Freedom's Cup Turks Head Ring

Freedom's Cup Turks Head ring


An old classic Turks head braid ring with a new twist. The braid consists of nine wires, we've chosen to intertwine two shades of gold for a very unique design. This is a special look dedicated to the armed services, law enforcement, racers, and those with a flair for the unique!

It only works with a triple braid, which comes in two versions, 8mm wide and 9mm wide. The 9mm width is achieved with the addition of the outer strands between the braid and ring edge. Standard comfort fit or a new extra heavy comfort fit which adds more weight and thickness.

Various image backgrounds are shown with armed services personnel in mind. The Freedom's Cup ring will stand out or blend in. Your choice.

Each is hand made to order, allow four weeks.

Only the highest quality plumb gold is used. Refined bullion, not scrap, old jewelry or old coins. Each wire is hand drawn, then hand braided, then cut and soldered into a band of your size. For extra security the Turks Head braid is further soldered to the band itself.

#THFC8mm - $1,195-1,495.00 - 14kt

#THFC9mm - $1,295-1,695.00 - 14kt



9mm and 8mm Turks Head rings

Shown on desert camo, 9mm and 8mm


comfort fit 9mm and heavy comfort fit 8mm Turks Head rings

Standard comfort fit vs heavy comfort fit



9mm Turks Head band 9mm turks head braid ring

9mm turks head braid band

9mm size 11 against Busse BM



8mm turks head ring 8mm turks head band

8mm Freedom's Cupm Turks Head band

8mm shown with Strider jungle tiger stripes


Freedom's Cup Turks head braided wedding band 8mm turks head braided ring

ladies size 5.0 Freedoms Cup Turks Head ring

Ladies size 5.0


Freedom Cup ring in all high polish

Freedom's Cup Turks Head ring

Freedom's Cup Turks Head band

August 2009 new style with extra heavy ring and laser welding


Freedom's Cup Turks Head ring

platinum 18kt Freedom Cup Turks Head wedding ring

.950 platinum and 18kt


Freedoms Cup Turks Head ring

Extra heavy comfort fit

CHIPS unit patch for 10% discount


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