Celtic mermaid

Inspired by Valkyries, this Celtic mermaid jewelry necklace is full of beauty and magic and will enchant those who see you with her adorning you. Boann was the work of a world famous sculpture artist, who knows detail. These images are zoomed in 500-1,000% for you to see close up details of the mermaid jewelry. Note the details of Boann's face, small of her back, curvature of the ribs, abs and poise.

mermaid jewelry details:

Boann is 2 1/4" tall or 57mm. Her gold weight varies with lunch, but averages 10.5gms. The width of her mermaid necklace tail flukes is 5/8" or 16mm. Her hair has been swept by the current forming a jewelry bail for your chain of up to 2mm. A loop bail could be added if you prefer for your mermaid jewelry, the back side of her face had been left flat to include a hidden jewelry slide bale if desired.

Her skin tones have been satin finished while the rest of her mermaid body is highly polished.

#MER931 - $695.00

Celtic mermaid necklace jewelry

The perfect mermaid face from Wales.

Celtic mermaid necklace jewelry

with the sassiness of an Ireland girl


Celtic knot mermaid tail necklace

fierce Celtic pride of Scotland


Celtic mermaid jewelry Boann

a body strongly influenced by Norse Vikings


Celtic mermaid jewelry necklace

perkiness of the regions of Scandinavia


Celtic mermaid jewelry pendant

allure of Danish and English charms


Celtic mermaid jewelry necklace tail

Celtic mermaid jewelry necklace back


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