Inc. to anyone in the market for quality jewelry! Rick Larnxxx


Hi Charlie,
I will need to know where I can post a great review for your service. You are #1. I will be sure to be in for the arrival of my ring. Thanks so much,


Charlie. Thank you. The ring is gorgeous and is better in person than the pictures. Thank you so very much.
Tom Sellxxx



The ring arrived today. Looks great.

I appreciate the service.

Nicely done.



Just received my package today, the noose is sick!! Just curious, is there any kind of warranty on it?


Thank you Charlie and the Seawear Team! My wedding was wonderful and the rings are gorgeous! A true work of art!
Thank you,
Tara and Alvin Carter


Charlie, the cross arrived and it is beautiful !!! I can't wait until Ricky's 18th. birthday this weekend, I know he will be very surprised, and extremely pleased with the cross. The priest is going to bless the cross before I give it to him. Thank you for the special box, it adds that extra touch.

My "thank you" seems so small compared to all you've done, but it comes from my heart. May you be blessed for the kindness you've shown me. Sincerely, Betty Ann McCaffery


I GOT IT AND ITS PERFECT..EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED.... YOU ROCK... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Maybe ill end up a show off after all!!!

That's from a very conservative animal rescue person. She spends her vacation on Turtle Key in the Bahamas rescuing abandoned dogs and teaching spay neuter!


I just wanted to let you know I received the ring on Friday and gave it to my husband. It is absolutely beautiful! He loves it! Thank you!!



I have been meaning to write to you.

Unfortunately, my husband lost his battle with cancer on May 21. The rings arrived the day after he died. My heart still aches; but, I will wear his ring on a chain sometimes.




Bracelet just arrived. Man, that is fast shipping!

The look is exactly what I wanted. Glad we didn't add any additional length... as is, it's a bit longer than I thought it would be. I'm going to wear it for a while as is, it may just take a little getting used to.

I'm happy! Thank you!



You're the best.
Thanks so much.

- Skip




Thanks so much for working on the bracelet and returning it so quickly. My wife is well pleased.



Thanks Again Charlie!!! SEALTEAM Chain looks great and is flawless!! Much better than before!! Now I don't care that I spent what I spent on it!! Hahaha!!! P.S. I would love to buy another chain sometime in the future.

You guys are amazing! I'll have Alvin mail it out tomorrow. I'll go to the jeweler to get a good size, and email it to you. I understand you can only do what you can.
Thank you so much!
Tara :)


Thank you Charlie, no need to send a paid invoice.
Your attention to details was great and the gift box and the credit card safety pocket are a nice touch.
A couple more days until the "B"day!




Bill received his ring today. I have not seen it yet, but he said its absolutely gorgeous, and more importantly, it fits great.

Again, thank you for all your help. And we will certainly pass the Seawear name along to everyone. Could not be more please with the quality and the service. Thank you for helping make our special day that much more special.



Hello Charlie,

It arrived and it is fantastic; the details are outstanding and everything about it is just perfect! Thank you very much . Should I need another pendant, I now know you're it.

Again, thank you very much for taking care of my purchase so expeditiously.



Rings just arrived and are gorgeous!

Thank you!


Keep doing what you do. I'll be buying more soon.


Thank you


Janet got the bracelet in Florida last week. She loves it. Thanks again Jack


Thank you Charlie all was well. I make sure to give you a shout out on Instagram


I LOVE IT! Thank you!


Thank you so much the pendant is beautiful!


Amazing! Thank you for the help.


Hi Charlie,
Just picked up my finished set today stones are all in. .70 cart center diamond surrounded by aquamarine stones. We added a v support to the diamond three prongs didn't seem to be enough for the stone size. Just beautiful can't take my eyes off it. ??? Thank you Felicia


Good morning Charlie
Thank you for the update. We received my rings yesterday taking them to Jared today. I will send you photos when it's completed. So excited ??


Received it today Charlie, it looks great!! Very pleased.


I gave my wife the smaller Brigid's Cross earrings for Brigid's Day, and she has been receiving compliments aplenty for them. She loves them, and I am so pleased! I had been looking for them for years. Glad to finally find you. Thanks for a wonderful product.



Thanks Charlie, just placed the order.
Having been in media and photography for a little over 5 years, Its amazing to me how quickly the digital forefront has advanced. The technology is so advanced now and changes faster than anyone can keep up with, Its certainly daunting at times. Thanks again for your kind words as I hope to only better my skills in such and use them for good purpose :)
Thank you 100x's more for making the process of getting my finaces desired ring!
Have a wonderful weekend.


Hi Charles,
The earring as arrive.
And is all ready weare on!
Had slightly problem when i started to close the pin as it wasn't not straightforward (hop that i didn't messed up the pin) it's looking grate.
We'll be in touch as i will show your work to friends...
Thank you,


Charlie! I'm glad I waited until I spotted the one on your site. Most of the others elsewhere don't look like anyone bothered to even look at a picture of a leatherback! This one will get plenty of mileage.

Thanks again!



Thank you so much for offering a beautiful and realistic leatherback sea turtle pendant! I looked all over the internet and most of those pendants don't even come close to what a leatherback looks like. Your pendant is spot on! I received mine today and love it.

Thanks again for your great products and prompt service!





Thanks for the info below. Just wanted to let you know I received the pendant today. Thanks for the emails, the conversation and the quick response to my order......Thanks, Tom


Aloha Charlie,

Thank you so very much for all of your kind help! I highly appreciate everything! I received the shell and love it!
The shell that's native to Hawaii I believe would be the SunRise shell. It's a very beautiful shell with a orangish yellow color to remind you of the Hawaiian Sunset!
Hope you have a great day!



Thank you so much for the kind thoughts. We bought our wedding bands from you 17 years ago and were quite disappointed when he lost his. We both served in the United States Coast Guard and absolutely fell in love with those bands. The nautical relevance was very important to us both. They are so unique and beautiful. We have received countless compliments on them. I still have mine:) and it is as beautiful 17 years later as it was the day he put it on my finger.



The tiger shark tooth pendant just arrived! It is stunning! Thanks again!


Those are definitely heart wrenching stories. Stuff like that gets to me too!

I can't wait for her to get her charm! Her sister and Dad both have gold necklaces with fish charms (Cobia for Dad and Mahi for sister). She calls them the golden chain gang and told us she wanted to join them. Tarpon is a fish she hasn't caught yet so it was on her wish list to motivate her!

Thanks again!!!! You and your company are the best!



I just picked up my chain. Im blown away by the craftsmanship of the piece. As an engineer I truly appreciate fine metal work. I can't imagine making tiny welds like that you must have infinite patience.
It is going to take some time getting used to wearing something so nice but over time im sure it will become a part of me. Hopefully someday if I have a son I can pass it on to him.
Thanks for the card theft sleeve I will start using it. One question what is the soft cloth for? Wiping off the chain?
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time you put into making my necklace.
All the best,


Nothing beats hand crafting. Stuff lasts generations. Some of the simplest little footstools or napkin holders and such simple projects have taken me waay longer than they should have but have so much time and love put into them that im sure they will outlive me. Cant wait to see it, you are the man.
Have a good weekend,


Success!!!!! (Yes I'm a wimp and couldn't wait for Valentine's Day!)

(always happens when you order a month early!)


You are the best. Seriously. Long distance hug of appreciation.


I received the pendant yesterday. It is quite beautiful. I have not yet given it to my girlfriend. Here is a link to some of my music. There is also a link to my Facebook fan page. There are several videos there. Let me know how this hits you.



Thank you for your excellent customer service and a great product. Sherri is very happy with her Christmas present. I appreciate all your effort and understanding.




I got the ring today. Awesome service! It's gorgeous! He will love it. Thank you so much for all your help. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



thank you Charles for quick turn around. I received the ring yesterday and it is beautiful! Thank you ! My husband and I will continue to order from you. As I have been very happy with the ring I received last year!


Hi Charlie,
The bracelet arrived today and is spectacular in every way
Thank You
I am going to do everything I can to send you your money on my lunch break tomorrow!


Hi Charlie,
I havent had my chain off yet, accept for my jeweler, to make an enhancement to it, that I think you will like! I will send some pictures to you snail mail on Monday.
Have a great weekend,


I could not be more pleased, the weight, size of the link, color of the gold could not be more perfect! I will let you know the break down of the metal contents when I get it x- rayed. It will tell me exactly...actually an amazing piece of equipment! It may be awhile as he is in Algeria visiting his parents. His dad is very elderly and not doing well.
I am beyond thrilled with the chain. I have some pictures of a real antique anchor chain I took in Edgartown MA Marthas Vineyard a few years ago and was going to bring it to my jeweler and try and have one made and I just happened to find yours and I was amazed...there was the chain I wanted to have made. I will send you a picture and you will be amazed how your links look like the real McCoy!
Have a good Sunday night,


Good news!
I picked up the chain on my lunch break at the regional distribution center in Chelmsford MA. Superb, I love it. Great job...I consider it to be my lifetime gold purchase achievement award!
Glad you received my payment, nice to have it paid for and on my neck, with no plans to take it off anytime soon.
Enjoy the rest of the earned it....THANK YOU!


I love the crosses. Beautiful work! Thank you so much!
Thank you,
Laura McG


hi Charlie,

I just got the ring, it is astonishing!

It is definitely one of the most beautiful rings i ever seen.

One question, is that palladium + 14k white gold or only 14k white gold?
(palladium plus!)



well its better than trying to sell timeshares with those bait and hook tactics LOL and the girl at the PO-I'm surprise she didn't pull out her Uzi!!! l:-0

o o
..~ ~ |
[(o o)]J



you have some beautiful pieces on your web site!!!! the whale tail hooks, the supple gold rope chains, why aren't there any in 20 or 22 inches most only go as long as 17 inches. I guess it would help if I had browsed huh, LOL. But really the jewelry that you sell is exquisite.



Hi Charlie

It just arrived and it's perfect. Thank you. I have wanted this for years and just said. Go for it! I have one of his woven bracelets and matching ring. Thanks again.



Love you Charlie! (regular customer, at least someone does!)


The turtle arrived today! It is exquisite!! Thank you!


I will make sure he sees this thread of emails. I know this may just seem like another order for you sir, but I have been looking for this for over a year now and could not believe when I saw it on your sight yesterday morning. (special gift and supplied impages from waxing, investing, casting, break out and polishing)


Had my local jewler reduce the size of the bail ring but that was no big deal, had to take a ring up there anyway to have sized so I killed two birds with one stone. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I love it and I appreciate how well you communicated with me during this whole process, made me feel at ease over buying such a big purchase over the internet, I'll be sure to leave a very positive review on your website. Take care, Mark
Sent from BlueMail (huge chain and shark tooth did not copy over)

Charlie, I'm very disappointed with the ring. It was delivered yesterday. It looked great but once I looked it over its stamped on the inside 18kt Plat. Your advertisement is copied below. Nowhere does it say Plated! I thought I was buying a solid gold ring. Before I purchased this ring I went through your web site and nowhere did it say your rings are gold plated.

So I paid you $1,610.00 for a plated ring. Shame on me.

(Response - PLAT is the federal trademark for .950 Platinum, anything less than .950 can not be stamped PLAT, but has to be stamped .900 to .450 PLAT. The person that told him had no idea what they were speaking of)


Have received the ring it is everything that I thought it would be thank you for your help push this along I really appreciate it and I'll definitely recommend you to anyone that I ask about the ring..

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