'Life Mates' wedding bands'

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Seawear™ Mates for Life braided wedding bands

mates for life wedding band

'Life Mates' braided wedding bands. Based on the premise of mates-for-life, each life is represented as a strand of the braid that makes up the whole. First we have the single, strong, heavy smooth strand. Joined at it's side in perfect unison is a more complex strand, that is actually made up of two smaller twisted, thinner wires.

Around the heavy comfort fit ring, they are entwined together, never to be separated. Held firmly in place by one another's bond, and set in between two thick walls of gold vows of commitment.

This ring as shown is 14kt, size 8.0 and weighed 12.6gms!

The life mates band is 8mm wide and comfort fit. It is nearly 3mm thick!

The pictures as shown are 14kt yellow gold ring edges in high polish, and 14kt white gold braid in brushed satin finish. You can mix or match the colors and finish. The ring cannot be made lighter or more narrow, that requires a change of partners or strands. It changes the design and intent.

$1,045 - size 5 to 8.5

$1,295 size 9 to 12

$1,395 size 12.5 to 15

Life Mates - #68558C

life mates 14kt wedding band


Thick rounded edges for a comfort fit

8mm wide

2.5-3.0mm thick

comfort fit

life mates wedding band in two tone 14kt gold

14kt high polished yellow gold edges

14kt white gold satin/brushed braid

3mm thick life-mate wedding rings 3mm thick

August 2009

14kt high polish heavy band and 14kt white satin braid.

Wires are all round and not flattened on top.

rose and white gold lifemates ring 14kt rose band with 14kt white lifemates braid

polished rose gold and satin white gold rings

yellow and white gold lifemates rings

 August 2009

14k rose band in high polish, 14kt white braids in satin finish. Ring is now thicker and heavier.

14kt yellow and white gold polished Lifemates wedding ring

September 2009

14kt yellow ring and 14kt white braids. All high polish. Braids are kept intact, rounded and not flattened into channel setting.

life mates wedding band
10mm to get an extra strand
14kt white ring
14kt white twisted strands
14kt yellow solid twist
No rhodium on white gold
All high polish
life mates nautical woven wedding band

14kt yellow band, high polished

14kt white braids, no rhodium, satin finish

Just a hint of yellow

white band, white smooth strand, yellow twisted strand

all polished


This was a special order as the ring is 10-11mm wide, all high polished, the strands have a lot of space between them. Extra wide and extra heavy comfort fit.

Size 10.5 weighed 18.4gms


14kt rose and white gold lifemates ring
14kt rose and white gold all in satin finish.

lifemates all white hand woven wedding band

14kt white polished band

14kt satin braid

handwovern platinum and 18kt gold wedding bands

 18kt polished band

.950 platinum polished braid

hand braided lifemates wedding rings

hand woven lifemates wedding bands

All yellow, highly polished braids and ring. Both rings 8mm wide

New Petite version

6mm wide

2.5mm thick, the wires just extend above the band

This is the first one, size 6.5 and weighed 7.1gms

Size 4-7 $695.00



11mm version with an extra twisted braid. Heavy comfort fit. This came out at 18gms in 14kt white gold in size 11. 11mm wide and 3mm thick. One of the most handsome rings we've done.

$1,795.00 with gold at $1,150 per ounce.


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