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Thanks, Charlie! - you went well beyond the call of duty!
My wife adores the octopus - and I was able to find a beautiful white gold chain for it.
We will be seeing some of our diving friends in mid-January and will tell them about your site.

Dr. Joe



Right-e-ooo - now u know why ur rings were perfect!!! Thanks again and Happy New Year!!!


Bands are super awesome!! Thank you thank you!!

Have a wonderful holiday!!

Sent from my iPhone


I know he will love it... He had the best Jeweler of all time working on this piece for him...



Just FYI - the piece did arrive today, and it is beautiful. "First AM delivery" by FEDEX, was a joke. It was supposed to arrive by 10:30 - and they sent multiple emails with tracking info reminding me of the time. I waited all day, and it arrived at 4:25 PM. I will see if they will refund the extra shipping cost.

Thanks for your good work. I am sure my wife will love the octopus.

Best regards,



Got it thanks nice detail BPB


Thank You once again for making me feel a lot better about this entire endeavor ... I'm hopeful all needs will be met and Thank You so much for such kind words... You really brightened my evening with your and comforted my Heart Thank You Again, Bless you


I received the ring…….. I love it!

Thank you……….

Merry Christmas,



Thanks Charlie! I completely understand, don't worry about it, merry Christmas to you too! Also I love the the website, as a engineering officer in the merchant marines it makes shopping very easy when it comes to getting nautical themed jewelry. Thanks again!




You are too good to me Charlie and a Joy to know... You are a true Blessing and I will be talking to you again soon as I have birthdays an other events coming up and I want to purchase many more items from you...
Have A Wonderful Christmas??


Thank You for choosing the pendant and helping me with this order... I would be lost without you.... And without a gift for Christmas ... I can breath now... If you need anything else please let me know and Thank You again more than you know .
Have a Blessed Evening,


Charlie! I love them! I got the three thistle rings last night and they are so beautiful. I am so happy, and so are my sisters. Thank you so much!!!

Judge Rebecca C.


Hi Charlie,
My ring arrived, and I love it! It's at the jeweler's now having the diamond set in it. The diamond is from a ring I inherited from a beloved uncle. The Celtic knot design is perfect, as he was a Seabee in WWII, and his name was Frank McCurry. I love the thought that I will have something of his to wear.
Thank you,
Sent from my iPad


I received the rings. I just want to thank you. I am very please. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You have a first class operation.


:-). Okay, and thanks for the great service, I will be sure to recommend your site.

Sent from my iPhone


Hi Charlie,
Just got the ring back this weekend and it is gorgeous! Looks like new! I really appreciate it. Like I said before, I get so many compliments on the ring.


Thank You Charlie, They look amazing together!!!! The pendant is beyond perfect... Even better than what I hoped for... Thank you for taking a picture of it from the side... I feel like I've already held it in my hand as the picture gave me such clarity about the thickness of this piece...all four pictures came out and I love them all... You Charlie are awesome... This piece means even more to me as It was created by the best Jeweler with increadibly refined talents and I've gotten a chance to know a little about the man behind the piece... Thank you for everything you have done for me... I'm going to tell everyone I know about you and they need to go to you when it comes to purchasing jewelry...word of mouth can do a lot for sales... As soon as I get my new card number, I will be placing the order, I'm just waiting on the mail now... I can't wait to see it... You and your family have a great evening Thank You, Carla Glenn


Just wanted to let you know I received both items today in the mail. Both pieces look great!

Thank you,



Dear Mr. Bennett:

The package arrived safely yesterday. I am thrilled with the Trinity knot ring!

Will be taking it to have sized and prong setting done.

The one carat stone I have will look beautiful!

Thank you for your prompt response to my earlier questions.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Yours sincerely,

Carolyn Brannan Kirsch


Great! Thank you! I wanted to take a minute to thank you and the artist for making this happen in such a short period of time. You are all awesome.



Thank you so much for your help and advice. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I apologize for the rush. Feel like I am juggling chain saws and you have been a calm in the storm!



Just wanted you to know how much my wife (and I) love the bowline pendant you created for her. It's gorgeous!!!



I ordered the above ring in white gold last year for my husband and I would like to order one for myself.

The white gold is so white and I just love it - the ring I ordered for myself has a bit of a yellow tinge to it, which I don't like as much.

I am a size 5.75 but I will take a size 6.0 if I cannot get quarter sizes.

I live in Canada but have a post office box in the States.
I don't remember how I ordered this, can you please let me know.


Thank you very much,


We got the ring a promptly after you sent it and it's amazing It's beautiful it's a little small but no big deal gonna have it taken care of.... thanks again!!!! Can't wait till the big day Tight lines Anthony


Nice!!!! Thanks buddy. I will email you when I receive I'm pumped Thanks P.s. I'm vey impressed with your response to emails Very cool and amazing

Sent from my iPhone


Hi Charlie, I just wanted to show you a photo of us on our big day since you helped us out a lot by getting us Nate's perfect ring. When I have a close up of our rings I will share!
Hope all is well!
Thank you!!!!!
Katherine and Nate


Just a note to tell you how much enjoyment Peggy has had wearing
he Nantucket Baskets and the number of compliments she has received.

Hope you and yours have enjoyed the summer as it is hard to believe that
it has officially come to the metrological end.

Thanks again for your considerations.

Ed Richter, Jr.


Got the ring. Thank you!

So you are in Chambersburg? I used to be the school minister at Mercersburg!

Thanks again! The ring is great.



Charlie I just got my beautiful bracelet. I love it.!!! I am going to have a friend of mine who is a jeweler put a claddagh on it. We spent 3 weeks in Ireland in June and July and I wanted a bracelet with the Celtic knot and a claddagh to remind me of our wonderful trip. Very hard to find both. We are in our 70's and we were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Both of our spouses are deceased. Ireland has nothing but 9K gold and I did want 14K.
This bracelet is the perfect piece of jewelry I wanted. Thanks again and I will be ordering more jewelry in the future. Nancy Cubel, Gulf Shores, AL


That looks so much better. The older houses have so much charm and really do give off a "Home" feeling. We had a older house in the woods and loved it. That is a lot of work but also can't beat the satisfaction of doing it yourself!
The ring is perfect, and I just might wear it daily!


Wow, awesome piece. You were right, its huge! LOL imagine if I went with a 15mm. Really came out nice. I will definitely buy from you from now on. Just not sure about a bracelet, I'm not liking wearing one right now. I really appreciate the effort and thoroughness you put in to get this done so quickly.



Thought you might enjoy the attached photo from the wedding. The ring is a HUGE hit!! Thank you again! Ray loves it and says thanks, too.

Mary Ellen


Hi Charlie,

Just had to write to let you know I received the Marlin, and I love it. My fiance got home on Thursday and had a really bad day on Friday so I broke down and gave it to him. He Loved it!!! I was so relieved, I also did not want to take all that time just in case I had to return it, also felt bad bombarding you with so many questions.

He did feel it slanted a little too much where the bale was positioned but was okay with the satin finish.
I took it to a jeweler today to have the bale repositioned, without him knowing, so that will be his next surprise

Most of all I wanted to send you Extreme Thanks for everything. I have been eyeing a tuna for myself but that will have to wait for now. (but I will always highly recommend you to all friends and family)




Thank you so much for your quick response and insurance knowledge! I appreciate it more than I can tell you. I loved that ring. It was beautiful and unique. I knew it was the one the minute I laid eyes on it! I agree, people suck sometimes. I can only hope the karma cops get em'!

Gratefully yours,

Monica :-)


We received the rings. They are beautiful. The workmanship is superb. Thank you.
Joe & Beth


Got it.
It looks awesome.
Thanks Charlie.

Sent from my iPhone



Thank you sooooo much. Just received the ring!!!!! I REALLY LOVE IT Is there any possibility, I can have the same ring but bigger proporation?


Hi Charlie -

I just wanted to let you know that we received the ring today.
I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait.
I'll be sure to send you pics of the finished setting.
Thank you again for being so helpful!
It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Kind Regards -




Thanks so much for your kind and (and quick!) reply. This kind of service is part of what makes shopping at Seawear such a joy!

I appreciate the offer of polishing the piece, but I think that it's just inherent in the design.
My wife said she felt the claw. (Think "Princess and the Pea"?)

I'll send the crab back tomorrow, and I would appreciate it if you would charge the difference to the card that I put the original order on when you receive the piece.

Many thanks for your help with this.



Thank you Charlie, I ordered another this morning. I look forward to many compliments and I will definitely recommend


Good morning Charlie:

I am so happy.... the ring is in Salt Lake City. So I should be receiving it soon! As I told you before, I have wanted this ring for YEARS... finally my dream is going to come true!!!!

My sister, Nancy is going to be sending me a picture of the family crest..... so looking forward to doing more business with you!


I can't wait to see the ring! I'll keep you posted and try to remember to send pics once we have it set.

You have been so helpful and wonderful to work with! (Please post that to your page if you'd like!)

Kind Regards -
Pamela Messer


I don't remember if I emailed you or not but THE RING IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! AND IT FITS! AND WE LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

The cuff links are really cool, too.

Wow, I'm so excited!

Mary Ellen



Hi Charlie,
The ring arrived! It is beautiful, fit is perfect! Fine workmanship!
Thank you so much!

PS I lived in Baltimore for many years… not all that far from where you are. Loved it back then, so glad we are no longer there now! Always enjoyed my treks to PA… nice part of the country.


Good morning Charlie, I have a little something to send your way as a thank you. What is the best address to mail to?
Thank you!
-Katherine Gribbell


Thank you for the history that just makes it so much more special. I guess that other vendor did me a favor by not having it in stock. Thank you again.


Hi Charlie,
Thanks so much for the pictures and for the explanation of the process! It's really nice to know that my ring is being made by someone who obviously takes pleasure and pride in his craft. This ring means a great deal to me. Years ago before I knew such a ring existed, I described to my husband-to-be exactly what I had in mind and why-- a braid of three-- one for him, one for me, one for God… a union of three. My husband is of Irish heritage, we started looking online at Irish jewelry, and to my surprise, found exactly what I had envisioned. Broke my heart when I lost it. But… the new ring will mean the same… most likely more.

The process is quite interesting! I've looked at each picture several times. Always thought I would enjoy jewelry making, but never pursued it. I was a professional artist most of my adult life… medical art for medical schools… not all that interesting. But, I found an outlet in doing my own artwork for pleasure. I had an interest in calligraphy and, in particular, gilding, and used to incorporate both into little paintings. Never quite mastered the art of applying gold leaf, but managed to use it in the ways I intended, and always had a great deal of enjoyment working with it. Working with gold in the way that you do is very different, and fascinating to see.
Thanks again for the pictures, and for all your effort!



Thank you, Charlie! Hope you can enjoy the water sooner rather than later!
Many many thanks, we just love the ring!



Thanks again for bringing that to my attention. These days, most people would take advantage of my error. What happened to good ol' business practice?

Hope your day is well.



Hi Charlie,
We picked up the bracelet this morning. What a great packing job you did!
We are very pleased with the bracelet - it is beautiful!
Again, thanks for the extra polishing and for the cleaning cloth and foil guard (what a great idea).
Paul and Phyllis


Hi Charlie,
Just an FYI. We received the two pieces yesterday. Lauri is very happy. Thanks again for everything. Tom



Any chance of a:

white comfort fit ring
yellow tri-braid w/ yellow outer strands

to Port Townsend, WA in time?

Years ago I ordered one from the wrong folks...


I can't believe you got it made in time!!!


Looks great!



Oh my goodness, you are amazing! That is the fastest turnaround I have ever seen! Your customer service is above the moon!

Yes, we shall fatten him up!



Hi Charlie,
Received beautiful cable necklace today and am so happy with it as is my pendant! I was particularly delighted how close in color the gold is to the 22k of my pendant. Also will be great for all my 18k slides. Thanks so much!!! Also love the box!
very best regards,


Hi Charlie...
wow ... what an amazing shark tooth ... we just picked it up today ... quality number one ... amazing detail .. it actually has wonderful feel ... nice weight :))
my wife was asking if you guys had or could get gold chains ... 14K or 18K ... if so ... can you send some pictures or a link to what you can get ... she like longer chains .. like 22" or 24" ...
like i said before .. .if she is satisfied ... you will have a customer forever :)) by the way ... your prompt service ... by far ... number one :))

Many Thanks

Zoran and Ionela


Thanks for the info! It turned out that they could adjust everything to work together, just in a slightly different way than originally discussed. But I thought to share the final effect.

Thanks, yet again, for all your help!



Hello there!

We got your ring in the mail last weekend, and the craftmanship is amazing! The detail is exquisite and spectacular!

We got him sized at the jewelry store, but when we put the ring on, it was too big. We have looked into a few sizing options, but I don't want to damage the original ring, when he most likely might grow into it :-)

Would it be possible to get a quote on the same ring, size 10 instead of 10.5, and instead of two-tone gold, only 14 K?

Sent from my iPhone



Dear Charlie,

You're the best!! I WILL recommend you to all my friends and tell them what a great time I had dealing with you. Your friendliness, honesty, promote email responses, attention to detail, quality of workmanship, and going the extra mile to shine up old Bessie, meant a lot to me and was truly appreciated. The money will come in handy as we're heading to Ocean City tomorrow for a few days. I haven't been there in 38 years… when Steve and I were first married. It's kind of a honeymoon renewal.

Once again, thanks for everything. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


P.S. I put a ring guard on my ring and feel so much more comfortable wearing it as it won't fall off now.


So happy! Thanks Charlie!


Thank You!!!!

Thursday is hair day for my colleen and we still
have a P.O. Box in Essex.

She was moving fairly well and it was nice so we
motored to Essex to lunch and pick up the mail.

Talk about tourists (sand flea season) they had
motor coaches parked in all the lots but the Blue -
Marlin. Had our fill of seafood and made our way
home to find the package from you which to say the
least the earrings are exquisite and just what the
doctor ordered.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and will be in touch
for the next occasion.

Ed Richter, Jr.


just letting you know I received my Halibut. It's great. Thanks.




Happy July 4th! I wanted to let you know that the ring arrived with yesterday's mail and it looks beautiful. We even tried the fitting to see how well it fits with my fiancee's engagement ring, and she could see that if the hands were adjusted slightly, it should be perfect.

Thanks so much for all your help and making our day a special one!



Hi Charlie,

It was such a pleasure to meet you Charlie. And thank you for going out of your way to hand deliver my ring. It is beautiful. I was telling Rej that the first item I bought from you was in 2001 and it was a small Celtic cross. My ring is just as beautiful as my other purchases from you. We had another "rescue "this afternoon- a little girl dropped her stuffed tiger out the van window on the highway just a little ahead of us and she was freaking, rej managed to slow down enough so I opened the door and snagged it as we drove past it. We pulled up beside the van, motioned to pull off the highway and dusted off the tiger gave it the dad, the little girl was crying her eyes out. With 3 kids of mine own I know how important stuffies are!
Anyhow, thank you again Charlie,
Myra and Rej


Love your design and craftsmanship- off to France to put it to use!
Thanks again
Dan O'Brien


We received our ring and it is PERFECT!!!!

It was everything we have been wishing for!

Thanks so much for making this custom order.

I will send more clients your way!




WOW!!! The turtles exceeded my expectations.....The 14k charms are outstanding!! The girl's necklaces are beautiful and perfect for them. Your attention to detail is really appreciated. The boxes are all so pretty, and I love the boxes for the girls. You really made everything look so amazing!! The girl's first meet is tomorrow so we can't wait to give their necklaces to them after the meet.

Many thanks,


Hi Charlie.
My **earring** has arrived.
I am very happy.
Thanks. Johnny

Op zaterdag 13 juni 2015 heeft Johnny het volgende geschreven:
Hi Charlie.
Thanks for getting me informed.
The weather here is very nice.
Because the Island is in open Ocean.
It feels like the sun is not very strong.
But before you know it you get baked.
Have a nice weekend to.


Dear Charlie,

WOW! Just got my silver shark tooth pendant today. It is awesome -- just as presented online but even better. Didn't know silver could be so shiny. Super solid. A real lifetime piece.

Thanks for such great customer service, too.


P.S. Yup, Nokomis Beach is still a great place to find real shark's teeth. I kind of imprinted on it like a baby turtle when I was a child, and I always come back.


Thank you so much for the charm. I was impressed with the wrapping and everything. I am very excited to give it as a gift. It turns out that I won't be giving the gift until tomorrow but I am glad I had it early. I appreciate you willing to help me out. Jess


Hi Charlie

The earrings arrived yesterday.

Thank you so much they are beautiful.



Hello. I want to let you know that we received the rings today and want you to know they fit perfect and we really love them. They are even more beautiful than the pictures show. We are very glad we purchased the rings from your company. Thank you very much.


Love my bracelet!!! Thank you so much!!!!!


Hi :)

I got the ring and it is perfect. The top of the diamond fits the crown, the length is just right for the hands, and it clicked right into place. I can't imagine a 2 carat diamond having that sort of symmetry with the enhancer.


I am going to drop it off to get it resized this weekend.

I hope you and your family have a fantastic holiday weekend!! Mom, me, and the furbaby are just going to kick back and relax :)



fantastic service - thanks


Hi Charlie,
Duncan picked up the rings from the PO box last night and we wanted to let you know that they fit wonderfully and are so beautiful.
The delicacy of the braiding was not done justice by the pictures (as beautiful as they were!). We are so happy with the final product, your service, patience and commitment to working through the hassles of ordering from Canada and shipping to the States.
Many thanks and all the best.
Lynette and Duncan


Yeah!! So excited!!!


Got it it!!!
Thanks Kathy


thank you.....but all the same I am sorry....I really like and trust you..3 years ago I bought a ring for my wife from you ..Your service is way beyond anyone I have done business with. That said ...I understand and wish you the best of fortune in the years ahead...You are the best I have ever met....
..........................................................................................................Kindest regards
George N Reno


Thank you, Charlie. My package arrived today. The charm is beautiful.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Nan Becknel


Hi Charlie,
Sharky arrived today.....spectacular, nicer than expected,fully 3d. I thoutht that the back side was hollowed out.
As usual, wicked pleased!
Have a good summer,


Hi Charlie,

The rings arrived a couple of days ago. They fit nicely, and we are quite pleased. Thanks so much for the great customer service. I was a bit concerned about the email only aspect of Seawear in the beginning, but you gave prompt and personalized service that is hard to find these days.

Thanks again, Donna and Dion



Thanks for the quick response. That's pretty smart thanks for looking out for your clients. I will possibly be making another order in the future.


Great. Thanks again. You now have a recurring customer!


Good morning Charlie,
I'd like you to know the ring we ordered arrived safe and sound yesterday.
Also, the picture online, although nice, doesn't do it justice.
We want you to know how pleased we are with the quality & craft of the ring.
It's really beautiful.
Thank you for your time and effort through the process, it is much appreciated.
I'm glad I took the time to find Seaware online and not settle for a manufactured ring elsewhere.
I'm sure we will be in touch in the future.
Best of luck,
Linda and Jim


Hi Charlie,
Actually, I meant to convey the online pic was nice.
The ring is person is just, well, stellar.
Have a great day.
Linda and Jim


Hello Charlie,
The ring arrived this morning and it is beautiful! Much better than the pictures on line.



Ok Awesome!

Im so excited, my fiancé is going to be so surprised, he thinks hes just getting a gold band...

Thanks so much for responding back, have a great day!


You are first to come to mind! Great selection, great customer service, and great pricing!


Thanks so much Charlie for all the trouble you have gone too, I really appreciate it! Let's hope he wears it after all the effort you have put in ! I received the package today with no problems. Thank so much for all your help. I have gone on a whim getting this for him, so he will either hate it or love it!! Fingers crossed

Karen in Australia



Hi Charlie,

Not sure if you will know who this is, so I have pasted a copy of the refund you sent me. Thank you so much for you honesty and integrity!! Seawear is one of my favorite sites!! I would never have known the item was cheaper (obviously) unless you let me know. Most companies would not do that.
Thanks again,


Thanks Charlie,
Terry loved it! When we get a little more work done on our boat I will send you a pic!

Sylvia ( Sly) Doherty


Charles, I absolutely love your product. And I intend to buy a white gold version of the ring as soon. As you receive the two silver ones I returned they should arrive on march 21. I would be happy to put the money for the ring return towards my new white gold one. When you have received the two rings send me an email and we can. Discuss my next order. Thanks again


Wedding rings

Just got 'em!!

They're beautiful!!

Thank you so much!

Bob & Lynne Mattson


Dear Charlie,
I love, love, love the mermaid pendant!
Thank you so much,
Stay warm,


Hello Charlie,

I loved my last dolphin I bought from you...had to get another one!


Donna Sue


Charlie, It's Nancy Saunsen just received the turks head wedding ring in the mail, it's beautiful! Thanks so much for a great job & speedy job! My wedding will be complete now!


Hi Charlie
the bell arrived and it's great! thanks also for the nice rose box :-)
Have a good day
Fab the earrings today and they look great. She's going to love them. Thanks for your help...Ron


Hi Charlie,

Just a short time ago, I wrote that it wouldn't surprise me to hear the doorbell ring and to find a Canada Post delivery truck in front of the house.

And of course it seemed that in a blink of an eye that's exactly what happened.

Mr. Mallard has arrived at his destination, and is resting comfortably on my necklace.

I couldn't be more pleased with the workmanship and detail that went into the fabrication of this item.

I appreciate your including a Certificate of Authenticity as well as an attractive case.

Kudos to you for keeping me informed at every step in the process, sending several high resolution images, and for giving me a whole lot of very useful information about the artist who made the mold and about yourself.

This transaction has one other dimension that I could not possibly have anticipated: I would like to think that I've made a new friend. [I'm talking about you, Charlie!]



I wish you were my neighbour!

I'd be joining you for clam chowder, asking you a million questions about how do the things you do as it relates to your business (and your house), and joining you to watch the geese and the ducks and the trout. In the wintertime, I'd join you for a beavertail.

You're a great story teller. I read all of your messages at least two or three times in order to try to understand the processes, equipment, techniques and technologies you are using. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.

I share these letters and images with my wife, who appears to be as interested as I am, and often she'll ask if I heard from Charlie today!

I have little doubt that my pet duck is in good and very capable hands, and take comfort in knowing that you are a very exacting yet creative and enterprising craftsman.

The images you've sent (including the four I received in your most recent messages) are a testament to that.

I suppose it would be fair to say that you've made me feel that I'm part of the process, and it's pretty cool to receive almost daily messages from you on how the project is progressing along with an abundance of high resolution photographs. Hats off to you for engaging your clients the way you do.




With all the holiday craziness, I haven't had a chance to write. But I must say WOW!!!!! The sand dollar pendant is gorgeous - I looked at it most every day before I gave I to the wife. Even examined it under magnification - the workmanship is mind-blowing! And in good light, it just sparkles. What a beautiful piece! And the earrings are lovely, and the perfect size.

There were tears Christmas morning and, after 35 years of marriage, that's a rarity. Total surprise, which is also a rarity. My wife just flipped out. Perhaps the best part was that she's been looking for beach-themed jewelry for several years (which I did not know), but found nothing she liked. Well, she sure loves your jewelry!

The "bad" news - for me - is that this is going to get expensive. Stupid me showed her your website, and she's now handed me a list of pieces she wants in the future - her birthday, our anniversary, next Christmas, etc.

So, I'll probably be talking to you soon, Charlie. "Thank you" seems so inadequate - your quality, service, and just plain being a helluva good guy are things you don't see anymore.

Clark Lewis


I hope you are back in good health and enjoying your everyday activities.

I'm finally home and have just picked up my ring. It is beautiful! I am very very pleased. Thank you for everything!



Hi Charlie,

Just wanted to let you know that the little diver arrived today and he is looking great!

Pleasure doing business with you!

Lars (Sweden)


Hi Charlie,

Just a short time ago, I wrote that it wouldn't surprise me to hear the doorbell ring and to find a Canada Post delivery truck in front of the house.

And of course it seemed that in a blink of an eye that's exactly what happened.

Mr. Mallard has arrived at his destination, and is resting comfortably on my necklace.

I couldn't be more pleased with the workmanship and detail that went into the fabrication of this item.

I appreciate your including a Certificate of Authenticity as well as an attractive case.

Kudos to you for keeping me informed at every step in the process, sending several high resolution images, and for giving me a whole lot of very useful information about the artist who made the mold and about yourself.

This transaction has one other dimension that I could not possibly have anticipated: I would like to think that I've made a new friend. [I'm talking about you, Charlie!]



She loved the Jewelry
Thank you

Brandon Boyer
Splish N' Splash LLC

I already ordered the smaller online. I am returning the larger and including all paperwork. You have quality merchandise and service. Thank you. Happy new year!

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