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Mermaids and dolphins, two of the most fantastic sea creatures to save the lives and stir the imaginations of men working the sea for centuries and centuries. The mermaid originated in Ireland when a young girl was tranformed to save her village. Thus the nickname, the land of the 'sea godess.

Dolphins have saved countless lives at sea, and inspired many many others on land. They have a special understanding, and the ability to look into your soul should you be close enough to let one look into your eyes.

Mermaid Dolphin Ring - #MR030 $1,445.00

The ring is equisitly finished like a masterpiece. The smooth flow of one body transforming into the next. Effortlessly changing from a finish of bead blasted satin into high polish and back again. This one was created in a size 7.0 and is still adjustable up or down simply by opening or closing. Weight was 7.1gms. Yours could be ordered as is, or done in white gold or 18kt by Steven Douglas.

The arch or the arms, back and extremely tasteful nude toso only adds to the allure of the dolphin mermaid ring.

At the widest point they are 18mm wide or .75 inches tapering to 3mm

Diamond eyes in the dolphin are just enough to be noticed
Dolphin nose and fins have been kept short, rounded and polished to keep from catching and to offset the matte finish of the body.
  Suitable for wedding, engagement, milestone achievment, or just because you are you.



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