Greek mermaid

Our Mediterranean mermaid princess is from The Karpathian Seas. She is proud of her heritage, beauty and ancient name, Rhea.

Rhea is a little more complex than most mermaid jewelry pendants. She can be worn with a chain through her hair or her tail. Her mermaid personality changes entirely on whether she is diving or emerging! She is adorned with jewelry of her own, an arm band and necklace from the sea.

The Greek mermaid necklace was the work of a world famous sculpture artist, she understands the details of a mermaids body. These images are zoomed in 500-1,000% for you to see close up details of the mermaid jewelry. Note the details of Rhea's face, brow, cheekbones, toned arms, poster and grace.

mermaid jewelry details:

Rhea mermaid is 1 3/8" tall or 34mm. Her gold weight is approximately 12.2gms. The width of the Greek mermaid necklace 5/16" or 8mm across her mermaid hips. Her tail fins are 9/16" across or 14mm. You fill find many textures from the feather tail, to scales to an ancient finish. Skin tones are satin while the rest of her is polished. About the same for her hips, perfect proportion. The opening in her hair is for a fine chain of 1-1.5mm or a simple loop bail could be added. Her tail opening could accept 2-2.5mm chain.

If you have sailed the Isles of Greece, you may seen her!

#MER934 - $795.00


Greek mermaid jewelry Rhea

Greek mermaid necklace Rhea

mermaid jewelry necklace pendant

diving mermaid jewelry necklace pendant

mermaid jewelry charm

gold mermaid jewelry

gold mermaid necklace

mermaid jewelry necklace

white gold Greek mermaid Rhea necklace jewelry pendant

Mediterranean Greek mermaid necklace in white gold

#MER934wg - $795.00

Greek mermaid Rhea in 14kt white gold. Satin and high polish, 11.2gms


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