Turks Head Wedding Band


4mm tri gold Turks Head  wedding band


This is the most narrow Turks Head braided wedding band we could find at 4mm wide and has a single twisted strand (2 wires) braided into a channel recessed into a comfort fit band. The width is uniform all the way around and will match your solitaire setting nicely or stand out on it's own! This ring is shown in a tri-color gold braid on a 14kt yellow (natural gold) gold band. Yours can be ordered in any color combination of 14kt. The band only is also available in 18kt, palladium or platinum. Allow 4 weeks as they are hand made to order and cannot be sized once they are made. This is best suited for a feminine hand but could be worn by a gentleman as well that prefers a narrow width band.


$875.00 to size 8.0- 14kt

$1,095.00 size 8.5 to 12.0


4mm Turks Head wedding ring


6mm and 4mm Turks Head wedding band set
This is the double strand 6mm ring and the 4mm single strand ring as a matching set
white gold 6mm and 4mm Turks Head bands
hand woven single strand braided wedding ring
4mm comfort fit 14ht white gold ring with 14kt yellow gold single strand woven braid
14kt single strand Turks Head braid ring
white gold single strand Turks Head braid ring
Turks Head solitaire engagement ring
This is the 4mm sing strand done in an engagement setting with the wedding bank. Engagement solitaire is ready for your peghead to be soldered in.
Turks Head solitaire engagement ring
The engagement solitaire has a sizing bar in the back to size up or down as needed. The braid does not go all the way around in this version for $495.00

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