great white shark tooth

white gold great white shark tooth



This is one of the nicest great white shark teeth we have found. Solid, finished on all sides. Available in 14kt/18kt white/yellow gold or platinum. Look closely and you can see this is made of a casting from an actual great white shark tooth. The serrations are just as irregular and sharp. No broken edges. The same natural curve to the overall tooth. The bail is fixed and solid. Shark teeth are measured from the point along the side to the highest point. The tooth measures 35mm or 1 1/4". From the point to the top of the bail measures 40mm or 1 1/2".


Tooth shown is 14kt white

gold great white shark teeth



Shown with optional 14kt two tone anchor link and rigging chain (from $1,345) chain for contrast.



14kt white gold tooth

curved great white shark tooth


This is laying flat. Note the curve to the shape.

back side great white shark tooth



The back of the great white shark tooth is finished as nice as the front. If you prefer the lighter weight of a 2D version with the back hollowed out instead, it is priced from $695.00

These are hand made, polished and finished so allow 2-3 weeks if not in stock. There's room to engrave your catch, date and score! Let 'em go so my grand kids can catch one too!

highly polished 14kt great white shark teeth back side of 14kt great white shark tooth

2D half round

great white shark teeth in platinum, 18kt whit and 14kt white

Three white 3D full round great white shark teeth side by side. Platinum .950 which is the highest quality you can obtain. 18kt white gold mixed to EU nickle directive with rhodium electroplate over the gold for whitest white. 14kt white gold mixed to EU nickle directive without rhodium plating. 18kt white gold is impossible to make pure white without rhodium plating as you are trying to turn a deep yellow color to white. On these teeth the weights were platinum 32.1gms; 18kt white 20.2gms and 14kt white 18.2gms. As each is hand made, hand polished to a dazzling brilliance and hand finished yours will vary from several hundreths of a gram to several grams. These are 3D full round finished on all sides. $3,495 plat - $1,895 14kt made to order full round 3D - $935 1/2 round 2D

#GWST - $935 to 3,495

Any choices not in stock require three weeks to be made and priced at current gold market.

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