Seawear trout wedding band Fallings Springs trout stream ring

A typical Ring Christening at the Falling Springs Creek!


It starts out with your trout ring securely fastened to 3/16" 100% Kevlar line. Nothing can chew through this! I can't even cut it!

A little limestone sunbathing...


A light toss out onto the gravel bed


A passing look


A glance over the shoulders


He's thinking about it!


Out of the shadows comes a brave one to investigate!


Everyone stopped by to see what the excitement was about


This was an actual fly fisherman's ring that was Christened on June 2, 2007. I know some of you question my claims of guaranteed to bring you luck fishing. Well, with a start like this, how could it do anything else?


Now, it's almost 8PM, you told the wife you'd be home by 2PM at the very latest, you better stop at the store and get her some flowers on the way home. Not these ones!!


And don't forget to bring home ice cream for the little ones!!


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