Hispanic mermaid

Our Hispanic model would not tell us if she was from Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Honduras, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Brazil or where! Typical of all Latino women/mermaids, she sizzles! Much more shapely than other jewelry mermaids, Necia lives up to her name. Little fiery one!

Latino mermaids are known for their loyalty. When they choose a sailor, they stay by his side and watch over him forever. Not like some mermaid jewelry sisters whom are always vying for one's attention. This Latina is a one man mermaid. Necia is very confident in herself. And why shouldn't she be!

Our Latino mermaid has the face of a young princess, high cheekbones and disarming eyes. Very curvey low back and her magic thumb spot for pensive dreams is just below her naval. Only you and Necia will know. The Latino mermaid necklace was the work of a world famous sculpture artist, who knows detail. These images are zoomed in 500-1,000% for you to see close up details of the mermaid jewelry. Note the details of Necia's face, natural body curves and amenities.

mermaid jewelry details:

Hispanic mermaid Necia is 2 3/16" tall or 56mm. Her gold weight is approximately 11.5gms. The width of mermaid necklace tail is 5/16" or 9mm. About the same for her hips, perfect proportion. The opening in her hair is for a fine chain of 1-1.5mm or a simple loop bail could be added.

Her skin tones have been satin finished while the rest of her mermaid body is highly polished.

#MER933 - $745.00


Hispanic mermaid Necia with incredible jewelry body

Hispanic mermaid Necia beautiful face jewelry

Latino mermaid Necia necklace pendant back

Hispanic mermaid jewelry Necia

Latino mermaid Necia jewelry


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